Best WordPress Survey Plugins 2021

Best WordPress Survey Plugins for your survey your blog or website. An online survey helps in increasing blog management and helps you learn more about your audience.

It will help you target the right participants and convey their thoughts or opinions for your events’ growth or the survey on the chosen topic.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

There is a lot of ways to collect user feedback on your blog post or your website. One can, create polls, ask users to leave comments, and many more.

This may not be more involving than having a survey on the same. To make it user-friendly and engaging you need to make it easy, funny attractive, and simple to understand the motive behind the survey.

A good WordPress survey plugin makes your blog look for productive and attractive to catch the eye of many.

If you’re looking for a WordPress survey plugin to run a survey on your blog then you arrived at the right place to look at some of the best WordPress survey plugins in the market which will help you.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins

1. WPForms

   WPForms is a contact form plugin that is widely used in the market. It helps to create highly involving and engaging survey forms.

It allows a poll add-on for the easy survey. These can be added with other WPForms features like email, multi-page forms, and many more.

    It helps in adding text fields, ratings, and many more. WPForms can create or make reports with graphs and charts to make the survey more eye-catching and attractive.

The graph gives approximate information about the survey.

The results can be published directly redirecting the users or using shortcode. WPForms launched its interactive mode called conversational form to make the participants or the targeted audience more human.

2. Everest forms

easy to use the contact form.

dragged and drop interface. It is one of the professional WordPress plugins.

create unlimited WordPress forms and in multiple layouts like radio buttons, dropdowns, dates, and more.

consists of two fields. One is general and another one is an advanced one that can easily use the drag and drop interface.

This is free of cost and quick in use.

3. Contact form 7

This is the best option to make an attractive form. This plugin is of great use for beginners.

It is easy to use and has good and useful features. This helps in creating unlimited forms involving various other fields. It supports Captcha, Quizzes, and other required fields.

It is an eco-friendly and user-friendly interface.

4. Formidable forms

It has a sleek user interface for those enjoying minimal designs.

Through this, the WordPress surveys can be done without writing any code and it also gives the scope for quote forms and payment acceptance.

It comes with features to include everything from polls to surveys and even quizzes too.

Other options contain standard forms and widget questionnaires.

Its main aim is to access all types of forms.

Along with a survey creator, it gives solutions for building or constructing any type of interactive form such as a module as one can imagine. It also assists with customer support feedback and reporting. 

The user gets good results or responses as the form works well with most WordPress themes.

5. YOP Poll

The YOP Poll plugin is the right way to start for those who don’t want to go for premium or paid plugins through surveys. YOP Poll interface is not as good as other plugins.

It is easy to acknowledge or understands and comes with basic templates.

No involvement with any code to handle the survey. It comes with both single and multiple answers as per the user’s need to reply to the survey questions.

Multiple surveys can also run at the same time without hindering the other. 

We can set options like the total number of votes allowed and one can also mention the end date for that survey.  The results are published in the dashboard.

6. Crowdsignal

It is simple and fast to access the survey or poll tools. All the surveys look similar when analyzed in Google Sheets or Excel. It is used to use as surveys can be sent via email.

The user, customer, or participants can view the form in their respective email and need not go in search of other websites to fill out the survey form. They can even submit the answers keeping the survey in the inbox.

The survey formed in this plugin is eye-catching and gets responses from all the devices. Without learning, code one can choose the brand color and themes or templates to be used.

7. Gravity forms

It is a premium form without any limitation or restriction. One of the advantages of Gravity Forms is the unmatched drag-and-drop builder.

It is easy for the beginner to use and understand it with 30 form fields.

To get access to the survey, one needs to use Survey Addon, which includes survey results, user interaction, and market research tools. 

8. Quize and Survey Master

It is primarily good for making surveys and using them for WordPress pages and posts. It consists of minimal designing patterns or elements along with a visual bloc builder.

These plugins focus more on making surveys rather than opposing them with survey addon. It can be customized in terms of text, messages, and many more that prop up after participants submit the form.

It is flexible and adds quizzes to the surveys.

9. GetSite Control

one of the good WordPress survey plugins. to get the survey set up as quickly as possible including other display options to build form.

uses an email marketing strategy to send the survey to the user or participants.

widget format to make the survey successful.


WP-Poll helps to create polls on WordPress. simple to use without having a form builder. cannot use the customized option as form builder is absent in it.

consists of pre-built templates that need to focus on that to make the survey plugin.

One needs to create their custom CSS code. It has a simple voting polls pattern and with limited features it makes the job done without making it hectic. It has one of the features of reporting.

  From this plugin, you can get responses through checkboxes or radio buttons.

11. Modal Survey

It is very versatile. It can extend its capability beyond the requirement.

You can create quizzes, polls, multiple-choice tests, questionnaires and can also review with star ratings. It has live Preview features to make your layout of your choice.

12. Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage faces a lot of competition as a way to generate opinion polls and surveys from scratch or by utilizing a library of templates.

less as a WordPress Plugins. It still has thousands of positive reviews and hundreds of feedback.

has social sharing buttons with each poll and survey.

helps to mesh with the new WordPress editor if you are not aware of the custom coding.

13. Watu quize

Some of the features that Watu Quize WordPress Plugin contains are surveys, exams, and quizzes for placement on WordPress sites.

This plugin utilizes shortcodes to get it to use anywhere online or from your site too. It uses both single-answer questions and multiple-choice options. One can place them either in posts or pages depending on the user’s need.

One needs to choose between free and pro versions. In general, we prefer you to use a free or core plugin.

It is simple to use and remove obstacles from the competitor.

One needs not to change or adjust the settings at the time of survey and quizzes result. It helps in calculating the grades once you set the grading scale and send it to the user to get the results of their survey.

14. Eform

The WordPress survey plugin is a premium solution. It is popular because of the features it carries payment elements and like others it also includes quizzes.

It is combined with CodeCanyon to make it more popular and user-friendly.

The Stripe or Pay Pal Button can be added to the survey or quiz and get united with several other tools through Zapier. One can also directly integrate through Mailchimp.

15. Total Poll Pro

It is also a premium WordPress plugin.

fulfills the user’s expectations and standards to give them a better experience.

customizing options and it consists of mind-blowing features to attract the users or participants.

Some of these plugin features haves been preview preset, shortcode support, private results, anti-cheating layers, logs widgets, and many more. It is SEO optimized.

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