Customer Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

In this article you will find out customer satisfaction survey best practices Imagine yourself buying a new product from a brand or a company and you really liked their quality and services, so how do you feel about the whole experience? Happy and content?

That feeling is known as customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction is a measurement which decides if a customer is happy with a company’s products and services.

But how do you know if a customer is satisfied with your products??  How can you be sure if the new product you launched in the market is working?

It’s impossible to ask every customer about your products in person. That’s where customer satisfaction survey plays the role.

So let’s discuss customer satisfaction survey and the reasons why customer satisfaction survey is important.


Before knowing the customer satisfaction survey best practices we must ask ourselves what is Customer satisfaction survey.

Customer satisfaction survey is a method of gathering information from a group of people,

which is also known as sample that helps you and lets you know what the large group of population thinks.

These surveys are especially used to identify unsatisfied customers, as well as the ones who are fully satisfied with the products.

A satisfaction survey consist questionnaires which range between 5-10 questions that give an insight into the customer’s personal as well as overall experience with what you are providing them.

Now that we know what a customer satisfaction survey is, why not explore the types of customer satisfaction survey?


Customer satisfaction also known as CSAT survey asks the customers directly about level of satisfaction they achieved from your products or services.


It consists of different types of questions;

Example: “Rate your overall satisfaction with the product”?

Here the customers are given five choices to choose from

1. Highly Satisfied

2. Satisfied

3. Neutral

4. Not Satisfied

5. Disappointed

A customer is satisfied if they choose 1 or 2 option. The 3rd option informs you, polishing needs to be done, and the 4th and 5th option addresses, there’s a problem and need to be fixed immediately.

From this type of survey you can easily generate CSAT score.

Calculating the CSAT score is simple.

Divide the satisfied customers, i.e. (option 1 and 2) by total number of respondents and then multiply it by 100.


Customer Effort Score (CES) survey measures about the overall feeling of the customer’s time and effort it took to interact with you and your customer service support team.

This survey asks simple questions about the service provided to the customer

EXAMPLE: “Was it easy for you to get the help from us today”? 

Here you may provide shortlist of responses

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

Some organizations cleverly add another question such as “briefly explain why you chose that option.” 

This way customer describes briefly and the organization gets an insight about the customer’s state of mind.

2. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey is known as the most popular survey according to Harvard Business Review article in 2003 by Fred Reichheld.

The NPS measures the loyalty of a customer that they have towards your brand/ company and if they will lay out good words about that particular brand of yours to others.

This survey just asks one question

“Would you recommend our product/service to others”?

Here the customers are given numbers from 0 (not likely) to 10(most likely) to rate their option.

3. Product development survey

The Product Development survey is a unique survey that tries to understand the customers need and type of products they want in the future.

Here, you would randomly choose customer and show the sample of the product that you are advancing, either online or in person and asks questions about the product. 

In this way you come to know if the new product that they are developing is worth of marketing and will it provide the net profit from that particular product.

4. Post purchase survey

A Post Purchase Survey is a survey that is sent to the customer after a purchase of a product from your organization/brand.

It is an after service survey where your company wants to know the experience of the customer they had during the transaction.

This survey decides 3 things

  • Customer service quality
  • Product’s quality
  • Quality of checkout

Post Purchase Survey is kind of similar to CSAT survey and similar questions are asked to the customers.

5. User Experience Survey

User Experience Survey or Usability survey which is used mostly on websites and shown to the customers as a pop up while they are browsing.

It is a survey with questionnaires that aims to spot the area of improvement of a product based on customer’s opinion.

User experience survey helps your organization/brand upgrade the current product offering.


After all the discussions, one thing is clear that customers are king of the market.

And an unhappy customer will lead to decrease in the profit of the business. 

Every business’s first priority is customer satisfaction; and to know the level of satisfaction customer satisfaction survey is important.

customer satisfaction survey best practices

These are some of the customer satisfaction survey best practices


A Customer Satisfaction survey gives you an insight what the customers wants.

so that, you and your team can produce the best products to fulfill the needs of the customer which will lead to increase in demand of your products.


Numerous unsatisfied customers don’t complain about all the bothering they face during a purchase of the product until and unless they are asked.

Knowing the problem in your product or services and immediately working on them will definitely help your company boost customer’s retention.

A company or a business is nothing without customers. A customer’s satisfaction is the ultimate goal of a business.

So to meet the expectations of a customer you have to survey about their needs, which will ultimately help in increasing your profit of the company.

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