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chat surveys ,In terms of customer experience, most businesses try to differentiate. And they don’t know exactly  where to start and how. Mostly 77% of customers could recommend a brand to their friend after having  a single positive experience on it.

The first impression is the best and businesses need to achieve the  identified goal. So the best way to understand consumer behavior is through chat Surveys.

Post chat  surveys will be a great tool to collect data, analyze it and measure customer feedback. To boost  customer satisfaction. By using live chat surveys.

That allows you to demonstrate why you value your  customer’s opinions. And also gaining important information about the different kinds of products and  services.  

What is a chat survey?

The chat survey refers to some ways of collecting customer feedback. With that, it accesses their overall  experience from the channels like websites, mobile applications

. Or maybe from in-app by rating the  agent’s performance and also the number of products or services served.

It is a Significant feature of live  chat Survey software that can be customized with the greeting messages and feedback option that  matches a customer or a user’s business requirements. 

Chat surveys are simple but it is the most effective way to learn customer perception. And particularly  about your business. It is one of the magnificent ways to understand the gaps in your client support  system and it will enhance the customer retention strategies.  

The survey questions or questionnaire needs to be prepared based on what the business needs to  create fruitful outcomes. 

Types of chat surveys questionnaire

While conducting live chat surveys. The asking of the right questions that is imperative for making the  chat survey so efficient. The survey questionnaire is classified into two main categories. They are:  

Example of open-ended and closed-ended chat survey questions. 

Open-ended questions

These types of questions require more than a one-word answer. The answers  would come in the form of a list, a few sentences, or such as a speech, paragraph, or essay. These types  of questions require an answer with more depth in the aspect and a lengthier response.  

Closed-ended questions

These types of questions are the ones that can be answered in only one  word. And also with a short, specific piece of information. These are Closed-ended questions that can  also be answered with Yes or No. They just have a limited set of possible answers. Such as A, B, C, or All  of the Above.  

The Pro tip: Closed-ended types of questions are recommended for surveys only. Because the response  rate is so higher. However, identifying the scenarios beforehand and then using the open and closed ended questions is the curial key to better outcomes.  

How to create chat surveys

The Best practices and Examples.  

Undoubtedly the chat surveys are a helpful tool to obtain good customer feedback. Which is Significant  for every business company. Satisfied customers typically turn into loyal customers. And then they come  back for further repeat purchases.

By finding out what it is that satisfies your customers will help your  business succeed in the saturated market. You have to find what makes the customers happy.

And you  must also have to create a meaningful chat survey by following the right steps given.  

Let us discuss the various steps and best practices for an effective and efficient post-chat survey.

1. Identify the objective of the chat survey.

By establishing a clear survey goal and objectives is an essential first step in the survey process. As it is  what determines the purpose of a survey.

The goals will help you administer the suitable questions to  the right target groups. This is where if you want to engage your customers and get them valid feedback. 

This will help you make the right decisions at the right time in Business.  


The major and also common objectives of a survey can be as follows.

To Understand agent performance – It helps to understand that the customers can get answers or  solutions to the queries reported by them.  

To Monitoring customer satisfaction – You can check how far your customers are satisfied. With what  kind of quality products and services you are offering. 

Measuring overall experience – You must gain insights into the overall chat Survey experience. Only  through the website, mobile applications, and in-app. 

By Identifying the areas to improve the products – Learning the loopholes in the product. And then  enhance or repair the quality to align with what customer needs. 

Understand customer behavior – The most significant thing in every business model. Is to Know about  the continuously changing behavior of your customers. For building a strong product and then to  provide best quality services. 

But the most significant aspect is that. Once the goals are defined. Then you need to segment your  target audiences. To stream your survey questions to get the best-expected output. 

2. Ask for the chat survey at the right time

The right timing is extremely critical to get the most out of chat surveys. Here the time refers to the  phase in the customer journey where you can start the chat survey.

When there is a right time for you to  get the most significant data? And it depends on how you ask your questions. 

You must absolutely able to time your survey. Across the right channels, so that you can get completely  accurate and real data. The channels could be the website or mobile applications.

If you post the chat  survey at a time when the respondents don’t want to see it, then they will most likely react negatively. 

They would probably just through and refuse to answer it. In either situation, you get wrong data about  the target market that you want to gather information from. 

Best practices. 

If you have a chat survey on the website. Then you can ask after every conversation to understand how  satisfied customers were interacting with the live support agent. 

But in case you have an eCommerce business or Business site. You can also ask for customer feedback.  That is also after every successful conversion. Especially to know how smooth their buying experience  was with the business.  

