Best Survey Tools

best survey tools ,Are you running a business? Creating a college project? Need to survey people online? This blog won’t end unless you get all your answers. 

An online survey is something relatively easy to take yet very informative.

Whether you run a million-dollar company, you always need a team to take surveys; this will help you provide better services and the only effective way to contact the uses.

Best Survey Tools

Here the are best Survey Tools With an online survey, you can reach as many people as you want, get their priceless feedback, or teach. 

1. SurveyMonkey – Best Survey Tools

If you ask someone knowing this stuff for the best survey tool, he/she will take the name SurveyMonkey for sure!

SurveyMonkey is a well-known tool and easy to use.

A beginner too can use this tool and create some surveys. They are available in both paid and free versions.

Of course, the free version will have some restrictions.

The free version won’t allow you to ask questions more than 10, with 15 question types, etc.; the paid version starts from $28n goes up to $780.

2. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker is an online survey Protocol yet has some fantastic features.

The tool has options In between survey types, kinds of quizzes, forms, pools, in-app surveys, and many more.

The tool covers every need of the user; being an online tool, you can use it from any computer possible.

The reason behind this tool being 2nd is its services.

The free version of ProProfs survey maker grants you access to unlimited surveys, responses, scorecard, templates, and many more. This free version lasts for 15 days;

then, for continuing, you at least need to pay $7 per month.

3. SoGoSurvey

This tool believes in providing value to its users. Being a free tool, SoGoSurvey is at times better than other paid tools.

They say if you are using SoGoSurvey, you will need any other device for creating a survey. 

The free version of SoGoSurvey grants you access to unlimited surveys, unlimited question types, and many more.

But there is a catch, and if you are a free user and encounter any issue regarding the survey, you won’t get any support. If you need help, too, then the plus pack starts from $299/year.

4. Qualaroo

One more online tool helps you to target the correct person. Qualaroo is an AI-based tool that enables you to filter the answers and be more precise about the survey. 

Multiple shopping brands such as eBay, Shopify use this tool for their survey, then why not you?

You also get unlimited nudges to ask questions, audience segmentation, and many more.

Also, for enhancing your survey, they have collaborated with google analytics, slack, and more.

  • Google forms

Google forms is another domain where google has spread over; being under google, people trust this tool.

They also have multiple features such as unlimited surveys, unlimited responses, themes, custom logo, and 100% free to use. 

So this can be your first choice because of its unique features. And it is the only one that provides free logic skip.  

  • Client Heartbeat

The basic version of client heartbeat starts at $25/month, which has only a 500 contact limit.

The tool also has some good features as notifications by negative review and comparing you and your field’s tabletop.

Client Heartbeat cannot be ideal, but still, if You like its features, 

4. Typeform

The tool’s interface is relatively easy; it won’t be hard for a newcomer to create a survey on Typeform.

Here too, there is the free version and paid versions from $25/month.

The tool provides all the necessary features as unlimited questions, answers, data export, and many more.

Typeform doesn’t feed logic jumps on the free version, but if you want it too, you can opt for paid version too

5. Survey Gizmo

The tool is preferable for a limited number of users, up to 50. The free version of the device can fulfill your need for 50 people.

You can take unlimited surveys and ask as many questions as you want. You get free templates and some question types as well.

The paid version starts from $15/month, including skipping logic, customizable themes, data encryption, and many more.

The paid version goes up to $199/month, so choose as per your needs. 

6. Zoho Survey

The free version involves unlimited surveys, 15 questions, and a 150 response limit.

The limit of questions may bother you at times but, you won’t get such features as other tools do.

The paid version starts from $19/month to $39/month.

The premium version, $39/month version, involves several features: piping logic, custom variable, multilingual survey, and integration with google docs.

7. Survey Planet

  The tool is easy to use and offers you free access to unlimited surveys, unlimited questions, unlimited responses, themes, and many more.

If you are new to this survey creation, this can be a good option. You won’t have to deal with different technical, just a simple survey. 

The paid versions also allow you to remove the tool branding, which will cost you around $15/month.

8. Hubspot

This tool allows you to transfer the customer responses to your CRM; that’s a cool thing to look at.

this best survey tools makes you more productive and creative with your survey. It allows unlimited questions, responses, and some options in question types.

Also, you get emails and updates from the tool about your survey.

9. SurveySparrow

Here you will get ten questions per survey and a maximum of 100 responses, so you cannot use the ideal survey tool.

You can use it on your site or page to reach people. 

Other features as classic forms, chat surveys are also there to get the maximum output from the survey. You can also survey 50+ languages with the custom data center.

  • Servicate

You are allowed up to hundred responses with endless questions and surveys. You also have 100+ templates to choose from.

The survey is integrated with Hubspot intercom and many more businesses to bring out the best services for you.

The tool’s paid version starts from $89/month, granting you access to the google sheet integration with feedback hub and many more. The prices go up to $419/month.

10. Qualtrics

Here to 100 responses are allowed and have a fantastic feature, drag and drop; this makes your job easier to build a survey using templates.

Brands like IBM, Spotify, under armour, ANZ use Qualtrics for their surveys. You can create some surveys for free here.

  • Alchemer

The tool allows three free surveys with endless questions, but the number of responses recorded cab be just 100.

So if you have a targeted audience, then you can opt for this tool. 

The paid version starts from $49/month with unlimited surveys, questions, and responses, and you also get 25 question type set to choose from. Data exports such as CSV, PDF, PPT are add-ons.

11. Survey legend

Allows three surveys, unlimited questions, email sharing, and unlimited responses in its free version. 

The tool features the world’s biggest brands like Samsung, red bull, Sony, PayPal, Netflix, and many more the paid version starts from $15/month up to 65/month, where you get all the features you need.

12. Cloudsignal

Cloudsignal is also an option to look out for before picking one for you. It allows you to take 

Unlimited surveys with endless questions also have a signal scheme where each signal scheme equals one data point. The paid version starts from $15/month with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

These were our best picks of survey tools, which will help you reach more people through surveys.

Also, the tools sorted are backed by research, reviews, and analysis, so that you can directly pick the one you are comfortable with. 

How to create a survey?

You are reading this article on purpose, which is how to create a survey? Before doing a survey, you need to know the following things

  • The reason behind the survey

The questions should reflect the survey. For example, if you’re surveying for the best cold drinks

You can probably go with 

  • Which type of cold drinks you like from, fruit juice, carbonated drinks, smoothies, etc
  • The coldness of glass you like
  • Number of question to ask

The number of questions should be as less as possible, and people won’t last long on the longer surveys. Never ask repetitive questions as they get the same answer from the survey taker, which doesn’t make sense.

  • The expected answers

You should know the expected answers and plan the next question accordingly. 

  • Type of questions

Choose wisely between the type of questions, and instead, they are yes or no type or option type. 

  • The level of English should be understandable by the survey taker.

Questions asked should be as per the maturity of the reader and the literacy level too.

  • Be clear with your questions.

So now you know the reason and the things to keep in mind, let’s start with the best survey tools you require to create one for you.



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