Email Surveys

Email Surveys is defined as data collection method that used to collect quantitative and qualitative data using surveys or questionnaires that are sent to targeted respondents or customers via email. 

Respondents or Customers can answer these surveys directly in embedded questions or respond over  email, depending upon the survey delivery method chosen by the researcher or Survey Website.  

For example, a particular fashion brand wants to know customer opinions and consumer behavior about  their new product which is launched recently in the market.

Customers who made purchases from the  brand are registered through their email ids and while making the purchase. Since the user’s email ids  are already registered in the company’s system and an email survey questions can be sent to the  customers who purchased the product or other services from the company.

Why Email Surveys?

It is quick and reliable  feedback that can be collected from the brand’s targeted customers and it can be analyzed later by  using the powerful web survey software. 

Email surveys had been in the market for extremely a long time. But they are the most efficient and  effective methods to collect reliable and most accurate survey data. 

In day-to-day life Almost nearly some billons of people use email frequently. And with that many people  checking their accounts and logging in and using their phone, tablet, or other mobile devices nearly  multiple times a day.

According to recent research which is conducted to evaluate email marketing  around 72 percent of people’s choice is of getting their promotional content or professional  communication through emails only.  

Email surveys are one of the best aspects for accurate data because they allow integrating multiple  options in the email to the audience. For an instance, an email may include an invoice or a promotional  advertisement and a small survey invitation as well.

Since email surveys are extremely amazing and can  be sent to a large audience at the same time and within just minutes and it is one of the most used  methods for collecting data in the world.  

Embedded email surveys

Embedded email surveys are also called an email inline survey which is one of the most effective and  efficient methods to conduct the survey.

A survey is embedded in the email itself and the respondent or  Customer can answer the questions directly in the email body only they need not be redirected to the  browser.

These surveys are generally short and Effective and also it is recommended to not make them  exhaustive. Customers are less likely to complete inline surveys which are long and require long-form to answer or have complex questions in it which the people can’t understand. Since email providers or 

It providers have different user interfaces with them and it’s best to keep email inline  surveys short and up to the point so that they display similarly across all email hosts.  

Email redirect surveys

Email redirect surveys are the survey invitation links to the customers sent to the targeted audience  only.

The customer can click on the link and will be redirected to the main survey page where they have  to answer the Survey Questions. Such a method is generally used when the surveys are too long. It  enables the researcher to include the open-ended questions which is the main aspect and also the close ended questions.

As well as multiple standards, advanced question types are been asked in the Surveys.  Being redirected to a page in their chrome or any browser allows many surveys answering people to feel  less surprised if a survey is slightly longer than the embedded surveys.  

The success of email surveys is measured based on the reaction from the people.

What do you write in a survey email?

The following are the  few and to receive the best responses from the  people.  

A simple and clear subject line will be much effective.

A particular company’s customers will be more likely to open emails if the subject line is simple and  clear and up to the point.

Don’t include promotional activities in the subject line. It makes customers  lose belief in the company’s product.

The subject line should just convey what are the purposes of this  email survey and that too in a few words which are formal and friendly.

An example a customer is more  likely to open an email with the subject line as Help us to help you better.

In such a case the subject line  showcases that the content of the company’s email is to gather feedback about the customer service  that was offered to the customer.  

To Mention your audience portfolio

Content is the king in all the industries right now.

The content of the email should also need to mention  that the respondent or Customer is chosen specially to conduct the survey or not. This shows a  company’s Customers that their opinion matters to the company in a valuable way.

Creating a kind of  importance goes a long way in getting higher responses for a company’s email surveys.

It’s better to  have this example “As a loyal and faithful customer to us, you have been specially selected to participate  in our much-awaited customer satisfaction survey”.

3. The Explanation of the survey objective.

It is Significant to explain what that Company will use the data that they are collecting from its  customers.

The Points such as how the responses and reactions will help make better decisions and  provide better service that should be included in the content of the email which can impress the  customer.

The example will be “your feedback and opinion will help us serve you better in the future as  we are indebted to you”. Including this kind of statement assures the customer that their feedback is  significant and is valuable which thus leads to higher responses from the survey.  

Popular Online Survey Email Examples

1. Customer surveys

Customer surveys are one of the most significant and frequently used surveys in the  world. These are the surveys that enable organizations and companies to collect the utmost in-depth  data about their customers To improve their Products.

By Using these surveys Significant business  aspects such as customer satisfaction, customer effort, and net promoter score can be measured by the  company. Some of the most significant and frequently used customer surveys are business surveys and  customer satisfaction surveys in the business world.  

2.Human resources surveys

Human resource surveys are widely used in many companies because every  company is using factors of production to measure employee satisfaction, assess business culture, and  collect employee feedback.

These surveys are Significant as they can help the organization to retain the  best employees, devise strategic HR policies, which create a healthy working environment for  employees in the company, and

Exit interview surveys and job evaluation surveys are one of the most  common human resource surveys used in the industries and all types of companies.  

What are the advantages of email surveys?

Email surveys had always been one of the best and efficient methods of conducting survey research as  they provide higher responses from the customers compared to most of the other methods. 

Email surveys require minimum resources and are extremely cost-efficient. 

These surveys have an extremely little margin of error or mistakes when compared to traditional  methods as there is no mediator involved in the collection of survey responses and the main data.  

It gives an option to create a small survey to get fast and immediate responses or longer surveys that  will be redirected to landing pages where much more detailed information will be collected.  

Disadvantages of the email Surveys

Data reliability it is one of the most common problem companies are facing and it can sometimes be  questionable as the responses receive can’t always be genuine.

For example, some Customers may  answer the survey for the sake of receiving incentives only and gifts only.  

For example, a survey was conducted to understand the opinion of the general population regarding the  greener environment that has to be targeted from different kinds of geographies. Such as rural areas  mainly. And Access to email in rural areas may not be as same as the urban areas. This limits a  company’s survey ability to reach all the expectations. 


What is a downside to mail surveys?

Limited reach will be a concern and sometimes as not everyone in the world has access to an email also. 


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