3. Keep chat surveys brief

Time will be a great factor for customers. They don’t prefer investing too much time in responding to a  lengthy chat survey. But Hence, it is always recommended to make your survey questionnaire short and  up to the point.

By doing so it will help you to get a genuine response from the customers. Which is an  ultimate victory.  

Short Surveys are always Effective. The short chat surveys help with both the quality and quantity of  response.

The focused surveys normally have higher response rates and also lower cart abandonment  among the survey respondents.  

Chat survey best practices  

You must mind the length of the chat survey questionnaire – A Business should always give value to its  customers.

You must value your customer’s time. Also limit and length of the post-chat survey from 2 to  5 questions are best.  

Keep it simple – You must Ensure that the survey questions should be so simple.

But also  straightforward so that the customers can report their positive or negative experiences with chat  agents. Or if they confirm that their expectations were fully met or not with the services you provided.  

Combine your survey with open and close-ended questions – To identify the places where to use the  open or closed-ended survey questions.

The Close-ended queries give respondents a particular choice of  yes/no. With that, it makes it easier to analyze the results. With the Open-ended survey questions, you  should provide qualitative information and insights.  

4. Prepare an advanced chat survey questionnaire.

All the chat surveys are not simple. In some cases, all you need do is to gain more understanding of the  customers. And the market. For that, you must identify the scenarios and prepare the most updated  chat survey questionnaire.  

With that, you should also make the right use of open-ended and closed-ended questionnaires  accordingly. Closed-ended questions are those which can also be answered by a simple answer like yes  or no. Also with multiple-choice.

Then rating scale while open-ended questions are those which must  require to be expressed in only a sentence. Those are more valuable than a simple one-word answer.  

Close-ended survey questions

In Scenario A – If you would like to measure your agent’s performance. Then you need to use closed ended questions in your survey questionnaire.  

Open-ended chat survey questions

In Scenario B – If the main purpose of your chat survey is for knowing and evaluating your product  quality or customer behavior. Then a closed-ended questionnaire is recommended for the best output. 

And it also allows customers to express their experience in their own words that is what an amazing  thing.  

By identifying the scenarios to prepare an advanced or an updated survey questionnaire. That helps  businesses to measure the ultimate goal of the survey effectively. 

The Businesses will get relevant responses faster only if the questions are prepared based on the  scenarios. 

5. Measure your post-chat survey results

The Businesses that always focus on conducting chat surveys. But they miss out on measuring the survey  results. That ends up with siloed results. 

Hence the good evaluation of data cannot be ignored. And it is the final and the most significant step.  Where the survey results are consolidated and analyzed perfectly.  

The post-chat survey results help a business brand understand majorly the customer’s perspective. And  then improve the customer journey. The key metrics is that to help and measure the survey data are as  follows: 

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The customer experience (CX) metric that survey customers based on one questions are:  

On a scale of 0 to 10. And how likely are you to recommend it to a friend or colleague? That is the main  thing here. By using NPS surveys.

That helps you to identify your promoters, passives, detractors. That is  also after the categorizing of the groups. Then you need to plan a better strategy to convert the  detractors to the promoters. 

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The CSAT is a customer loyalty metric. It is especially used by companies to evaluate how satisfied is the  customer with a particular interaction. And with the overall experience on a rating scale.  

The CSAT survey helps to know that if the customer is satisfied by interacting with your business. It is  mostly assessed by asking customers to rate on the five-point scale.  

1 being extremely unsatisfied and 5 being extremely satisfied—and what their overall satisfaction was  with a product, service, or a specific interaction with Business.  

Pre-chat survey

The pre-chat survey provides the agents with information about the visitor. And also before the onset of  the chat. The details are only displayed to the Agent Workspace allowing them to better understanding  the needs of the visitor. 

Post-chat survey

The Post-chat surveys will boost consumer satisfaction. By helping you to improve your business day by  day. In this kind of survey, your visitors are asked to rate. About the service provided in the chat. With  that, You can subsequently use this info to evaluate the performance of the agents.  

Offline surveys

The offline surveys are only presented to visitors. While no agents are available to chat.

By that, they  can rest assured. And also that will help you to follow up with them during regular business days.  Therefore this ensures a significant experience for your visitors. Then the offer is the opportunity to  engage with them.

Final thoughts

The Chat surveys are extremely Significant to measure real feedback. And also especially on the website  to get insights on customer satisfaction. With the improvement areas.

A post-chat survey that provides a  personal touch that shows the customer. That you care about the service and experience provided to  them.

Therefore the post-chat surveys will be a great tool to gain customer insights. Then understand their  behavior to improve their support and at the same time to improve the overall website experience.  


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