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Best Quiz App To Earn Money In India

Best quiz app to earn money in India is one of the top searched topics in this era of digital money. Today, there are thousands of apps providing an opportunity to win real money by playing online quizzes and games.

To this, the best quiz app to earn money in India becomes difficult to find with thousands of options, doubts between fake and real applications and more. The solution to the same is below.

Best quiz apps to earn money in India are listed with a brief explanation below.


Launched in 2018, Winzo is known to be one of the largest social gaming and entertainment platforms in India. People can enjoy personalized games and quizzes on Winzo. Winzo works by partnering with third-party developers and hosting games on its own Android and iOS app. By giving personalized multiplayer gameplay experiences Winzo is one of the top-known search results for the best quiz app to earn money in India.


Loco is a live trivia game show app considered the best quiz app to earn money in India. Loco provides an interactive quiz show that lets the users answer 10 multiple choice questions and win money in real-time. Loco has the game price of 10,000 INR with winners being able to transfer the earned money to their Paytm accounts.


Qureka is on the top of the search results for the best quiz app to earn money in India known as India’s fastest live quiz show app where a person can win real cash prizes for free. 

Qureka is available in various languages such as English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali and Telugu. A person can easily play quizzes in their preferred language and earn real money from Qureka.


MobShow is an application where a person can play live quiz shows against other people for real cash prices. MobShow quizzes can be signed up without any charges and a person can earn without investing any fees. In all, MobShow is known as a platform to play daily quizzes with an offered price of 55,000 INR. 


BrainBaazi is counted on the top of the search results for the best quiz app to earn money in India to play live against other players from all over the world. 

Players all around the world can compete with players all around the world by answering 11 live questions and winning real money. 


JusPlay is known as an interesting live quiz app adding the thrill of real-time interaction for people. JusPlay provides a live quiz with 11 questions every day at 8:30 PM IST. Participants of the JusPlay quiz, by giving correct answers to the questions in 10 seconds, players can share the prize money for the quiz and earn real cash.

MPL (Mobile Premier League)

The MPL Quiz is one of the best online quiz games to put a person’s GK to the test. It provides an engaging quiz game that exercises a person’s brain while he/she enjoys answering questions. 

With Quiz MPL is also known for many other games such as cricket, carrom, pool, rummy and more, a person can also earn real cash by playing these games.

Task Bucks App

Task Bucks is a well-known quiz app where a person can earn real cash by playing different types of quizzes. Task Bucks is an application that pays for activities and tasks, with the application working on both android and iOS devices. The cash earned from the Task Bucks app can be used for both, to recharge in the application and to transfer in Paytm. By installing the TaskBucks app a person can even earn 50 INR every hour by participating in various quizzes. 

Bujho-To-Jane Application

Bujho-To-Jane is an application that provides quizzes on various topics. The application provides quizzes on GK, Politics, Science, Social Science, Maths, English, Hindi, History and other main subjects. The quizzes need to be answered in a particular duration. To win against Bujho-To-Jane the players need to be very quick and accurate.

The first 3 rank holders of every quiz get cash prizes. Bujho-To-Jane is also known as a fun way of learning and studying to crack govt and other exams. 

MChamp Application

MChamp is known as an end-to-end engagement contesting format in the form of a quiz game. With earning real cash, MChamp also helps to sharpen a person’s knowledge and improve their learning. Known to be the top search results for the best quiz app to earn money in India, MChamp is known to be different from other apps as it provides an opportunity to play live with well-known celebrities.

Play And Win Numbase Limited

Play and Win Numbase Limited, as the name says, is an application that provides quizzes based on various topics. Play and Win provide new quizzes every hour, helping a person play 24 quizzes a day and earn real money with every play. Playing and winning with Play and Win Numbase a person can collect the maximum number of points and maximum cash of them.

CashNGifts App

CashNGifts, being one of the top search results for the best quiz app to earn money in India, is known as one of India’s fastest-growing loyalty and social commerce platforms. Using the CashNGifts App a person can play quizzes, earn money and also shop for free.

CashNGifts is known as an earning app where a person can make money online working from home. A person can also get free money on mobile via CashNGifts. 

Qunami App

The Qunami App is a trivia quiz app where a person can play quizzes with real-time users. A person needs to give correct answers to the questions to win the game. In Qunami App up to 5 players can play a game together and the person who stands still wins all the winning amounts.

