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Freebie websites,In this world, many people don’t know and they would complain about getting free stuff. That too on  online. There are many ways to get free stuff without surveys. And some companies would want you to  offer your opinions in answering online surveys.

Freebie websites , While the free stuff idea may be good to start with. But  there could be times when time and effort spent will quickly negate good feelings about getting  associated with free stuff online/Freebie websites. But there are always some methods of action that can get an Internet  user to access free stuff online. 

These are some proven ways or sources where you will get free stuff online.  

Ways to Get Free Stuff Online/Freebie websites

1. BzzAgent

BzzAgent has prided itself on using the best old-fashioned word-of-mouth approach to promote the  products. Ways to Get Free Stuff Online ,Freebie websites The main thing of this tactic essentially revolves around how one can get benefit using  products.

Or else coupons that were sent to him/her for free of charge. The main point of being a Bzz  Agent is to get access to the new goods and services that are given to you. In the first chance to try out  for free. 

These are some proven ways or sources where you will get free stuff online.  

You can either “share the Bzz” with others directly. Or produce a positive report on the products that  you previously use or taken for sample.

But however your Bzz or in other words your feedback and also  opinions on your experience with the sample. It has to be accepted and signed off by the site. When it is  positive enough to be viewed by others. The buzz will then get forwarded to another site called  MyPoints. In my points where you begin to earn points.  

It is a magnificent arrangement; first, you will get to try out the new products for free at BzzAgent. Then  you start to make income at MyPoints. The best Freebie websites is this one

By sharing and airing the observations on the free stuff you  received earlier. The earnings may come in the form of gift certificates which are offered by MyPoints.  We have a detailed review of my Points on  

2. TotallyFreeStuff

This website is useful in organizing all the deals into some categories. And in fact, there are nearly 60  categories on offer here. That will help on the navigation aspect to users.  

There is enough time that would be essential if any item can be put out online. And that can be deemed  freely available. In the point of writing, there are free categories. That shows these items for now: Free 

Total Cereal, Magazine subscription, free bread, and more links. One category on the site is dedicated to  free samples. Where the users can download any sample related to any category. This site will be the  best for students and research scholars. 

3. FreeStuffTimes

This website tracks attractive deals on an hourly basis. As you write this piece, the website displays  comprehensive listings on free airplane miles and magazine subscriptions, and other aspects.  

Two main things drive the popularity of this website. The First is the website is embedded with clickable  links for its users. So that we can take immediate actions and also save much time. If a deal has passed  its expiration date. Then it will show an indication of that. 

4. FreeMania

On this website, Customers can also get a sample of physical products. And even services without any  cost. They are generally makeup products, deodorant plus, and some domestic services. 

This website can be much more Significant for people who doubt some particular product and its  manufacturing. This website helps to build the customer and manufacturing company relationship.  

5. StartSampling

As a customer, if you believe strongly that you should at least sample those items first before you buy.  Then this site is for you and it helps you a lot in purchasing the best quality products.  

They are extremely well represented here. That from energy bars to drugs, and toiletries, cosmetics, and  many more. The Products which a person uses in daily life.  

6. Volition Website.

Volition is perhaps directly responsible for running the freebie market online. It was originally started by  Ray Sola more than 10 years ago. doesn’t restrict itself just to give users freebie opportunities. 

guides its user’s on-point earning opportunities online. Then providing links to survey  participation and to different online business opportunities. Users must be sure to check out their “Stuff  I Found” from here to keep on searching for the latest and greatest free offers available. 

Volition gets the top vote when evaluating both money saving through the freebies presented and  money-making through via the work-at-home with links provided.  

7. MomsView

Freebie websites , MomsView will link the user’s to a great variety of free products. And online coupons and printable  coupons available for its users. This kind of Website will add value to a common man’s life. It is Sure  enough and its selling point is amazing. And the collection of coupons here will excite the users.  

Users should always check out this website before they head to the grocery store for shopping. The  focus is clearly on moms and this website has a forum set up to facilitate networking for moms. And this  can be a great initiative from this website. They are free to talk about everything that centers on family related topics with users.  

8. FreeCycle

Everyone will do a major house cleaning. And you would have come across used items in your home.  That you no longer desire to use or those that you deem as its needs are over. And a useful life in the  household. And even though they may be in working condition. 

You could sell these junk items to earn some quick cash. But there is now another chance on it. You can  now bring these items to FreeCycle and then give them away to those who may need your old Products  or stuff. At the same time, you keep looking for those Products that you need.  

It is similar to a kind of barter trade system.  

But in the traditional sense, we are talking about a much bigger collective pool of buyers and sellers. So  that you can trade with somebody interested in your stuff. And at the same time has something that you  want for at a certainty. These kinds of exchanges are facilitated by FreeCycle.

