Google Forms Guide

A Google form is a web-based app which allows you to create online surveys or Google Forms Guide questionnaire for data collection purposes.

Google Forms Guide

Google Forms Guide ,it can also be used by teachers and students to make quizzes or surveys for feedback purposes.

Though many apps are available for online surveys in the market, google forms are the best of their kind.

All the responses can be stored in spreadsheets and data can be analyzed. 

,Whether you want to plan a trip, manage event registrations, take a quick poll or collect email addresses for a newsletter, google forms is your first choice.

Why Google Forms

Out of all other options, Google forms offers a free surveying tool for data gathering and management purposes.

Through this form, you can ask different types of questions, shuffle the order of choices and also apply validation options for controlling data inputs with just a google account. The latest version of this app enables you to customize the form using different themes and background settings. There are standard templates available to make your survey look professional in no time. 

Google Forms Guide This form can be operated in multiple ways like email, web-based forms. You can also print the form in pdf format on paper which allows people to fill the survey even if they are unaware of email and computer.

Get started with google forms

You should have a google account to make a survey. However, if you are a respondent, you don’t have to possess a google account to fill the survey.

  • Go to Click on + to create a blank form. A new form will be opened.
  • You can also create a form from google drive. Go to Select + New option. Choose google forms from the list.
  • Google forms can be accessed from Gmail too. Open your Gmail. On the top right side of the page, you come across a 3×3 grid. If you click on the grid, the list of options is dropped down. Select google forms from the list and click the ‘+ blank’ option to create a new form.

How to Create google forms

After you click on a blank form, a page, as shown above, will be opened. You can give a title to the survey in the untitled form bar. Any information, you want to convey to the respondents can be entered in the form description. 

Enter the question in the question bar. The possible choices of answer are:

  • Short answer

It ranges from one or two-word answers to few short sentences.

  • Paragraph

Paragraph types include longer answers or more sentences 

  • Multiple choice

Here you can choose between options. If you didn’t find a suitable option, there is an option named ‘other’ where you can enter your answer.

  • Checkboxes

Multiple options can be selected in this type. The ‘other’ option is also included here.

  • Dropdown

A drop-down menu appears where people can choose a single option from the set of options.

  • File upload

People can answer the question by uploading a file as a response. However, they need a google account to fill this question. The response is saved as a new folder in google drive storage space. The file type and maximum file size that a person can upload can be set by the survey maker.

  • Linear Scale

It allows a person to rate your question or survey on a scale that can start from 0 or 1 and end from 2 to 10. Each one can be labeled as good, very good, poor, etc.

  • Multiple Choice grid

In this type, people can select a single answer for each row. You can also shuffle the options by ‘holding and moving more option’.

  • Checkbox grid

This is the same as a multiple-choice grid except that you can choose multiple options for each row.

Add date and time in google forms

  • Date

Respondents can fill date in this box. In UK format, it is DD/MM/YYYY

  • Time

Time or duration can be filled in the time bar

How to Add questions to Google Forms

  • You can add questions by selection + option on the right side list as shown.
  • The second option in the column enables you to import questions from the previous forms.
  • If you want to add some description about the survey or tell people about the next part of the section,  you can add a title and description by selecting the third option from the list
  • You can insert an image or a video by opting from the list. They can be imported either from uploads, or using URL or google drive. You can also take a snapshot and then import it to the form. Questions can be framed related to the image or video by selecting the first option.
  • The last option in the given list enables you to add a completely new section. This is mainly useful to break a lengthy form i.e., to divide a long survey into minor sections. A section with 5-6 questions will be encouraging to fill.

How to customize themes in google forms

The background theme can be customized by selecting the theme option on the top right of the form. Theme color can be chosen and background color will appear according to the theme color selected. The intensity of background color can be set from the options. You can choose between various font styles, but the ‘Basic style’ is found to be easily understandable.

How to create google forms quiz

Google forms also enable teachers to conduct quizzes and collect student responses. Go to settings and open Quiz there you have to click on the toggle bar to make a quiz.

  • You can also decide when to release the grade.
  • Missed questions- incorrect answers will be displayed for the students
  • Correct answers- after the grading is done, correct answers for each question will be displayed.
  • Point values- the points scored by students and the total number of points for the quiz will be available under this section.

You can avail of the above facilities by enabling the options in the check box as shown. Don’t forget to save your choices.

You will be able to collect the email addresses of all the respondents by ticking the collect email address option.

By enabling the response receipts option, the respondents will receive a copy of their responses through their email. You can facilitate Participants to view the summary charts and text responses by selecting the last checkbox in the above figure.

There is a provision to edit their responses after submission. If you enable the ‘Limit to 1 response’ option, the people with a google account only can fill the survey.

You are advised to leave this option disabled for better reach of your survey.

  • Show progress bar: It shows how much survey has been completed
  • Shuffle question order: Activating it enables you to shuffle the questions after each response submission
  • Show link to submit another response: After your submission, the link will be displayed to submit another response. Also, a confirmation message will be received after each response submission. Tick the checkboxes as per your requirement and save.

Collaborate with others in google forms

  • You can select persons who can edit the questions in your form using a unique link. This feature enables you to conduct surveys with a team.
  • Click on the 3 dots on the top of the page and then select the ‘Add collaborations’ option.
  • You will come across a ‘who can access’ titled dialogue box. Change it from private to anyone with the link. Save your preferences.
  • Copy and paste the link in the space provided.
  • Multiple options are available to share the link with others.

The responses

All the responses can be accessed in the response section, available at the top of the form. To store the responses in a google spreadsheet, select the green-colored button available on the right side of the form as shown in the figure.

Select create a new spreadsheet and click on ‘create’. All your responses will be stored in a new google spreadsheet.

If you want to enter the responses in the previous spreadsheet, select the option ‘select existing spreadsheet ‘ and then click on create.

Now select the spreadsheet where you want to enter the responses. By selecting this option, your responses will be added to the previous spreadsheet.

Choosing Templates in google forms

If you don’t want to bother about questions format, you can choose one from the template gallery. It contains templates for all purposes. 

Go to the google forms home page and you will find various templates in the template gallery.

Choose a standard one according to your need and proceed to share with respondents. The templates are customizable which allows you to add or delete questions.

Send the google form

Now that you have completed all the formalities to conduct the survey, it is time to send the form to respondents. Click on the ‘Send’ option at the top of the form.

You can share the form through email, direct link, Facebook, Twitter, or get an embedded link to be shared on your website.


Through this article, we tried to guide you through Google Forms Guide in a way that makes you create a survey by yourself in less time.


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