How to Create Free Online Surveys

Here is a complete guide on to how Create Free Online Surveys

Creating survey is a kind of help you to collect information in a specific data. It is used to help others for making decision by result and feedback.

HOW TO Create Free Online Surveys

The intention for doing surveys is to assume what majority demands for. It is used in collecting hard data for multipurpose use. You can easily module and create an online survey by selecting wide range from surveys tool.

Surveys is an easy way to convenience others for particular review. Surveys are preferably genuine and most reliable authentic to make decision.

You can share the surveys by email link, showing by embed website, social media platform link Facebook, Twitter, You tube, linked in, Instagram and many more.  

Surveys are of many types. It depend what are the requirement of the website. Basically providing surveys is to check market research requirement. 

Types Of surveys

  1. Instruction based surveys
  2. Learning ( educational institute) based surveys
  3. Query based surveys
  4. Brand (Market research) based surveys
  5. Location based surveys
  6. Events based surveys
  7. Personality based surveys
  8. Money making surveys
  9. Personal data survey
  10. Review based surveys

There are many tools for making Surveys which make quick, easy, desirable, colourful theme, accessible and simple to use. Here are exciting range of which ready to use

Survey tools

  • COGNITO FORMS:- It is an online tool which help the users to make online registration forms. It allow  wide range of making registration forms and business forms
  • POWR:- It is an exclusive tool to make survey for social users. It is to create social streaming to get more publicity or view.  It used in the convention of photos and videos. You can easily collect data of the viewer by making manifold surveys.
  • PRO PROF SURVEY:- It is also a free version of making surveys. You can make many types of surveys and get many more kind of responses. It is used by professionals with free trail and subscription policy.
  • Google form:- It Is an another feature by Google. It is very easy to access and customise. It can easily uses by anyone. You can make many surveys and responses for free in spread sheet. It’s automatically saved in Google drive. It allows you to create many types of surveys within one form.
  • Survey monkey:-  This is another tool for making free surveys unless you make 100 surveys. It has paid version also which cost 26$ per month. But this tool has numerous of exciting features which satisfy the user
  • Sogo survey:- it is a free tool which gives you exciting features. In this tool there are countless surveys with hundreds of questions with approx. 200 responses in a year. This tool is best for freebies
  • TYPE FORM SURVEY:- It is a relevant match for good and best survey tool which allow to create hundreds of survey with many extra and advance questions. With customise theme and templates. In type form survey data is used to export
  • CLIENT HEART BEAT :- This is a paid tool which starting from 25$ a month. This survey tool is quiet expensive, however it is in demand although it is in high price
  • ZOHO SURVEY:- This tool is free as well as paid option. Well there are exciting themes and options in freebies also but paid version is much better. One can create hundreds of question with many options


Creating surveys was never so easy in past years. But now since in the digital era people use to make surveys for variety of purpose that we discussed earlier.

Surveys are much popular now days. Even whenever market needs people perspective they introduce a new survey.

It is an easy way to gather data by asking manifold question which user feels excitement to complete. In surveys they frequently asked questions like

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Phone number
  6. Social media attraction
  7. Location
  8. Marital status
  9. Ethnicity

Now some demographic questions which use to ask by the surveys creator for professional details like

  1. Religion
  2. Voting status
  3. Language
  4. House expenses
  5. Employment
  6. Place of birth
  7. Zip code


There are multiple settings in the surveys which you can change according to your interest. We can manage customise setting according the need of the surveys.

You can easily change the position of question by simply dragging it. Basic customise setting of the surveys are 

  1. Public responses
  2. Customise completing page
  3. Can share the link on social media like Facebook, Twitter, You tube, Linked in, WhatsApp group etc.
  4. Show custom message
  5. Show score
  6. Security setting
  7. Survey availability
  8. Notification
  9. Set score


Once you completing the surveys you can notified by the email, in that they recognising your presence and interest then greet thank you for taking part in the survey and allow you to check your score and result as per the setting of the survey.

At the last you got the chart in which you can module kind of bar graph to find accurate result of the survey.

download the report in spread sheet which easily are able to access all the review.

view survey result by individually or spread sheet.

You can also share your survey score on any social media platform. also set score in survey by creating points.

Choose points according the weightage of specific questions.

You share the survey by email link, showing by embed and are able to access all the review . Yes these are the final points on Create Free Online Surveys

If you are looking for an easy and simple survey then this tool is made for you with limitless surveys, with limitless questions and limitless responses. There is paid version also which have unique feature but without pro tool it is pretty good and disposable

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