Best survey apps for money 2021

Best survey apps for earning money. Money is the key to things that you have dreamt of; at least many of the things we go through can be sorted with money. This is the reason why you are searching for ways to earn more in your free time.

Haven’t you end up taking surveys? If you don’t know, then start exploring, else you might miss some simple money-making way.

These best survey apps for money ,surveys can be taken at any time, 24 hours a day, and in any of your free time. This provides you to add some more to your pocket. Whether you are at a shop, waiting for your bus, just one of these sites and start surveying.

So surveys can make you money out of it, sure! But how much? And which apps or platforms will help you do so? This article answers these questions, so be tuned till the end.

Surveys are more in demand and one of the easiest ways to make money online. Along with survey websites survey apps are also available to make the task easier. Download the apps of your choice and get notification of the surveys in your dashboard. You can utilize your free time in completing the surveys and collecting your rewards.  The more you involve yourselves in this survey analysis part, the more you will be earning to make life easier and entertaining.

best survey apps for money

Here are some of the best survey apps for money:

1. Survey Junkie

This is one of the best influencer survey apps out in the market to earn money. You need to answer the questions or give your opinion on the products or brands to attract more customers towards it. best survey apps for money It has a minimum threshold of $10 to get the points in your wallet.

This is one of the most popular survey apps that can make $200 every month. The amount produced by you can be withdrawn after $10. Making $10 won’t take much time as the app provides you 10-200 points, and each moment makes a cent. So, it’s all up to you how much you make per survey.

Each survey helps you earn 10-200points which is equivalent to earn $2 per survey. Refer it to your known one or close people to earn extra points. You earn points for each survey you go through and finish it even though you don’t fill the terms of the survey. If you are not able to qualify for the surveys you are not getting any points out of it that’s what annoys the users or audience to some extent.

2. InboxDollars

   InboxDollars had paid $56million to their users who have completed the survey. You can easily get a bonus via InboxDollars by signing survey apps for money , Few surveys pay $10 and few pay between $0.50 and $5 depending on the number of questions you complete in the surveys. Apart from surveys, you can also earn money or points by watching videos online or playing games.

Once the sufficient amount is collected it can be redeemed through Visa or gift cards.

This app rewards you with a bonus on joining. Like other survey apps, they have paid over $56 million to the users. The survey’s payout ranges from 0.50$-$5 each; exceptions can be paid up to $10 each. The payout depends on the duration or the number of questions in the survey, but it is an excellent source of side income, right? Especially for students. 

3. Swagbucks

Download the Swagbuck apps or click on the website and sign-up. You will get the surveys immediately in your dashboard and complete them within the time. The approximate time to complete the survey is around 20minutes. This also includes other ways to earn money or gift cards via streaming videos online or fulfilling an offer or newsletter.

For sign-up, you can easily get $5 as a bonus. The payment is never asked at the time of sign-up neither credit card nor debit card number is asked as they are the one will give you cash or gift cards in return.

You can also go shopping via Swagbucks to win points. You can redeem points or gift cards for eCommerce companies like Amazon, Target and iTunes. The amount can be redeemed through a PayPal account. Even searching helps you win a few points or an amount in Swagbucks. Installing the button also makes you win Swagbucks points each time.

There are no such apps like Swagbucks, but you can take surveys on websites. You get a $5 for signing up, and the minimum balance should be $3 to withdraw. Now you might think that you’ll sign up and start the money? No, guys, you need to earn that $3 through surveys. The app has paid over $241 million, which is a considerable number; this makes it trustworthy/ legitimate too.

4.National Consumer Panel (Nielson)

 The National Consumer Panel is led by Nielson and IRI. Once you sign up and get registered with them the company will keep track of your internet habits on different devices and simultaneously completing the survey questions by answering them as per your opinion or thought process.

The only difference between other surveys app or websites and the National Consumer Panel is that it doesn’t allow you to earn cash. It will only help in winning the rewards in terms of gifts. You can even scan the barcodes to get the cashback.

The national consumer panel (Nielson) is not a survey app. Instead, it is a regulatory body. Neilson and IRI are the consumer insights; what they do is they will monitor your internet habit, such as the apps you use, the sites you often visit, etc. of course, they ask for your permission before regulating you, this can not be an idle way to earn money, but this is also the way to do so. They pay more than $10000 to their users, there is no option to earn cash, but you can use those points as cashbacks.

