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BZZ agent is an international networking site of consumer in which you need to promote the product which you used. BZZ agent is for free stuff. It is a Boston based business marketing venture founded first in 2001 by Dunnhumby.

  It’s a membership programme which is free to join.

This website has a promoting concept in which one should test their leading product and then tell people about the product by face to face or mouth promotion or by all social media platform that in used in the form of pictures, collage, making videos on you tube etc.

It totally up to you how you want to promote their product. They give you free exciting campaigns to review.

This free networking of campaign business runs in only US, Canada, United Kingdom. So only limited people can join.

BZZ agent never asked to get any kind money for their product. This is the unique feature of their marketing business strategy.

It allows you to use leading brands for free. you need to share their own experience and honest review to their all social media programme.

BZZ agent is completely free

There is no membership money. You do not have to send the product back and you will not be financially compensated for completing your campaigns.

When you receive an items you tag BUZZ agent state that items are free as well as tagging the company whose product you received to increase your chances of receiving more campaigns

How do you become a BzzAgent?

It is pretty easy to sign up on BZZ agent. You just need to follow these steps.

  1. Sign up with your email id.
  2. Register yourself on BZZ agent.
  3. Verify your email address.
  4. Confirmation will send you on email address.
  5. Complete your account detail.
  6. Complete your profile.
  7. Tell your interest about specific product
  8. Attach your social media accounts with BZZ agent like Facebook, Instagram, linked in, twitter, you tube, Pinterest, and all in which you are in active. If you are a blogger then you can create a blog of that specific product to review


After Sign up there is a quick question which hit every member in mind that how long does it take before start receiving product or item to be review. Well it might take some time around 5 to 6 months to receive your first campaign.

regularly watch your email for invitations. BZZ agent will first monitor your social media network and your presence that are you eligible to review the campaign or not. If they got to know you are fit for doing campaigns then they will send you the invitation email and link to campaign application.

In the application they will ask you very simple question it’s a kind of survey basically they need to know your interest so they know you better before giving you any specific campaigns. 

After submitting the application you will receive a confirmation email that you are truly fit for the campaign.

Once they match you for best product they will give you the confirmation email for selecting a campaign without any delay. After selecting for campaigns website will ship your product within 3 to 4 weeks and along with that you will receive an email that your product has been shipped.

You just need to check your emails regularly. They give you each and every information via email.


Once you received the product, you should use and promote it well whether doing mouth to mouth promotion or digitally it’s totally your choice.

Make a strong opinion to the product and do an honest review of that product.

Share your opinion about the sample in all social networking sites in which you are active like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, linked in, You tube and many more which you use to influence your viewers and friends about that specific product. 

The better thing is you can make a video of using that sample product and then post it on social media. It will increase your popularity as well as It will increase your chances to receive more campaigns.

The time period to review the product is 6 to 8 weeks, it means it allow its member many more days to use it, experience it and give honest and authentic review of that particular item.



  1. Products are free to use
  2. Participation is totally free in the website
  3. They will never compensate their sample
  4. Promote their product on your social media
  5. Easy publicity of product as well as user
  6. Provide a lot of  time to use and make the review
  7. It gives leading brand across the world to use
  8. It increase the level in social media due to the member of this website


  1. Only three countries ( U.S, U.K AND Canada) are eligible for membership
  2. Not everyone is qualified for campaign
  3. Unidentified products are delivered
  4. It took 5 to 6 months to qualify for campaign
  5. It’s quite hard to live up to their expectation
  6. Sometimes it takes very long  period of time after received first campaign
  7. Reviews are not paid

Verdict on BZZ agent

BZZ agent is a very popular website which allows its user to use free samples, explore their very own opinion and review the product however it is a kind of genuine website because it gives free products to use and never ask money to the product.

It works to branding the product globally which help people to buy the genuine product.

well to purchase the better product with more often honest review.

advertise to the  specific product by using review and experience.

Well, it is only the consumer decision which products he like the most but creating BZZ in the social networking sites is quite an easy to choose the frequently use product.

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