The Ultimate guide to Customer feedback

 Customer feedback , In the digital market world the customer satisfaction is an integral part to reach for e-commerce development. The relationship of customer and buyer is not healthy anymore because of the new market trends and highly expectations towards market.

Grass is always looks greener at the other side but that is always not true until you experience the same.  Customer satisfaction feedback should be in logical grounds. In this topic we will cover ultimate guidance to customer feedback.  


Customer uses the product and gives you their personal perspective to the specific brand and product. It actually means gathering or collecting feedback data of customer what really he feels after using your product and services.

The marketing agencies can receive the feedback in the form surveys, social media, phone calls, e-mail, mouth promotions, online software and many more ways to gather. The source of knowledge is quite convincing.

Apart from that marketing researchers spent a lot on accurate feedback to grow their brand with soluble customer. As a matter of fact they always used new tips and tricks with the loop of insecurity.


Feedbacks boost positive energy in business environment and help them to motivate in the field of development. They actually let you know what and how they perceive the product. It is the basic requirement of the big ventures to find out the deep loop. Without knowing it you cannot grow in an appropriate manner. It should be the markets top most priority to spent onto the feedback field

1. You can’t identify unhappy customer

How you judge your customer without any sort of relation. The customer is the real boss. With the proper and accurate feedback you can easily find out your unhappy customer and can reach to them.  We cannot sleep off if our customer is not satisfied with our services. They can glitch you with no moment. To find out the reason behind their miserable condition feedback is important.

2. To feel your customer is involved

With the frequent practise of feedback will possibly give the result of your true intention will convey to your customer. Make your customer to your companion so that they know better you rather than anyone.  He actually feels engaged and involved to shape up the branding.

They will really feel the care and attention. Listen their needs attentively and act upon correspondingly. Fix their problems sensibly. Let them know you valued their suggestions. Despite that your brand will grow.

3. Improves brand value

Improve day by day and time to time is really important. After all every marketing agencies needs ballooning and with reference and feedback they can meet with their demand.

Since there is immense wave of new brands it affects the complication to grow. But in addition of valuable opinion still there is a chance to improve the brand value. For this reason feedback are essential.

4. Convince easily to new customer

Making new customer will driving you nuts. But with valuing their opinion build a favourable condition for new customer. Polish your potential to construct the new customer. Feedback actually does the same thing for you. They help you to make new customer easily and possibly. Reading good and positive reviews will turn buyer’s perspective. A customer’s nature is to always try new product.

 Well customer feedbacks and opinions works like magic when you know the right way


Previously we discussed the essential of customer feedback, now again start with the related terms which is advantages of customer feedback. To build a progressive business without customer’s opinion is impossible. It takes your devoted efforts and zest. In the mean while there are enormous benefits of taking opinion of your buyers

Let’s talk over some of them

  1. Upgrade customer gratification

When your customer feels your gratitude towards them then it will run your business successfully. Your customer satisfaction will build you or break you. Use social media as a tool to upgrade your brand with customer gratification

  1. Social platform

Social media is a voice of million peoples. To know about any brand you can determine with social influencer. Brand value increases or brand value decreases with reviews. If any customer is satisfied with any product he wants that everyone should know about that product. One small brand owner can become entrepreneur with trending in social platform.

  1. Less risk factor of competitor

Feedback can indicate you your competitor so the risk factor can decreases in somehow. With the emergence of digitalisation the transparency in brands has increased. Now everyone is well understood the fact of tough competition with the emergence of centralisation.

  1. Upgrade your online store

It will help brand to customise their online presence. To promote business, customer satisfaction feedback is doing great job in the field of improvement. It is the first little step towards growth. Business always need attention and investment time to time but with the demand of buyer must be consider and if you totally upgrade but will not give you proper satisfaction.

  1. Generate new ideas

The top most benefit of customer feedback is to explore new ideas without any hesitation because now the data is presence. It will also become the part of attraction for new clients. Everyone loves to try and follow new trend. There is no need to start in broad way. It’s not about quantity it’s about quality. It should be well in your client parameter. This will increase the huge traffic possibility.


As a matter of fact the collecting or gathering data in the form of feedback is some fact full questions regarding particular brand or product. It is the protocol which almost each marketing industry is followed by the same.

Here are we investigate some of them

  1. How was the product
  2. What is your experience about the product
  3. How you get to know about the brand
  4. Share your experience with your social buzz
  5. Rate our services with parameter scale
  6. How much you satisfied with our product
  7. What you like the most in our product
  8. Would you like to rate us with five star
  9. What you want to change in us, describe it briefly
  10. Did you like our staff behaviour and services

With these questions you will soon be able to overview to analyse your customer attraction towards your store. It will also helpful to shape up your brand.

Mistakes to be Avoided in Customer Feedback Surveys

There are loop holes during feedback you can avoid it by adapting following some strategies. It is also the initial steps to start.

  1. Survey questions should be in description form

Always try to prepare your survey in subjective form so that your client might give you enough information. It will be more convenience for you as well as your client. But that does not mean your questionnaire be like broad. 

  1. Always review your survey first

If you want it to be perfect feedback always try to review first to avoid unfavourable moments. It will definitely guard you from embarrassment. Try to revise with new edition for the sake of betterment.

  1. Don’t make it too long

This will definitely don’t looks great because everyone is struggling with time management. If your questionnaire format is too long the client might feel frustrated and left it in the middle.

In that case you will receive only half response which will not going to be work. So to avoid the situation always try to prepare survey in that manner that it should be small yet informative.

These are the types of customer feedback you specifically ask for:

 There are many different categories of customer feedback but mainly separate it with two

  1. With face to face interaction
  2. Without reaching it to you
  3. With face to face interaction

This type of category influenced to small business owners. They use to conduct feedback in small and cheap methods. Basically they make phone calls and resolve the queries regarding product and services. Although it is a less effort job but yet might be progressive for small scale business.

  1. Without reaching out to you

 This is top most rated and used category. Even you can in touch with those who you don’t know. People can use your product and doing surveys for you from across the world. 

  1. Customer rating score

You can acknowledge with the help of rating score that how much peoples like your product on rating scale. It will exactly tell you how much improvement is needed and how much you achieved.

  1. Surveys

It is a new trend to gather feedback through surveys. Survey is a highly used tool to collect information, review and satisfaction to the consumer.

There are enormous tools and template which you can join for free. They are generally conducted through mail and apps. Survey provide you accurate feedback of customer satisfaction. 

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