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Want to know the genuine paid survey sites india Lets check it out . Before that lets see the basic definition of surveys

Before we start the discussion about paid survey sites let me clear this myth that doing surveys get you rich. It’s not about making a lot of money. It is just about adding extra valuable money to supplement your income. But at the same time making money from surveys sounds like strange but it is true if you choose a legit site. There are numerous survey sites but looking for genuine site is quite difficult.  If you find enough on surveys then possibly this article is for you. It will help you to select an authentic site and fuel your perception in the regard of surveys. In this we are specially trying to cover those websites which can possibly use in India for doing surveys. Let’s take a look.

There are many chores in survey that will offer you amazing gifts vouchers and exciting money. If you seriously wanted to make money from surveys than you must sign in more than ten sites because it will ensure you more passive income chances. However it depends on the protocol of the websites how and how much they pay you

In India there is a large number list of surveys website which allows you appealing kind of money. Here are some legit websites for survey freak

What is a Survey

The survey is the information to collect data and personal statistics of the user by the creator of the survey. It is a technique of gathering details by asking questions to people to have desired info.

Doing and making survey can grow your business faster than any other way.

Genuine paid survey sites India

The survey has a variety of purposes and can be conducted in many ways. There are many ways to earn money with doing surveys.

1. Swag bucks

It is the most reliable survey site which is very much popular and paid its users across the world. This website offers rewards in the form of vouchers, money and prize draw.Genuine paid survey sites india, First legitimate survey sites in india

One can receive reward with doing simple chores like playing video games, watching videos, doing surveys, searching web and many more.

They even give you some points on sign up.

This website has started in 2005. It means it is the most trusted website which has 8.3 trust pilots rating which is very high. It is a versatile website and will increase little side amount with so many different things you can do on Swag bucks.

  1. Survey
  2. Do urban email
  3. Refer friend
  4. Surf web
  5. Watch a videos

How to do multi task on this website

 You can simply go to the website with android or IOS with doing different task and you earn swag bucks. Every swag bucks equal to 1 cents. You can directly earn your amount either PayPal or amazon gift cards. They have paid voucher also so that you redeem your point into gifts.

It will earn you enough money to run your lifestyle smoothly.

2. Cashcrate

veryone is asking in cash crate that is it legit or scam but yes in fact it is a legit. It is big worth to sign because it is popularly in worldwide. This is the no 1 network of making money.

It is globally around the world. You can do many tasks with cash crate for example.

  1. Survey
  2. Refer friend

How to do multi task on this website

Create your account on cash crate by sign up. Fill out the profile form so that you may able to do surveys. By doing surveys you can get easy cash. You can also gain profit by referral programme. In referral programme you can get direct $10 in your account.

Cash crate have amazing gift cards and cash by PayPal. 

3. Life points

Here is another exciting survey website which pays you surprisingly. This website pays you on amazon, pay pal and high street voucher. Their surveys are not too much lengthy. Second legitimate survey sites in india

As a result they pay you more and fast. They provide you surveys in bulk.

Their minimum threshold is 500 points. This website allows you per survey 5 pounds. This means this website has great features to earn.

4. AIP Surveys

Another most famous and well liked survey website which is AIP surveys. It ran in world wide. This website is popular because of easy and free registration. The variable works in surveys are

  1. Survey
  2. Referral programme
  3. Watch a video

How to do multi task on this website

AIP survey is totally free to join. This website is convenient for both laptop and mobile phone. You can easily join with your email by confirming your email account.

The best part of this website by letting you know whenever the new survey has come by notification in your email account. The minimum threshold is 100 points.

You can redeem your amount by cash or gift cards. You can use PayPal for cash amount. The age limit of this website to sign in minimum is 18 years.

5. The panel station

The panel station is a genuine and trustworthy website for doing surveys. It is doing brilliant job in globally. The most important question is how much you really earn. well they pay you handsome kind of amount. In India it is growing very fast. They also have an app with the name of panel station for android as well as IOS users. The user of the website is around the world 1.4 million.

How to do multi task on this website

You can be a member of survey panel by join it for free. Log in to website with your email account. Confirm the verification code of your email.

Then you are registered for the website. You can get 300 points by completing your profile.

You can easily get 50 to 1000 points on every survey. The points can easily redeem by gift vouchers of different shopping website like amazon and Flip cart.

You can get your points into cash pay PayPal or Paytm. The worst part this website they pay you $10 per year which is quite low.

6. Branded surveys

This website paid you highly around 50-500 with amazing rewards with money or gifts. They also have a referral programme which gives you percentage on every survey.

You can earn with watching videos, playing games, doing surveys and with referral also.

7. Irazoo

Irazoo is the most popular global survey website which pays you in bulk they even give you 100 points by sign up and completing your profile they give you 25 points.

They allow you points by doing surveys, searching on web, playing video games, watch one minute complete video referral friend and so on. When you complete 3000 points you can redeem your points. So evidently this website has also great features to make money.

8. Inbox dollar

Inbox dollar is a great website to make a descent amount by doing surveys.

The beauty of the website they gives you variety in surveys for example – demographic, social, informative and the length of the surveys not more than vast. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

This website provides you $ 5 as a signing bonus. This website also support in mobile phones, tab and laptop. This means you can do survey anytime and anywhere. They give you $

0.50 to $ 05.00 on per survey.

9. Yougov survey

Yougov is an international website which allows you money and rewards by seeking your surveys and opinion. This survey website provides you 4 to 5 surveys in a week.

They have many variant varieties to earn money for example referral programme, monthly prize, taking part in surveys and lottery offer, however the lottery offer varies only in some countries.

You can cash your points by lottery. They give you 40 to 400 points in each survey. Beside all that they have the age limitation which changes country to country.

10. The opinion panel community

This is a legit and largest website of U.K. This website provides you amazon and high street vouchers.

main focus is on online surveys and feedback.

survey hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and the best part is you can access on your mobile also.

Their minimum threshold is 25 pounds. This website is reputed and trusted.

So it is clearly proved that doing surveys are worth it for making money. You can make money in cash or gift vouchers. It’s up to you how you deal with it 

11. Toluna

This website has U.S.A based and started in 2006. The best part is they also have their own app for android and IOS users. This website ran worldwide with 60 countries right now. It is the trusted and most popular website. The multiple things which you can do is 

  1. Doing surveys
  2. Watch a video
  3. Playing games
  4. Creating content

How to do multi task on this website

Sign up with your email address and fill the simple profile form by completing first description page you will get 500 points reward. This website has generates less amount but despite on that they provide you surveys in bulk. You can complete back to back surveys. The payment options are PayPal, Pay tm, Flip cart, amazon etc. The worst part of this website is your data is not fully protected. You must read the privacy policy very carefully before reach out of every survey. To cope up with this situation stop providing accurate data while doing surveys as much as possible.


Genuine paid survey sites india ,This is the main frequently asked question about doing or making surveys that is survey money worth it?

So the answer is of course yes doing surveys will give you attractive amount within few minutes. The fair side is you need not any requirement or skill to do surveys.

It is absolutely convenient as per your choice there are many reputed sites which allow you to earn some bucks.

Mostly paid surveys get more attractive reward. It depends upon the website. Some give good amount and some give more than that. Here are some reputed websites which gives you amazing reward with no effort.

These were the genuine paid survey sites india

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