Which makes it easier to  get rid of products that you don’t want. You can also find stuff that you need. And it is always a comfort  to know that people can still make good out of the stuff. That is no longer in use by you. And the main  thing here is not to mention the money.  

9. JustFreeStuff

JustFreeStuff works exactly like its name.. Everything will you find here can be yours totally for free. Best Freebie websites , This  website is organized into many categories. And thus it makes it easy for you to understand and navigate  on items that you search for. This website is essentially a directory service with multiple links to the  actual sites that hold the freebies there are from magazines, coupons, sweepstakes entries, and much  more stuff for free. The main thing to admit how quality information they present on their site.  

10. HouseParty

HouseParty is an interesting and amazing website. That you can approach if you are thinking about  hosting a real house party. And to promote certain products and goods or services. But if the description  is too clumsy on my part you can just think of Tupperware parties. 

With the help, nearly thousands of people have successfully hosted house parties. And also along the  way they promoted some fantastic products as Barbie toys, DVDs, electronic gadgets and household  electrical appliances, and other products as well.  

They impress on extremely High range of freebie products. But they also score well on how to make  your party hip and by supporting you with attractive decorations also with the napkins and other  essential items. On this website, you can learn much more. Just give it a try.  


The name only suggests that its main target is teens and students. But there are many freebies here that  transcend that particular demographic group. Also can just as useful to everyone else. 

This website first focused on magazine subscriptions, free cosmetic samples, and other offers as well.  But Nowadays you may find a mind-boggling array of products being exhibited on their site. It can be a  great way to explore the online industry for students.  

12.Sample products

You can Look for free samples at stores. You can also graze on food at Costco and in other wholesale  clubs. Or just ask for beauty and fragrance samples at department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s.

You can get free samples by mail from the best manufacturers like Procter & Gamble and Unilever. If  you Can’t find samples in person?. You can request them online. But sometimes in exchange for testing  or reviewing products. Giants in the online industry like Amazon Prime members can buy sample boxes in different kinds of categories. Which includes nutrition, skincare, and pet supplies. And get reimbursed  in Amazon credit that can be redeemed for selected Products.  

13.Enroll in loyalty programs

Everyone wants loyalty nowadays. Just Sign up for rewards programs at your favorite business sites  online. Then many restaurants and retailers give members extremely special perks for their birthdays or  that is based on how much they spend on. As a user’s you could get free food, shipping, gift cards,  offers, merchandise, film tickets, and other freebies stuff.  

14. Sign up for a free trial.

Subscription boxes and services are all in the high range. Because they can be expensive. However, as a  user, you can get free TV, music albums, audiobooks, snacks, meals, coffee, and much more by just  signing up for a trial.

For example, Crunch Fitness will offer a free one-day gym pass and then look at  Netflix it offers free for one month. You just have to mark your calendar for the dates of free trials.  Because they end so you can cancel and avoid other charges for overusing it.  

15. Enter sweepstakes

A Contest will give you opportunities to win all sorts of amazing prizes. Especially Radio stations reward  lucky callers with concert tickets. HGTV will give a dream home giveaway. Vacations, merchandise, and  gift cards may also be at the stake. Even if the odds of winning are so less it’s usually easy to enter. 

But Sometimes, you will get entries for leaving a product review on a site or tagging the brand in the  Instagram post. Just keep your eyes peeled for sweepstakes from your favorite companies and brands.  Read the terms and conditions carefully. The most significant thing is never to enter a contest that asks  for sensitive information. Such as your credit card or Social Security numbers. 

Legit How can I get free stuff online

Here’s is a great list for you.  

This website shows many freebies sites that are perfect for finding free samples and other free things. 

Freebie Shark. 

Free Stuff. 

Sample A Day.  

Sweet Free Stuff. 

My Free Product Samples. 


Freaky Freddies.  

How do you get free stuff on Amazon without paying? 

The fastest way to get free stuff on Amazon can be a difficult thing but will be possible.  You have to Make good use of AMZDiscover. 

Then you must join Facebook Groups that give free Amazon products. You should become an Amazon  pro reviewer. The review Every Product of Amazon.  

What app gives you free stuff?

Ways to Get Free Stuff Online , You can use These 8 Apps to Get Great Free Stuff 

Listia provides an outlet for the user’s to give away unneeded items and in return take advantage of  freebies offered by other users. Another site is iGet Freebies. On this site, you can get free items.  

Check reviews  of every site that you want to sign in to and get access to. Search for reviews on social media and you  will get it. 


Is free stuff legit?

The Biggest scam is in the thought of making money by signing up for the surveys and stuff. This can be  the biggest mistake. Check every website whether it is a legal website or any illegal site

Where can I get free stuff online?

Craiglist and are the two best websites to get free stuff online .Do check them out

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