E-Poll Surveys

E-Poll Surveys Review . E-poll Survey was Founded in May in the year 1997.

EPoll uses its platform to help businesses and customers to  give voice to their opinions in a fun and easily interactive.

E-Poll Surveys Review

E-Poll is a market research company that asks  interesting questions about famous celebrities, sports Athletes, and TV about TV shows and also about  the entertainment aspect.

For every survey, the user participates in and the user will earn points that  can be redeemable for gift card vouchers and also prizes and cash. 


Reward Options are Available in E-Poll  

E-Poll offers different kinds of rewards which include gift cards from Amazon, vouchers, Starbucks.

And  if the user wants to donate the points they also allow users to donate the points. By doing this kind of  thing they increase customer satisfaction.

With the minimum points, 2750 in the users account which is  less than $5 the users can redeem their points for a reward or into cash. It is better to save the points  for a bigger amount of rewards.

Accumulation of points by answering Surveys is the best thing to do.  

The user can redeem the appropriate number of points for a $5 3750 points PayPal payment. 

The users can choose from a wide variety of gift cards, vouchers, retailers including Amazon, Walmart,  Starbucks, and other offers.

The important thing to Note that prizes usually take 6-8 weeks to be  processed in the account.  

2750 points equal a $3 charitable donation to American Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation, Make a-Wish Foundation or the user can choose to cash out via PayPal

here the Important thing is to  make sure the user’s email address matches in whatever email is associated with the PayPal account. 

The points won’t expire and All rewards are received online only and they can take 4-6 weeks to  process.  


Earn Points for Surveys is the most important aspect for users from all over the globe. 

For answering Surveys E-Poll awards which can vary between 500 to 1000+ points. It depends on the  length and complexity of the survey the users had answered and had given their valuable opinion.  

E-Poll Survey Types

E-Poll offers some kinds of surveys which include video surveys that may require the user to watch some  television shows live on the user’s TV.  

Online surveys are mainly entertainment-related and mostly market research Surveys. 

As the user of E-poll Surveys the users may be asked to watch and give their opinions on new TV  commercials that will be sent directly to the user’s home. T

he number of surveys each user receives will  be varied and also depends on the availability of the new Surveys.

But mainly the user may receive 1-2  surveys per day sometimes the user may just receive 1-2 surveys per month.  

Are E poll surveys legit?

Yes, Epoll is Legit and some thousands of people believe and invest their time in answering the Surveys  of Epoll.

There is nothing fraud or illegal regarding surveys and Epoll company.

Epoll surveys are not a  scam and it has been providing paid surveys to the users for almost a decade.  

What Kind of Surveys Are There?

E-Poll Surveys produces is:  

Musicians Survey  

Athletes and leagues Survey(where the user opinion on the teams and game especially how the sports  management clubs work process). 

Top advertisements  

Celebrities and superstars  

TV executives and TV presenters  

Movie studios and film studios.  

And they also provide print and video surveys. 

Pros of E-Poll Surveys

Engaging surveys: E-Poll is known for fun and easy surveys to answer. They often post Surveys related  to celebrities and pop cultures in the world.  

Donations and Charity: If the user would like to convert their points they earned into donations and  charity they can do that with E-Poll –this kind of feature will make the goodwill of the Epoll in the whole  world.  

The users of Choices for Rewards: The users can convert their points into a gift or cash them out  through their Paypal Account

Cons of E-Poll Surveys

The users Have to Convert Points to Cash or Rewards: This is the most uncommon thing with the survey  companies nowadays and especially an online surveys answering platform.

But it is the most drastic  thing for a user. The users earn points for the surveys and take the points to turn into cash through  PayPal payouts or by rewards. 

It’s not a Good Main thing: Surveys are the most unique way to make EXTRA money nowadays.

But they  aren’t so good for increasing a little of the user’s income. It works great for users if they won’t expect  anything much big amounts.  

How Does E-Poll Surveys Work?

Once the user joins E-Poll the user will provide them with the email address. Usually, the invitations to  answer a Survey are sent by mail.

Once the survey arrives in the user’s mail they can take it and answer  it Completely without Completing it they won’t earn points or rewards. 

The first survey the users get will be an activation survey. This means activating the user’s Account for  taking surveys.

This can be worth 250 points.  

To answer the Surveys they send out Surveys will depend on the user’s personal information.

The user’s  demographics like household information, ethnicity, culture geographic location, income, and age all  matter a lot to answer a Survey. Some Surveys will depend on how the user Lifestyle is.  

What Kind of Prizes Are Available on E-Poll Survey?

With answering E-Poll Surveys the user can earn a variety of prizes and that too according to the choice  of the user gifts card, vouchers to Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks, or the user can deposit to their  Paypal account  

How Do I Get Started With E-Poll Surveys?

Getting started with E-Poll Surveys the easiest process and it will be simple. Do not miss the details to  make sure through the process step-by-step. 

1. The first thing is to Register 

2. Registration on the Epoll is completely free Registration is completely free. While registering the  users need to answer 10 questions to fill out user profile name, email. The most significant thing is to  verify the email.  

3. Right now E-Polls Survey is only accepting those who belong to the US.  

e-poll surveys reviews register

The user should Complete the first survey. The first survey the user takes is awarded to the user  immediately after registration and verification of email.

The users receive 100 points for completing the  first Survey. The survey may be longer or the user answers other surveys.

It takes about 30 minutes for  these points to arrive in the user’s account. 

The users must be as honest with this first survey. E-Poll Surveys uses this kind of information and the  user’s profile details to determine which surveys to post in the future.  

The main the user should note is inconsistent answers may lead to blocking the user’s account.

It’s much  easier to answer questions consistently if the user is honesty with the Question.  

E-Poll Surveys Getting Started

The users should Wait for surveys because in Surveys patience is everything. E-Polls Surveys works by  survey invitations which are sent to users mail.  

Depending on the user demographic profile that the users filled out in their profile that the users may  receive a fair amount or sometimes a low amount of surveys also and this Common.

Sometimes the  users may receive only 1 survey a month and also while other times they may receive up to 3 for a  month.

So the receiving Surveys is unpredictable for users.  

They specifically state that the users can expect an average to receive 1 survey every 4-6 weeks in a  month. However, the users definitely will find more surveys.  

The best part is they always tell their users how many points they got before they start the survey.

The best thing for a user to do is to answer the Surveys immediately as they come.  

E-Poll Surveys Money

Once the user reaches a minimum balance of 2,750 in their account they can give $5 to charity. Wait  until they get to 3,750 points to cash out for $5 in their Paypal.

Although some users won’t like the  process of charity and donation. The users found out that saving for higher-value payouts makes their  points more worthwhile in the future to redeem them.  

 Each time the user completes a survey then the user is also automatically entered in a monthly cash  drawing to earn the big $1,000. 

E-Poll Surveys rewards

How Much Can a user Earn With E-Poll Surveys? 

To get a clear understanding of how much the user can earn with E-Poll Surveys and that will depend on  the on their point system. 

How Much Are Points Worth?

Each time the user completes a survey they are more likely to gain a certain amount of points.

Users  need a minimum of 3,750 to cash out in their PayPal account of $5.

The user can cash out for a  maximum of 18,750 points to redeemed which becomes USD 30. 

Just divide the number of points by the dollar amount then you will understand the system.  

The users can also cash out for 2,750 points if they decide to donate $5 to charity but many of them  don’t like the process of charity it’s because they have answered the questions and Surveys.

Most of the  users cash out to their PayPal account. Therefore the Epoll becomes the best platform to earn by  answering Surveys.


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