Branded Surveys review 2021

Branded Surveys review Based on our Branded Surveys is an online survey website that offers people the opportunity to answer online surveys  Questions in exchange for rewards which includes cash and gift cards. Membership is available to those  who are living in the USA, Canada, and the UK only.  

What Are branded surveys?

Branded Surveys is one of the world’s most leading market research communities and the most popular  Survey Websites that rewarding user’s in their opinion. User’s Redeem points in the form of gift cards or  through cash via PayPal or Branded Pay a payment gateway.  

How does branded surveys work

Branded surveys website gives Surveys for users to Earn Rewards.  

Branded Surveys provides its user’s the opportunity to participate in online surveys and answer the  questions on its Go Branded site and in a wide variety of different kinds of topics in exchange for  rewards for users. It is Formerly known as Mint Vine, in the year 2017, the panel completely redesigned  its site and took the new name, called ‘Branded Surveys’. Branded Surveys offers its users tons of  different reward options and issues gift cards within the 48 hours of transactions being processed. 

New user’s Bonus

The New users of Branded Surveys can get a minimum amount of $1.00 (100 points) as a joining bonus  and by simply creating an account and taking the profile survey or the first Survey. After completing the  survey a minimum of 100 points will be instantly credited to the user’s account. That is 10% of the  points required for the user’s first cash out or payout.  

Registration is done extremely fast and quick – the users can use their social account or email to sign up.  And the email should be valid. There is no promo code is required to take merit of the bonus on Survey  Websites. 

Payments and Rewards.  

Based on our Branded Surveys review Branded Surveys payment options will make users earn a Payout in as Little as One Week.

Which is quite  amazing for just answering some general questions. Payouts on Branded Surveys Website range in the  value for surveys and can also be as high as 300 points if possible.

If the users are not the best fit for a  particular survey, then they will still be rewarded with points for answering even a couple of questions  with honesty.

Compensating the user or their time and inching user’s forward to their first payout it  maybe anything be it a cash payment, gift card or other reward or offers.  

how to redeem points on branded surveys

When the user completes a survey they will be rewarded with points and their survey answers will be  sent directly to the Branded Survey’s market research clients.

Once the user has earned a minimum of  1000 approved points in their Account and a redemption button will become active in the “My Points”  section of the user’s account allowing them to cash out their earnings and redeem their points. 

Rewards on BrandedSurveys

When users are ready to request a cash out from their Branded Surveys account and click the  redemption button and choose from a wide range of variety of rewards and they are:  

PayPal cash payout.  

Branded Pay (bank transfer – to only USA residents) 

Amazon gift cards and other vouchers.  

Virtual credit cards 

Other gift cards include eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and more. Branded Pay connects directly  to the user’s bank account, allowing the user to get their hard-earned cash even faster!  

The approval of the user’s withdrawal (1-2 business days), a payout will post to their bank account  within 24-48 hours (USA residents only).  

Redemptions may take approximately 1-2 business days to process the transaction Completely and all  rewards are in digital form. Gift cards will be issued as online e-gift cards, and cash payments will be  electronic. A valid phone number may be required to verify the user’s identity to cash out their rewards. 

Promo Codes

Promo codes on Branded Survey Websites are available for users to input into their user’s accounts and  will credit accounts with, especially free points. accordingly These promo codes are available via special contests and  promotions, though they aren’t available often on the Website.  

Survey-taking experience

The average survey on the website takes 11 minutes to complete but the total estimated completion  time will always be listed on survey invitations and that is e-mailed to the users or can also be found  listed in their account. additionally Not only can user’s take interesting surveys but daily poll opportunities are also  offered on the Website. 

additionally Many surveys, and also the platform itself, are posted on the branded domain name. Go Branded is the  same as the Branded Surveys it’s simply what the panel uses in their URL. 

The Daily Polls 

Based on our Branded Surveys review ,It is must for every User should log into their accounts daily to receive 5 points for taking the fast and  quick poll available on their Branded Surveys Dashboard. Users may complete one poll every 24 hours. 

Earn Extra Points 

The Local Deals are provided by businesses and offer additional opportunities to the users to earn points  with Branded Surveys. These opportunities are also listed in the user’s Branded Surveys dashboard. accordingly The  more points they earn, the more qualified they will be for additional opportunities awaiting them. 

how much is 1000 points on branded surveys

Branded Surveys uses an extremely simple points conversion system. 1000 points equal to $10 and 100  points equals $1. Therefore each individual or the user’s point is worth 1 cent, or $0.01. User’s Tip!

