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Best PTC Sites

Best paying PTC sites,The paid-to-click sites pay you for watching advertisements, play games, or attend surveys, posted on their websites. Many fake sites are floating on the internet that claims to pay you money and end up wasting the time and effort of the customers.

There are many research companies signing up new members across the globe to fill up surveys for money.

They count on people like you for sharing your opinions online, also in return provides rewards and money. Earning extra money has become a lot easier now, you can earn by sitting at your home not going outside with just internet and a phone and you are good to go.

But beware of many sites that aren’t legit which will never pay you. So don’t ever try to give your bank details in any of the fake sites.

Here we will discuss about the legit and the best high paying online survey sites.

Best PTC Sites

Best paying PTC sites

We have tried to list some of the best and legit PTC sites that help you earn some extra income.


With over 20 million registered users, swagbucks is an aggregation of other sites where users are taken to many different paying websites; in short swagbucks plays the role of a middlemen for a third party. Registered users can earn points by shopping, watching videos, taking surveys, playing games. Later these points can be redeemed into cash or gift cards, but earning points in swagbucks takes time.

Best PTC Sites Also disqualifications are too frequent, sometimes you might get disqualified just by clicking a survey link.


If you ever think of making extra income online with less effort, Clixsense is your first option. You just need 20-30 min of your daily time.  Clixsense is the best place to complete online surveys and is free to sign up. Every day you come across new surveys on the site. You have to complete the surveys to earn money.

To get personalized surveys that suit your interests, you can fill in all your details in the survey profile section. Some surveys allow you to attempt only once while others give you unlimited opportunities to attempt. There are multiple offers available which reward you through clixclients for completing the tasks.

These clixclients can be converted into equivalent dollars. A crowdsourcing service named Figure Eight enables you to work on little tasks and earn cash. There is a Clixsense affiliate program that allows you to earn through referrals. There are three ways of earning through referrals. 

  1. You earn up to $ 0.3 for every referral
  2. For every $ 5 income of your referral, you earn a $ 2 bonus
  3. For every task, or survey or offer, your referral completes, you receive a 30% commission. The payment can be received through PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and Neteller.

Best PTC Sites

3. Neobux

Neobux is one of the oldest and most reliable PTC sites. There are numerous ways for earning money through this site.

You can earn by watching ads, completing crowd flower tasks, attempting surveys, and receive coins and points as rewards. These coins can be converted into dollars directly while the points can be exchanged for services like membership, subscriptions, etc. the other way of making some extra cash is by referring persons or by renting referrals.

Some crowdflower tasks enable you to increase your income by completing tasks or surveys. The AdPrize facilitates few customers from luck draw and rewards them through coins or points. You can receive payment through Skrill, Neteller, Payza, and Trustwave. Neobux is the only site that provides instant payments. 

4. Inbox dollars

You instantly receive $ 5 for just signing up to inbox dollars. You can earn through multiple options like completing surveys, playing some arcade games, watching videos, printing coupons, scanning products in-store, searching the web, reading paid emails, and accomplishing tasks. If you live outside the USA or UK, sorry to say, this site is not for you.

There are some free offers available that enable you to earn few dollars up by signing up for other sites, downloading free eBooks, downloading apps, etc. some paid offers also exist wherein you buy something and receive cashback in your inbox dollars account. Some surveys and tasks ask for personal information for providing access. It is always advised to reconsider before you fill in your personal information.

Once you reach $ 30 earnings, you will receive a cheque through email or an amazon gift card. Many people earned more than $ 100 a month by just watching ads and finishing tasks in InboxDollars. However, this site doesn’t support payment through PayPal.

5. Scarlet Clicks

It is a PTC site that allows you to get paid by clicking on short ads, available in the main menu under the view ads icon. The amount will be displayed on each ad. Another way of earning is by referrals. You get a commission each time your referral earns. You can also rent referrals which comes with some price. If the referral you rented is active, you can earn more.

Otherwise, you may get nothing. Instead, you can buy a referral that costs a little higher than renting and you own the referral forever. For just signing up, you receive $ 0.05 – $ 0.50. If you have a website to promote, there is an option of traffic exchange wherein you visit other websites and earn credits. Using these credits, you invite others to visit your website. However, this way of promoting your website is not found to be effective. Most people visit your website just to earn the credits and don’t necessarily show any interest in the content. Skrill and Neteller are the only available modes of receiving payment.

