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Food Business Ideas In India

Best food business ideas in India, a new food business in India can around 30,000 and an average food business can go to 1,00,000. Food is something which is the most essential thing in a person’s life. After air, a person can live without anything but not without food.

Profitable Food Business Ideas In India

With this, when it comes to business, it can be said as food business in one of the best businesses in India and also all over the world. 

But only this much information is not enough, there are various food businesses that can be opened, but which of them is the best food business in India and all over world is very difficult. To make the same work easy,

The best food business ideas in India are mentioned below.

Food Blogging

Food blogging is one of the most popular blogging niches in India. A moderate food blogger in India can expect to earn Rs 25,000 – Rs 1,00,000 per month, which makes one of the best food business ideas in India.

A food blogger can do anything and everything such as food recipes, Rajasthani blogging, Gujarati blogging etc. But, it is observed that many food bloggers take blogging as their hobby and not as a business. To make it a business food blogging is to be done seriously, instead of using other platforms like YouTube and Instagram and instead should create their own website and also use applications like Pinterest.

Cooking Classes Online/Offline

A person in India can earn around 20,000-25,000 by taking cooking classes (gujarati dishes, chinese, bakery items and different cuisines). This business is counted in one of the best food business ideas in India as it can be done without any investments even by home. 

As of today, every 5 people out of 10 search related to cooking (cooking recipes) online. A person who is good at cooking and has knowledge about food and different food cuisines can start cooking classes online or offline easily. 

Home Tiffin Business

An average tiffin business can make a profit of around 1,00,000 a month. A person who is good in cooking, cooks for family, friends and gets appreciated can easily start a home tiffin business. Tiffin business can be started with less investment earlier and can be increased with time. A tiffin service can give a profit of around 100-200 per plate. Usually, the people who live alone or don’t have time to cook use home tiffin services. With this, it is also required to know that a food business license is required to start a home tiffin business.

Start A Healthy and Organic Food Business

In today’s time, healthy and organic food business is one of the best food business ideas in India, as many people are moving towards healthy life. A store selling food items with low carbs and calories such as yogurt, protein bars, oats, gluten free products, vegan items etc will earn a great profit. A person can start with a lesser investment, purchase products from the wholesaler, sell it to friends, neighbors and known ones and then can grow online and offline as well.

Start A Bakery/Pastry Shop

On an average a small-scale bakery business in India can earn around Rs. 60,000 to 1.2 lakhs per month. The baking industry in India is generally divided into organized and unorganized, with more than 2,000 organized or semi-organised bakeries, and 1,000,000 unorganized bakeries. To start a bakery, with baking knowledge, a person needs to have knowledge about the city/place the bakery needs to open, competitor bakery nearby and the taste of people residing in the city. With being a great business to earn and one of the best food business ideas in India, bakery business also have great competitors like franchise and well-known organized bakeries. To make a great bakery business a person has to be the best and provide the best bakery items.

Franchise Business

A franchise can be defined as a type of retail business in which an individual or group is granted the right to market a company’s goods or services within a certain territory or location. There are many fast-food companies that operate franchises. India can be said as a mega-market for the most profitable franchise businesses. There are many low cost franchise opportunities in India for which a person can go for. A franchise takes a good amount of investment but also gives a great profit as well. There are many low cost and high cost franchises in India such as McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway, Starbucks, Cafe Coffee Culture, Cafe Coffee Day and many more.

Food Delivery Business

According to the data, 81% Indian consumers order food through delivery apps/online delivery modes due to convenience. In today’s time, when it comes to going to restaurants people don’t have time, or don’t feel safe going there and prefer ordering food online. A person can start an online delivery business starting with WhatsApp, going to a website and an application as well. 24/7 online business can be difficult to start but can also give great profit. With great profit an online delivery business also gives great competitors such as Swiggy, Zomato etc. but by giving the best services, a food delivery business can become one of the best food business ideas in India and can give a great profit. (A food delivery can not only include daily food items but also can include other food items and snacks such as dairy products, bakery products, papad, pickle etc).

Food Truck Business

Currently, there are 21 types of different food trucks in India. On an average a food truck can make a business of Rs.8000 a day. If a person has good cooking knowledge he/she can get knowledge about local fast food items, locality for food trucks and the kind of food people like. There are many foreign countries where there are many food trucks working and making great profit. The same thing can be done in India as well. If a person’s food taste gets liked by people the food truck can make the maximum profit needed.

