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Guide to working abroad for a woman

Guide to working abroad for a woman or woman working abroad, sounds fancy right?

Every educated person/woman surely has a dream to work abroad.

Working abroad will give you exposure, international experience, learn about various cultures, lifestyles and much more.

But only thinking or dreaming of working abroad is not enough. A woman should also know about ways, benefits, jobs, place to work, and in all have a detailed guide to work abroad.

As of now, only 34% of the Indian women who want to work abroad, are actually working abroad. 

Many of the women are not able to do so, for not being guided or not knowing things about working abroad.

The below mentioned guide to working abroad for a woman, will help to get all the details regarding the same.

Guide to working abroad for a woman, should contain various details about working abroad, the same are mentioned below.

Why Consider Working Abroad?

Working abroad will give the most unbelievable experience and exposure to a woman. A woman will get many benefits while working abroad, the same are:


A woman, when staying in her own country, staying with her family, makes her dependent in certain ways, even if she doesn’t want to. 

At the same place, staying in a different country, a woman has to do all her work by herself, handle her finances, food, and everything by herself.

While studying abroad, a woman will become completely independent and rise to new heights in her life.


An international experience in any field will be helpful for a woman/person all over the life. A woman is a fresher, who has completed her education or is an experienced worker, with working globally she will get international knowledge about her profession. She will gain an experience that will be helpful for her, for a lifetime.


An educated woman, who will work abroad, will be able to enhance her knowledge and get global guidance about her field. Being educated while working abroad is something that will help a woman’s lifetime. She will always be considered at a higher position, then others in the same education and work field. The same, will help a woman, with getting better work, promotions and much more.

Things To Consider Working Abroad?

With the benefits of working abroad, there also are many important things for a woman to consider while working abroad. The same are explained below:

Consider Woman’s Age

A woman of any age, a young lady of 18-35 years old, a middle-aged woman in 50s or an old aged woman anyone can consider working abroad. 

A woman just has to finalize the country, work and documentation according to her age, work on the same and start working easily.

Visa Information, Especially Working Holiday

When a woman wants to study abroad, one of the most difficult tasks is to get a visa in that country. The immigration department issues the visa only when 100% convinced, with the person, employer details, job details all details are available in detail. 

Working holiday visa is one of the easiest visas a woman/person can get to work abroad. The Working Holiday visa usually remains for 1-2 years (depending on the country). A woman can go overseas with this visa and then start finding a job according to her convenience.

Decide The Country To Work

A woman can go and work in any of the countries, all over the world she wants to. But finalizing the country is one of the most important and tough tasks. The country should be suitable for a woman to stay, should be a place to explore and should suit her field/type of work.

Understand The Job Before Picking, Writing CVs, Cover Letters, Time Offs Details etc

After the documentation and selecting the country, a woman should have to find a good job in the country, according to her field, the place she wants to work and the reputation of the company. For applying, a woman should also understand about the way of writing CVs and cover letters of the company and the country.

When a woman/person goes overseas, while working she also wants to explore the country. For the same a woman should be sure with the working hours (full-time or part-time jobs).

Go For The Abroad Work Programs

When it comes to working abroad, or following a guide to working abroad for women, some of the women cannot complete the formalities. Many women cannot decide the country to choose, how to get the visa and complete the formalities.

For all these formalities, there are many abroad work programs that can solve all the issues and complete the formalities.

Plan The Finances

To work abroad, a woman should have a detailed budget prepared. When it comes to a country or job, a person should analyze the living cost and the pay against the work.

If the woman goes with the option of working visa, she should have enough finance in her account to bear her living and other expenses.

Build Network

Before shifting to an abroad country, a woman should build a network with people who have gone abroad or are staying in that country. A woman should contact companies, employers, people who are going to stay nearby her place and much more.

Building networks, help woman’s stay, travel and work in an unknown country.

Have A Plan B

When it comes to working abroad, in a new place, an unknown country, a woman should not only be dependent on one job or one place. With exposure and internet experience an unknown country also has so many risks. To reduce the risk, a woman/person should have a plan B while thinking of working in an abroad country.

Go For Possible Diploma and Certificates

Sometimes, when a woman wants to study abroad, there is a possibility that her education is not enough to get a job in any other country. A woman would need to study internationally before getting a job in a abroad country. For the same, knowledge about diplomas and certification courses is a must.

Get Knowledged About The Local Jobs

If a woman is going with the working holiday visa in an abroad country, she can start finding a job, searching about the local jobs. Local jobs are available in various fields and are the easiest to go for. So, getting knowledge about the local jobs will help a woman to find a job easily.

Top/Best Ways To Work Abroad

Job Through An Agency/Program Provider

There are many agencies and program providers in each country that can help a woman find a job in any other country easily. These agencies/program providers surely charge for their services, but do provide a secure job, stay and other things in the abroad country. 

Agency is one of the best ways to work and settle in an abroad country.

Work As A Teacher

When it comes to finding teaching jobs or becoming a teacher in a foreign country, the EFL teaching jobs can be found without any experience or qualifications, with this the majority of foreign language schools require a university degree in any subject and a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certificate.

A teacher might take time to adjust with the foreign teaching jobs but it is one of the best jobs abroad for a woman.