6. Offer Nation

OfferNation is a legit GPT (get paid to) site owned by 99 ventures from the UK and is operating under two similar sites namely Superpay. me and RewardingWays. A wide range of surveys such as Your Surveys, Revenue Surveys, CPX Research, etc is available on the site. You can pick one from them and attempt to earn some cash. The Daily survey section on the page enables you to attend multiple surveys from different advertisers.

However, you have to confront few qualifying questions to become eligible for participation in the survey. You get paid through multiple options like PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill ad Amazon Gift cards. However, there is a minimum threshold in each payment method to withdraw the amount.

7. Paidverts

Paidverts is a part of MyTraffic Value, a reputed crowdsourcing platform for investing. Here you don’t earn through cash or points but by accumulating BAP (Bonus Ad Points). Each BAP is converted into equivalent dollars. There are 16 activation ads available daily and you have to view them in 28 hours. Otherwise, they expire. You earn around 22-25 BAP for viewing each activation ad.

If you accumulate around 2500 BAPs, you can purchase a $ 0.5 upgrade to watch recycled ads, that are unavailable for others. You can renew once it expires. Through referrals, you earn around 10 % commission from the amount, the referral earns. The payment is done through PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, etc

8. GPTPlanet

There is no regional barrier to join this site, making it accessible to all the people all over the world. The GPT grid allows the customers to win prize money by clicking ads. There are ads for free members that pay around $ 0.0002 – $ 0.001 per click.

If you are a premium member, there is more scope of earning around $ 0.01 per ad. However, you have to click on at least 4 ads to earn from referrals, the next day. The possible options for payment are Skrill, Neteller, and Payoneer, etc.

9. Heedyou

Heedyou is similar to other PTC sites in earning rewards by clicking ads, playing games, and completing offers from different sites. You earn about $ 0.05 for each advertisement you click which is stored as your record balance. By completing paid offers, you get rewarded through coins that are stored under the offer balance. You must contain a minimum coin balance to move your offer balance to the record balance account which is converted into dollars later through PayPal or Payza.

Many contests are held each week which allow you to participate by clicking on bonus ads. The paid offers pay you for answering the quizzes, completing tasks or surveys. You are supposed to follow set of instructions to receive the reward. You can earn by referrals also. It was found that limited ads are available on this site to earn money.

10. Makeculous

This is one of the most trusted PTC sites to earn extra income by performing tasks, completing surveys, and watching ads, etc. it contains powerful security features which protect its customers from fraudulent activities.

The site includes different offerwalls that enable you to earn points for completing tasks, that are personalized based on your locality and policy.

On this site, users have the flexibility to search ads and view them to earn few bucks. Users are rewarded in points that can be converted into dollars. You earn 10% commission through referrals and the payment is received either through PayPal or Bitcoin etc.

11. BuxInside

The BuxInside offers multiple opportunities to earn money from surveys, advertisements, paid offers, and referrals. Paid offers include signing up to a website, play games, complete quizzes, etc. some offers may ask for your financial details but remember to cancel your subscription before the offer ends to avoid any losses.

You have to qualify to attend the paid surveys. The screening can be based on location, age, personal information to match the survey. You are asked to fill in the personal details honestly to avoid screening out from the surveys.

You can refer a friend and earn 5-10% of their earnings forever. Anyone of age above 16 years can join the platform. However to withdraw the money, one should be at least 18 years old. The payment modes are PayPal, Neteller, CoinBox, etc.


The interface and the dashboard of global test market is user friendly. You will notice the time period it will take to complete a particular survey. The surveys sometimes are filled with repetitive questions which are kind of common in every survey sites.

Global Test Market provides LifePoints where users can redeem for e-certificates, charity donations, gift cards or cash via PayPal. You will need at least 1200 points to cash out via PayPal and 1000 points for gift cards, e-certificates etc.


This site has an easy to use interface with stable streams of survey. It takes 10-20 minutes to load a lengthy page which is kind of a drawback. If you take a survey for about three hours over five days you will end up with 670 points and about 500 sweepstakes entries. 

Users earning that many points have various redemption options such as- gift cards, charity donations, e-certificates and PayPal payments. Though you will need at least; 1200 points to get a small amount i.e. $10.


MyPoints has a user friendly dashboard and an easy to use interface. This site will let you know how many points you will earn on a survey and also lets you know how long it will take to complete a particular survey. 

If you spend an hour a day for five days you will earn 758 points which can be redeemed as a gift card of $5. However if you want cash you might need at least 3970 points, which leads to a PayPal payment of $25.