Restaurant Business

An established restaurant in India can earn an average profit of around 1.2 lakh a day. 

According to the apex body of the Indian hospitality industry, India has about 53,000 hotels and 70 lakh restaurants in organized category and 2.3 crore restaurants in unorganized sector. A person should have good knowledge about food and recipes, with knowledge about local food items, location of the restaurant to open a restaurant in India. For opening a restaurant, firstly a person can start from his/her house, then go to truck and then open a restaurant. The same will help to work easily, with small investment in the beginning.

Food Processing Business

Food processing can be defined as an industry that is responsible for diversification of agriculture, improvement of value-added opportunities, and creation of excess that can be exported. The food processing business is one of the best food businesses in India and is one of India’s largest in the world in terms of manufacture, use, export, and development. Food processing can be done with different types of food items such as dairy food processing, meat processing, wood processing oils, groundnut oil processing, honey processing, jackfruit processing, meat and seafood processing, dry fruit processing, soya chunks processing, tomatoes processing etc. As of today, there are 39,748 food processing businesses in India.

Starting A Cafe

A cafe in India can earn 40,000 to 1,50,000 a month. Initially, a cafe can earn 10 to 15%, but later the profits increase based on the quality and standards. A person having knowledge about coffee and related food items recipes (snacks, siders and cookies) can easily start a cafe. For making a good amount of coffee, a person needs to have great knowledge about coffee and food items, the location of the cafe and also the taste of the locals. Cafes are surely profitable but also can have many organized cafe/franchise competitions. But once a cafe sets and starts growing the profit can go never ending.

Catering Business

Today, there are 15,000-20,000 catering businesses in India. An average catering business in India can earn around 3.2 lakhs monthly. In today’s world, it is seen that people prefer catering services instead of restaurants for functions. People hire caterers for various functions such as birthdays, marriages, big family gatherings and much more. Catering is said to be one of the best food business ideas in India, as people prefer catering over restaurants, for the price and for the quality of food as well.

Opening A Shop

An average food shop in India can earn around 2-3 lakhs a month. As of 2021, there are around 12.8 million food shops in India. When seen, not only in India but all across the world, a food shop/shops can be seen in every small street. A food shop can never go off season in any condition, as every person rich or poor needs food in every case. A food shop can be of anything and everything such as Ice cream, juice, beverage, grocery, namkeen, farsan, chips/biscuit, sweet, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, pet food, baby food, DIY Food Kits and much more.

Food Making Business

Food making is one of the best food business ideas in India. On an average, an established food making business in India earns around 2 lac a month. Food making doesn’t only include recipes and food dishes but also includes various other individual food items. Food making business includes food items such as chocolates fruit bars, masalas, ginger garlic paste, jam, jelly, ice cream cone, sauces, sugar candy, pastas, baking powder and much more.

Milling Business

Milling business is one of the best food business ideas in India. An established, milling business in India can earn around 2 lakh a month. In a country like India, even today, many people don’t trust readymade flour and prefer milling their own flour with purchasing required grains and pulseses. Flour milling remains safe and also costs a bit lesser when compared to readymade flour.

Food Production Business

According to the count, the food production industry have approximately 1.93 mn people working in it, with around 39,748 registered units with fixed capital of $32.75 bn with having an aggregate output of around $158.69 bn.

A food production business requires a big investment but also gives a big return, for which is considered as one of the best food business ideas in India. A food processing business ideas can be of various items such as Iodized salt production, mustard oil production, sunflower oil production, energy drink production, condensed milk production, cereals and pulses manufacturing and much more.

Food Manufacturing Business

An average food manufacturing industry in India earns around ₹ 450,000 per year or ₹ 231 per hour. Entry-level manufacturing industries earning starts at ₹ 360,000 per year, while most experienced industries make up to ₹ 780,000 per year. Food manufacturing industry can be of food items such as noodles ice block, coconut oil, packed drinking water and much more. 

Some Other Food Business Ideas

Food business ideas are something that can be never ending, according to a person’s creativity a food business idea can be anything and everything. With the above mentioned food business ideas there are some more food businesses that can be included in best food business of India. The ideas are fish farms, marindes, breakfast joints, microbrewery, brew pop business, RTE and RTC food items business etc.

Therefore, these are the best food business ideas in India. A person having knowledge about food and interested in food business can start any of them according to interest and possibility.

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