This app will for sure make you make more in your free time. Also, the apps are 100% legitimate, and the apps picked are based on research, so nothing to worry about. Also, I would like to advise you to withdraw the money as soon as possible because some apps have limited time to withdraw.

6. Pinecone Research

This is not as popular as another app. You can get their reviews in the Apple store. You can use its app and can be used on the computer too as preferred. best survey apps for money Product testing is also included in the surveys to gain some freebies. The cash-out option is low as compared to other sites i.e $1.

7. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost works for government and businesses research works. It takes hardly 10-30minutes to complete the surveys that help in earning $5. Once you withdraw the amount you can accrue $5 from it. The earning can be redeemed through PayPal or a gift card.

This is one of the most extensive surveys and takes surveys for the government as well as businesses. Each survey can make you richer by $5, which doesn’t take more than half an hour. 

The app also features direct withdrawal to your PayPal, amazon coupons, and many more payout options. Opinion outpost has paid a considerable amount, and the numbers are more significant than most of the listed apps. 

8. i-Say

In i-say speed is key. An instant notification will be visible in your dashboard once you open the app. These are for testing products to get freebies. These surveys can be completed by phone also via installing the app. Some surveys will be finished only by computer or laptop. The amount earned through this may be small but is near around a few dollars. The threshold limit is $5 to redeem from the PayPal account or as a gift card.

Here at i-say, you will be notified of every new survey. If you don’t join the study before a specific time, you won’t join later as the app has limited seats for each survey. You can use your mobile or your pc, whichever you are comfortable with.

 This is a quick survey so that you won’t be earning much per survey. The points you make can be transferred to your PayPal.

9. Prize Rebel

Prize rebels have given thousands of dollars to their users regularly. These surveys are also good for market research for the growth of the companies. The survey is brand based research and asks users opinion for the enhancement of their products. The payment can be direct to your bank account or as a gift card from the retailers.

Just like its name, price rebel is a big player in the survey business. Over $9 million are paid to the users till now. They have a vast brand collaboration and provides customer reviews to them. 

Price rebel also allows you to transfer your money directly to the bank account, which many do not. 

10. QuickThoughts

This app is smaller than any other app available on the list. It helps in completing five surveys in a day to make easy and extra money. You need to have earned at least $10 for instant earning in your account. The balance can be withdrawn for Amazon or iTunes gift cards.

The app allows you to complete five reviews a day, which can or cannot be sufficient for some guys. They also have some location-based activities to do. The app doesn’t have an extensive user base, but it is legitimate guys you can count on it.

The app allows you to withdraw money in the form of Amazon or iTunes gift cards.    

11. Google Opinion Reward

This is google’s survey app. The two ways through which points can be gained are through surveys and audience measurement. Few products need TV usage to earn rewards or gift cards. The rewards can be withdrawn or received either by Google Play or PayPal balance for surveys.

12. Qmee

It is based on research on brands. It can install or download on your computer or can be browsed easily. The more you answer the questions the more you earn and can be gifted with coupons and discounts to add an extra amount to your wallet. The rewards or gift cards are credited on time without any delay. The amount can be redeemed in your PayPal account directly.

This is not an app but a browser extension; you need to install it on the browser. By doing this, you will get notifications of various surveys, coupons, gift cards, etc.

You can withdraw your earnings to your Paypal and many more. As you complete the survey, you’ll get the reward instantly. So Qmee is also an excellent option to opt for.

13. Panel App

This app is known for taking surveys and helps in collecting data through public opinion. The rewards will be in terms of gift cards which can be processed into sweepstakes. You can refer to your family and friends or other known people to help you get a bonus immediately once they sign up.

14. Zap Surveys

Zap deals in surveys regularly to be in your dashboard for instant payment. It pays $6.25 to complete the first questionnaire of the survey. After the first payment, the range varies from a few cents to three-digit dollars which is quite perplexing. Those surveys which pay high are tough to finish. To qualify for such surveys one needs to have specific eligibility for that. Zap donates to child starvation charities after the completion of every survey. It has a threshold of $25 cash-out.