Most surveys of pinecone research offers 300 points which is equivalent to $3. The availability of survey in this site is very few and it takes longer time to complete a survey. It provides quality paid surveys and is known for offering unbiased rewards. This site is operating for 22 years.


This site has easy to use interface and also stands out more than other paid survey sites as it offers highest point value on each completed survey. For signing up in this site it will offer you 25 points and also 50 points for demographic survey.

Earning the points in this site is easier than getting the rewards on time. Survey Junkey is also a small aggregator which means it plays the role of middlemen.


Opinion Outpost is a beginner friendly site. On the dash board of the site, they lay out a snapshot of your estimated points and links to your customized information. 

On the top of the dashboard there is “Take a Survey” button, which will take you to the surveys when clicking it. 

But before taking the survey, opinion outpost will ask you to complete a set of multiple choice questions. After answering out the questions, opinion output will connect you to a survey and it will provide you information regarding the points you will earn and an estimated time that will take to complete the survey.


This site will let you enter your basic information and then it will ask you one or two questions before sending you to a linked survey. 

As for the points, per survey you might earn 500 or 1000 points which definitely looks high at first, but when these points are converted to actual rewards you might just get 50 cents or a dollar. Also until you reach 25,000 points you can’t cash out (where 25,000 points is equivalent to $25). 


I-Say the only site that provides survey through Ipsos, the market research firm that owns i-say. Compared to aggregators; this site offer fewer surveys, which makes it an easy experience for the users. 

Depending on how many points you make, this site lets you redeem your points for charity donations, cash or gift cards. According to the reward you choose, the value of the point changes. One point is equivalent to 1 cent if you take gift card and 0.98 cent if you want cash.


Unlike other paying survey sites, toluna will let you pick the various topics for the survey example: electronics or travel, lifestyle etc. which makes it more interesting. Toluna provides two different types of survey 1) Profile survey which only takes 2-3 minutes to complete and you get 100 points. 2) Longer surveys which takes 10-20 minutes to complete and you can earn more compared to profile surveys. 

If you spend roughly five hours on Toluna you might earn 12,035 points while taking both profile and longer surveys and a registration bonus of 500 points. But the payment outcome is too low, 12,035 is equivalent to $4.01.


The homepage of cashcrate is full of toolbars, links and tabs to make money on the other sites, such as testing products and watching videos. It might take some time to locate the “Surveys” and “Best Surveys” tabs. 

Under those tabs you will find the survey links and full details of amount you will get while taking the survey.

CashCrate has a point system and surveys are based on cash. The amount you will get paid is displayed on the homepage of CashCrate. It will range from 50 cents to $1 each.


VIP Voice is one of those sites which provide their own surveys, as a result simple and consistent experience compared to other aggregator sites, which takes you to third party surveys. 

Once clicking into a survey, you will receive a message that will inform you about the time it will take to complete a survey. The VIP Voice’s surveys are easy and enjoyable. 

This site has an unusual reward system; there are five user levels where you will start at zero and level up simultaneously after completing each survey. Your level will decide how many points you might earn and kind of rewards you are qualified for.

You have two options to redeem your points, 

  1. Bidding on items, e.g.- downloading music, gym equipment
  2. Amazon gift cards.


InboxDollars offers a bonus worth $5 to newly registered users. And after signing up if you complete a profile survey you will earn extra 50 cents. You will see a list of surveys along with the amount you will receive.

InboxDollars is also an aggregator site which will take you to a third party site.  Also this site might ask your personal information, e.g. your birthdate, phone number, name etc. However, the payment outcome of this site is very low compared to other sites. For five hours you might only receive $2.05 and you need $30 to cash out. So you have to log in to this site frequently to earn a certain amount of money.


PTC has some drawbacks too, it might take your personal information and you will never know how these information will be used, so listing some important points before taking online surveys.

  • Don’t provide your personal email account; create another email account only to use for online survey sites.
  • Install anti-virus software
  • Don’t overshare
  • Take breaks to prevent eye strain



We don’t say you become rich through the PTC sites but it’s definitely, a great way to make few bucks online. Refer through multiple reviews and opt for the best ones to avoid wasting your time and effort. 

From the above information we can conclude that if you   want to earn extra income you can definitely go for paid online survey, but watch out for fake sites that might steal your identity and use it for bad purpose. 

Other than that who doesn’t love to earn extra money, just sign up to trustworthy online paid survey sites and earn rewards and money just by sitting at your home.

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