Best Survey Sites UK 2021

 Best Survey Sites UK, Survey sites are playing a great role for the students; by helping them; earn extra pocket money while sitting at home. Though the payment is not only limited to students, adults too can take up the surveys from legit survey sites and earn extra income.

Earlier people use to work hard to earn that extra money, but all thanks to internet today, people from across the globe with the help of internet connection and a desktop or a smart phone can earn that extra money just by taking surveys online sitting at their home. 

There are lots of online paid survey sites which might create confusions in choosing the legit ones. Beware of the fake sites where you might lose your money without even taking up the surveys. Different countries have different online survey sites; today we will discuss about the UK based online survey sites.

Let’s dig out the legit and the best online paid survey sites in UK.


Paid surveys are surveys made by research companies for users online to get their opinions on a particular product, company or any other topic which will pay you while taking the survey. The payment can either be in the form of a reward or cash prize.


Find a legit paid survey site; make an account on that particular survey site and then start taking the surveys provided by the research company. The more surveys you take definitely more money you can make.


Survey sites are a great way to earn extra income, but many users fall for the fake sites. While some fake survey sites might lure you by promising higher pays but in return doesn’t even pay you a penny, other sites takes all your personal information and sells it to third party. 

Listing some of the UK’s legit online paid survey sites, which will help you in differentiating between a real and a fake online survey site.

Best Survey Sites UK


Swagbucks is one of most popular online paid survey sites. You need to sign up and create an account answer some questions about yourself and then you get invited to do the survey. 

You get points on completing a survey or completing some other task such as playing games, watching videos etc.  Later these points can be redeemed into a reward; such as gift vouchers from amazon or into cash. But earning points in swagbucks might take some time.


InboxPounds is a legit survey site, which claims to have paid over 2 million Euros to the users. This site partners with the topmost companies that are looking for opinions on their products, messaging and advertising. It rewards you for taking surveys, playing games and searching the web. With their own search page you earn a little amount every time you search. The more you search the more you get paid.


PrizeLabel was launched in 2007 which is also a free GPT (Get Paid To) website where the registered users get rewards for completing the tasks such as gift cards, merchandise and cash. 

With over 10 million people from across the globe, this site provides most of the opportunities to the members of UK, USA, Australia and Canada to answer surveys.  The process of registration of this site is quite simple and easy to understand also if you want you can register by using your Facebook account. 

After completion of registration, you will be transferred to the PrizeLabel dashboard, where all the money making opportunities will be available to you.


Another legit online survey site is toluna. Here toluna lets you pick several topics to complete a survey. Also toluna provides 2 different forms of survey, 1) Profile Survey which takes 2-3 minutes to complete and you earn 100 points. 2) Longer Surveys which takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete and earn more in comparison to Profile Survey. But the payment outcome of this is quite low.


IPSOS is one of the world’s trusted and the largest search engines. However this site provides very few surveys to take up and makes it a peaceful experience for the registered users. The points here can be redeemed as charity donations, gift cards or cash. Also in this survey site 1 point is equal to 0.98 cent if you want cash and 1 cent if you want a gift card.


Unlike other survey sites, onepoll takes about only 3 minutes to complete as it is a poll website. You can earn between 10p – 1 Euros after completion of each poll. The payment is made via PayPal or bank transfer and it might take 28 days to get paid.


In this survey site; to complete a particular survey it takes around 15 minutes for which you earn 100 points. LifePoints occasionally might provide you chances for product review where they send the products to your address to test it. 

In this site you can not only earn cash but also amazon vouchers and gift cards too. The average earning per hour in LifePoints is between 3-5 Euros.


Panel Opinion is a simple survey site to work with; the survey pays you 0.50 Euros and takes around 10 minutes to complete. 

To claim your reward you have to earn at least 10 Euros or you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or bank transfer which arrives within 15 days. Also Panel Opinion arranges a monthly lottery which is known as VIP draw, where the prize is 250 Euros. 


Pinecone Research is known as the oldest online paying survey site, where per survey it pays you between 3-5 Euros. 

However the completion of a particular survey takes approximately 30 minutes which is quite long. Also, in this site the availability of survey is exceptionally few; but it provides unbiased rewards with quality paid surveys.