15. Toluna

It is also based on brands. The survey allows you to give your opinion for the growth of the companies or business and its high production. One can participate in lotteries too via an app that allows winning $300 or a million points. The amount can be redeemed via the Paya Pal account or as if Barca doesn’t leave the huge points for long they expire soon. 

16. Panel Station

This app provides a leather st surveysonits dashboard which can be cash-out instantly. Few surveys

Allows you to earn 5000 points and can be withdrawn when it reaches 3000 points. You can use some points to be a part of sweepstakes. The only limitation it has of low rating i.e 3.3 on Goethe le play store.

17. Jobs2Shop

One can take surveys, offers, playing games and shopping through Jobs2Shop. You can refer to your family and friends to get an extra $5. When you sign up you earn $5 as a bonus amount. While doing shopping from the site you can help the shops to enhance their quality and services to get more customers to their sites. It has a threshold of $25

18. Mindswarms

Mindswarms are the survey website where you can access them in the form of videos. Video has more impact on people’s lives than answering in the form of surveys. The videos are short half a minute. For short videos, you can easily gain $10 to $50 which can be directly redeemed to your current PayPal account.

19. BzzAgent

This is also a video survey. The survey is based on testing products. If you get selected for this then what you have to do is to make genuine feedback. The products are given for free for survey purposes and make you win points which can be used as gift cards as per the choice or need. The process to manage this is quite complicated than other survey apps that we have looked into.

20. Valued Opinions

They pay $5 for completing every survey. The survey is related to brands, marketing, news and many more. In this cash earning is not possible only you can use it as gift cards at the time of withdrawing. The redeeming process starts when you reach a point equal to $10.


This app asks you questions based on your recent shopping or store activities. The time you walk into a shop, you get points which can be later converted to capital. You also get paid by scanning the barcodes, reviewing products, and many more ways to earn from this app.

They won’t transfer your money directly to your PayPal like other apps, but you will get a gift card from amazon or target stores.

22.Google Opinion Rewards

Google-like spreading its wings in all fields like the google option rewards. They have surveys, but they also have user measurements. User measurement involves anything like how many hours you watch tv. You can earn money both ways by surveys as well as user measurement.

They have PayPal integrated, so you can use it while withdrawing your money.


Here not only surveys but activities are also involved. You get cashback by performing those activities such as watching video clips and many more.

As you sign in you, get a joining bonus of $10, which comes with some terms and conditions to withdraw it. To avail of the $10, you need to purchase min $20 online through their portal. 

  • iPoll

They plan out some missions based on the places you visit. The tasks can be anything like visiting shops, testing their products and taking pictures as well. 

The minimum payout possible is $25, which shouldn’t take much time. Users say they have made $50 or even more than that in a month. The payout can be received to your PayPal.

  • Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the oldest survey sites out there. They have a very decent payout from $1 to $5 each. You can also get a signing up bonus, but they are only for few people.

You can also be a part of a testing group that pays you around $5 each.

Pinecone research

This app is not an ideal app for our mobiles, but you can take a survey on your pc. The surveys are primarily based on the apple store, which involves apps products. The app allows you to withdraw money instantly after $1, and this feature is not available in any other app.


Life points is a different app, here not only surveys, but you can also opt for various activities. This app is a great way to earn money; you need to do minutes tasks, and you are done. You can also opt for product testing such as games, apps, and much more online stuff. This is a worldwide app, so where ever you are, you can apply for life points and earn.

Panel App

Panel app is a survey plus data collector. So you can take surveys and earn or the app to collect your data, either way, you can make money. 

The panel app also rewards you for referring to your colleagues, friends, etc. You will receive a percentage of income from your friend’s earnings.

Zap Surveys

This app comes with some cool features. They give you a bonus of $6.25 for your first completion of the survey. You get daily survey recommendations with instant payouts. The minimum payout possible is $25, which can take time. The payout depends on various qualifications and can go up to $100.


The app doesn’t provide you daily surveys as others do; also, the app doesn’t allow you to withdraw money before $50. This will take much time for sure. This cannot be an ideal choice for you, as other apps have a fewer withdrawal limit, more surveys, and many more things to do than surveying.

best survey apps for money ,Once you pick one for yourself and start earning, don’t forget to comment and let us know.

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