Zupee Quiz

Zupee is known as a real-money gaming app that can help users win money by playing quizzes and answering simple questions in just 1 minute. To earn the maximum amount of money from Zupee interactive quizzes a person has to answer the questions correctly as soon as possible. In all, Zupee is known as an application to play multiplayer online games and win real money in just 10 Minutes.

Game On Cricket Quiz App

Game On Cricket Quiz App is an application that can help a person to test his/her cricket knowledge. 

Using the Game On Cricket Quiz App a person can play quizzes with more than 600 multi-choice questions on Test, ODI, IPL and T20 cricket and earn real cash from the same.

Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is a well-known application to play various games and quizzes and earn real money from the same. A person can recharge from Paytm First Games, earn games and play quizzes, use the earned money to recharge their accounts or can also transfer the earned amount to their Paytm accounts. 

Paytm First Games is mainly known for Rummy, bonuses and quizzes


Supero is also a well-known application where a person can play interactive quizzes and can earn real cash. Super Quiz also has various unique features such as Play battle, Challenging your Friends, Timer, gaining coins, using coins for life’s lines like 50-50, Skip a question, Audience Poll etc. 

Trivial Pursuit Question Games

The Trivial Pursuit Question Games is an interactive quiz and games app to play games with friends and others. The Trivial Pursuit Question Games is an application available on all kinds of devices, iOS, Windows and Android. The most liked feature of the Trivial Pursuit Question Games is the feature to talk live with friends while playing.

Bakbuck Indian Quiz

With being one of the top search results for the best quiz app to earn money in India, Bakbuck is also one of the top-notch social gaming apps in India. 

Currently, 1,00,00,000+ Indian users are using Bakbuck daily for quizzes and various games. Players use Bakbuck to Play quizzes, Games, Housie, and Lottery and win assured prizes daily.

Quiz Land

Quiz Land is an app that provides intellectual quiz games for trivia-lovers of all ages. Playing a quiz on the Quiz Land app is known as an exciting trip to knowledge.

By playing on Quiz Land a person can win coins and earn real cash the same. 

In all, when it comes to quizzes and knowledge, Quiz Land is known as a free educational game with minimal ads that offers a person more than 40,000 of the finest trivia questions supported by detailed explanations.


Wingo app is a great application known for beginners who want to earn Paytm cash by playing games and quizzes for free. A person can play live quizzes on WinGo for free and earn real cash by answering easy questions.

FanGame Live

Fan Game is also the best known online platform that hosts online quizzes and trivia. FanGame also allows users to host live video quizzes and earn real money rewards from the same. 


Quizistan is also a top search result for the best quiz app to earn money in India. Using the Quizistan app a person can play live Quiz/Trivia games and earn cash prizes. Using Quizistan a person can play every day​ and get a chance to win prizes every hour.


Tago is known as the best game and the best quiz app to earn money in India. Tago provides mobile games and quizzes where a person can play his/her favourite game for free and along with a chance to win surprise gifts and real money. The amount earned from Tago can be transferred in Paytm, PayPal, amazon gifts, google pay gifts cash. Also, the Tago app is too small and doesn’t take much storage.

HQ Trivia

HQ is a well-known trivia mobile game developed by Intermedia Labs for various types of devices, such as iOS, Android, iPadOS, and tvOS. Released in 2017, the HQ app allows users to play daily live trivia games and quizzes. By playing on HQ Trivia the users can win or split the prize money.


Fronto is a quiz app that helps a person earn all kinds of rewards for using his/her Android smartphone regularly. As a person starts using Fronto, he/she will start earning more and more points regularly.

The points earned from Fronto can be exchanged for Amazon, Google Play, Target, Walmart, iTunes, Steam Wallet or PayPal gift cards.

Some Other Quiz Apps

With the above-mentioned list of the best quiz apps to earn money in India, there are also some other well-known quiz apps in India. The list of those apps are Learn App, Play Quiz-Win Cash Prizes, Live Quiz-Win Real Prizes, Cricket Quiz, Top Quiz, Quiz Win Farm Real Money, Play Prime App, and Top Quiz Application and more.

With this, the results of the best quiz app to earn money in India don’t end here. In this growing digital world, where new applications are getting launched daily, various apps to this list will get added.

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