Panel Base is a market research company running in the UK since 1997 owned by Dipsticks Research Limited. For each completed survey you can earn between 0.25p-10 Euros. Rewards can only be cashed out after earning around 10 Euros; the cash can either transfer directly to your bank account or you can convert the cash for a gift voucher. In this site the survey topics range from food, clothing and accessories, politics, business issues and many more.


YouGov is a large polling company and paid survey site which is very well known in UK with 6 million members across the globe. Here you just need to create an account with your email id; and after confirming your email address, YouGov will start sending you notifications on your email; when new surveys will be available. 

To turn your points into cash you have to at least earn 5000 points which is equivalent to 50 Euros. 


Hiving is a panel that found by a French market research company in 2007. Users of hiving will get 1-4 surveys per month, where each survey takes around 10 – 20 minutes to complete. For completing a survey you will get rewarded with ‘hiving points’ which might take upto 30 days to show up in your account. 

The good factor of hiving panel is that the hiving points does not get expired; but to convert the point in to cash you have to collect at least 4000 points which is equivalent to $4.


In SurveyBods 4 profile surveys are available where completion of each survey is worth 50 points. Complete all the 4 surveys and you can easily earn 200 points which is equal to 2 Euros. The surveybods members receives badge certification which is attached to your account, that shows how many surveys you have completed, the higher the level, the greater the prize. 

The badge levels are as follows-

  • 2 Surveys = Bronze Badge
  • 5 Surveys = Silver Badge
  • 10 Surveys = Gold Badge
  • 20 Surveys = Platinum Badge
  • 30+ Surveys = Diamond Badge

This site is UK based Research Community where they invite people from across the globe to take part in surveys, interactive research activities and polls. 

Also to transfer your points into cash or amazon vouchers, you will need at least 1500 points to redeem it.


This survey site is a crowd sourced researched platform founded in 2014 where universities, charities and startups uploads surveys, games, quizzes and many more to get your opinion. You can request for your payment or rewards at any time if you have earned at least 5 Euros. 

Users outside UK receive payments in GBP and you can easily convert it into your local currency via PayPal. Also if you are a person who loves to donate to charity, Prolific Academic provides you the facility too.


Mind mover survey site is a consumer research company, where you can earn money by completing questionnaires. Just create an account on mind mover website and start completing surveys; after two hours of registration provided by the website. 

But before you claim your money you need to at least earn 2000 points which is equal to 20 Euros. Per survey you can earn between 50p to 10 euros; and it varies depending on the length of the survey.


The Opinion Panel Community Site is a paid survey site which is specifically created for students and teenagers. If your age is between 13 – 30 years old then you can definitely join this survey site. For each survey you can earn between 50p to 4 Euros, which you can redeem it for a voucher once you reach 25 Euros credit. 

These vouchers can be used in many highstreet stores nationwide.  Also you get 10 euros which is equal to 1000 points just for registering yourself.


Branded Surveys site is an online paid survey site where users get to participate in online surveys with a wide variety of topics in exchange of rewards. 

Formerly known as MintVine, in 2017 this website was redesigned and got a new name ‘Branded Surveys’. New member gets 100 points as a joining bonus by signing in and taking the profile survey. The rewards can be redeemed once you have earned 1000 points. 


PopulusLive is a part of populas limited which is based in UK. It is a market research company established in 2003. This site researches on culture, business and political sector. 

Joining in this is pretty easy; you just need to fill out a short and simple registration form. 

For every five minutes you get the opportunity to earn 1 Euro. Depending on the length of the survey, you can get paid between 1 – 3 points each where 1 point is equal to 1 euro. Also to cash in your earning you need at least 50 points which is equivalent to 50 euros. 

So these are the 18 authentic online paid survey sites of UK where you can earn your extra income just by sitting at your with an internet connection.


Finally in the end we come to a conclusion that, big    businesses before investing a large sum of money wants to test out their ideas, whether their products will sustain in the long run, will their product be liked by their audience;Best Survey Sites UK , so online paid surveys gives an opportunity to the market research companies to know more about the preferences of the audience.


  1. Are Paid Online Surveys Safe?

    So online paid survey sites is a good source to earn that extra income, but beware of fake survey sites which might scam you and sign up to all the legit survey sites as much as possible (which are listed above) and try to use separate emails per survey.

  2. Are surveys worth it?

    Also it is a win-win situation for both the parties, market research companies gets their audiences/users preferences and the users gets a chance to earn extra income without investing any money. 

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