The  person who answers the Survey should Answer the questions as honestly as possible so the data  collected should be accurate and the surveys the user qualify for the relevant to the user.

This makes  users much easier and to answer enjoyable to complete the surveys quickly.  

Branded Elite program

Based on our Branded Surveys review, Branded Elite recognizes and awards user’s for their consistent participation in  the Surveys. There are three status levels: they are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These tiers allow the user’s  to earning points and offering referrals to their friends who earn the points when they join. Branded  Surveys also awards the top 100 active Branded Surveys users of its Website with an additional 100- point incentive at the end of the week or month.  

Bonus Points for Consecutive Survey Completions will user’s Earn additional points for completing  surveys consecutively on time.

additionally User’s can Complete 12 surveys in 7 days and earn an additional Reward of 5% of the total number of  approved points in their account as a Bronze badge holder, and 10% as a Silver, and 15% as a Gold badge  holder. 

Users can Complete 20 surveys in 7 days and earn an additional 7% of the total number of approved  points in their account as a Bronze badge holder, and also 12% as a Silver, and 17% as a Gold badge  holder. 

Users can Complete 30 surveys in 7 days and earn an additional amazing 9% of the total number of  approved points in their account as a Bronze badge holder, 14% as a Silver, and 19% as a Gold badge  holder. 

To Re-qualify users should Keep their Badge Status And maintain their badge color, users are  encouraged to keep participating. The main thing for users is that badges are subject to change on the  first of each month if there was minimal participation from the users for the duration of the month.  

The Community features

The Branded Leaderboard Increase user’s daily payout by getting on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard  tracks the Daily Top 50 users and also the Weekly Top 50 and Monthly Top 20 best performers and  rewards its user’s for their survey completions. The Daily Top 50 leaders will get the reward of 50 points 

The Weekly Top 50 leaders will get the Reward of 200 points 

The Monthly Top 20 leaders will get the reward of 300 points 

Users must Remain Active to Win Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prizes to earn more Rewards.  

The main thing user’s should Remember that for every survey they complete, they will get submitted  into a daily, weekly, and monthly random prize drawing. Based on our Branded Surveys review ,And they can win up to 50 extra points in a  daily drawing and also 500 points in the weekly drawing and 1000 points for the monthly drawing. The  more user participates the greater number of entries they will receive for the drawings and the  Rewards.  

BrandedSurveys Referral Program

Users should Log in to their account to copy their unique referral link which they can then share with  their friends and families and also to extended family members to increase their account balance. For 

that, they receive 50 points as a gold or silver badge holder whenever their friends and family reach the  silver badge status. 

Are Branded Surveys Legit?

Everything is online nowadays. Branded Surveys is a completely legit and legal paid survey website and  this website is not a scam.

Although users of this website may have different experiences with it, the  company which operates is a credible market research firm and also ensuring that Branded Surveys is  legit.  

Are branded surveys safe?

Ultimately, the Branded Surveys is a legit and legal site where the users can make money online. It’s not  going to replace a user’s full-time job by any means but it can be a solid way to earn a little extra cash  without leaving home that too with belief in the Website. And Survey sites.  

How much do branded surveys pay?

It will pay once users reach $10 about £7.50. It runs a daily poll and ‘Quick Survey’ to help its users grab  points, with extra bonuses available for completing these on consecutive days on their website.  

How do I cash out a branded survey?

The users can redeem their Points for cash via PayPal. And other offers like Branded Pay or request an  electronic gift card from Tango and their participating retailers. Once a user has 1000 points they are  ready to redeem. The “Redeem Points” button will be active under a user’s point total in the “My  Points” section and as well as at their Dashboard.  

How to believe Surveys sites.

Right now we all are in a Digital Age. Where there will be a dominance of gadgets on humans. additionally Especially  Websites and search engines. Nowadays Survey taking jobs are the most significant and Popular remote  works.

There are some millions of people who are working for Survey sites. To believe in a particular  Survey Website. Users should do a small and a little research of which is the popular Website that they  can be comfortable to work on and which is the legal and legit Website to work on.

Of course, Survey  Websites pay much less. But it can be a great experience to work online and earn some income of your  own. The ultimate goal of humans to become financially independent so be in that race.

additionally Based on our Branded Surveys review ,Because  everything in life is complex so fund the excitement in small jobs. Especially the remote and Freelance  works give you great pleasure. 

How much are branded survey points worth?

Every 1,000 points can be exchanged for a 10 dollar gift card of a user’s choice. 


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