Move Abroad, Then Find The Work

If a woman is not sure about the work field she wants to go for in the country abroad, she can find a job after settling in the country. A woman can obtain guidance about the country’s local jobs and select the job/work she wants to go for.

Go For A Work Holiday Visa

As mentioned above, getting a work holiday visa is the easiest to get while wanting to go for work abroad. A woman can get a work holiday visa, go to the country she wants, explore the country and find a suitable job according to her field.

Go For A Work Exchange

The work exchange, also called work travel or voluntourism, is a type of travel where  a woman can exchange her time and abilities for accommodation and food. A woman/person can find a host who is looking for a certain kind of help, and lend them a hand for a limited number of hours per week. These hosts provide will with a place to stay and other benefits. 

Work exchange can help a woman, with restricting the food and accommodation expenses, but can restrict women to an extent from exploring and exposure.


With being a volunteer, a woman can do something for the community and remain in peace while working overseas. A woman will not earn by volunteering, but will have mental peace with the work. She can do volunteering according to her choice and explore the world in various ways she wants to.

Freelancing/Digital Nomad

With starting work in an abroad country, a woman can also go with freelancing, searching different projects accordingly with her field. Freelancing has great scope in each country, and can also be started with finding and working projects digitally. A woman can make money using her talent and skills with freelancing.

Best Places/Countries For Women To Work Abroad

When it comes to working abroad, a woman has thousands of options to work in abroad countries, but only a few of them are suitable and the best. The best places/countries for women to work abroad are mentioned below:


According to the United Nations, Australia is named as the second-best country in the world to live in. Australia is known for its excellent quality of life index. A woman can find different work opportunities, according to her field in Australia, make good money and also can explore one of the best countries of the world.


The top reason for choosing Malta for an overseas career country for a woman, is its laidback lifestyle and temperate climate and it’s booming economy, known as favorable factors to work in Malta. The country can also act in favor of the woman for its tax structure, low cost of living and the quality of life.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best countries for a woman to work, the country has achieved an overall ranking of 33rd out of 59 countries, performing particularly well for career prospects and work-life balance. The Netherlands is one of the most expensive countries, but is also known to provide work/jobs for a good pay scale.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best countries for women to work abroad, for its various job opportunities and least crime rates.

According to the HSBC’s 2017 Expat Explorer survey, New Zealand was rated sixth in the world for work-life balance. The country has also scored as one of the best places for job security and career progression, providing a great reason for adding moving to the Southern Hemisphere to your New Year’s Resolutions for 2018.


When it comes to as a place for a woman to work abroad, Luxembourg is known for gender equality, has 70.3 points out of 100 for EU gender equality. Luxembourg is one of the best places to work for women/people dealing with unemployment, low literacy rate and many other issues.


Denmark is one of the best overseas work places for a woman to study and explore. Denmark is known to have the shortest working week in the world, with an average of 37 working hours. The country is known to be among the most productive and hardworking workforces in Europe. The working hours are also flexible, and all workers are statutorily entitled to 5 weeks vacation each year (the best thing for overseas women to explore) making space for family and leisure time.


Norway is known as one of the best places for women to work overseas, for its stable economy and one of the unemployment rates of 3.8%. The country is known to be rich in natural resources such as oil and gas, fish, forests and minerals. The Norway services sector forms a large part of the Norwegian economy and major industries including agriculture and others.


Taiwan is known as one of the best places for women to work abroad, for its safety for locals, travelers and expats. Taiwan is considered the 2nd safest country in the world. Having low rates of violence and crime, Taiwan is an enjoyable and comfortable place to work and explore.


Bahrain is one of the best and attractive places for women to work overseas. The country is also an extremely easy country to settle in. Overseas employees working in Bahrain will be rewarded with high salaries, no personal taxes and also an easy incentive for putting in the hours the daily grind demands.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the best places for women to work overseas for its lowest unemployment rates in the EU. The country has an influx of foreign businesses coming into the country. Currently, Czech Republic is having more than the usual number of jobs that can be filled.


Mexico is one of the best places for women to work abroad, with being an affordable country for Americans, Canadians and Europeans. With good job/work opportunities, a woman/person can eat at a casual restaurant for around five USD, get gas for around three USD and buy a new bicycle for a little under 130 USD.

A woman can find good job opportunities and explore Mexico easily with lesser living costs.


Myanmar is one of the best places to work abroad, for being a safe country. As a woman in a foreign country, you can explore the majority of areas that a woman as a foreigner will enter are ranked as very safe in terms of personal security.


When it comes to the best places for a woman/person to work abroad, Cambodia is one of the best countries. Cambodia is known for the garment-making and tourism, the main economic sectors in Cambodia, but skilled professionals are also highly sought after. Whether a woman wants to teach English or work in a multinational company, online portals Cambodia is the best place to start job search.

Other Countries

With the above mentioned 13 best countries for a woman to work abroad, there are also few other countries that are good for working abroad. Countries such as Kazakhstan, The United States, The United Kingdom, Kenya and Ireland are known as top places for women to work abroad, for its safety, work opportunities and affordable cost of living.

Therefore, this is a brief guidance, for a guide to working abroad for a woman. This guide/article can help you to know about various details regarding overseas work. But, I will suggest, when it comes to choosing work overseas, do your own research, take time and select the best country to work.

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