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best Online tutoring Jobs from Home (Earn $50/Hour)

online tutoring jobs from home Work from home Jobs

Ever wondered you can actually utilize this time to earn some extra money. Isn’t it amazing that just by sharing what you already know you can actually make money that also from the ease of your home.

 So even if you are someone who’s just done from his desk job and is looking for something more reliable and easy or if you are a college student . Looking for a side job or maybe some extra money congratulations online tutoring can come to your rescue.

So now instead of just scrolling through phone, you can actually get some real work.

This online tutoring was here from a very long time but we didn’t paid attention to it until the Corona crisis came into picture .

A lot of students now are preferring to learn online while also being able to reach back to an online tutor who can help  them with their assignments, or certain topics,  projects, homework etc .

Parents are also very much concerned and are looking for online tutorial points, With the growing number of  students in online classes the companies are looking for online tutors too.

(isn’t this a good news).


Don’t worry I got you all covered all  you have to do is a quick search and get the names of all the websites or portals or companies who provides online classes. work from home Jobs .There are a many ,plenty of websites and portals available where you can apply and use them to earn money. Now you have to be a bit selective and should apply according to the skills you have. The more educated you are the most likely is the chance to get accepted.

The next step will be to apply ,while many companies look for experienced tutors there are some who chooses beginners too. Build a strong portfolio mentioning the subjects you want to teach, set the price.

After getting selected interact with students and get started.

Along with reaching for websites, you can also reach to the students who lives nearby and can teach them online.  All you need to do is post your qualifications with your details. Such as your subject specifications, timings and also your area pin .

As I said above you have to  be skilled to be a good tutor.

So the next big question is what are the skills needed

See online tutoring is no less that how you teach offline ,the only difference here is that unlike traditional offline classes.

Your students will not be sitting right in front of  you but yes they will be there right across your screen .

So you have to be very interactive, and need to have alot of Patience, you will have to instruct enthusiastically.

must have a good communication skill, should know about internet, about how to install certain programs or how to  do video conferencing.

work from home Jobs If I sum it up in one sentence then along with being good at your subject, you need to have some technical skills too.

Besides this points you also need to have the capability to understand your pupils queries,identify their weaknesses.

So we are done with two basic as well as big questions ….now the most important question (may or may not be )


First thing first ,payment actually depends on certain factors. WHAT FACTORS Years of experience

  • Education qualifications
  • No of classes taken, queries resolved and many more

You can use to start your freelancing career in online tutoring

You can get paid either on a monthly basis or on an hourly basis. The payment you are asking should be according to the points discussed above ..maintain a fixed rate accordingly .

There’s no  need to actually lower your standards if you can provide a really good ambience or  knowledgeable content to the from home Jobs

Choosing just random amount for the classes will not be a justice to  yourself because the amount of time you invest in making preparations for your class is just not worth it if you get less than you deserve. no matter how intense the urge of getting adjusted or settle is. So I want to leave this on you.


This depends on the number of classes you are accounted for .

It can range from somewhere between 2hours to 5 hours or maybe more.

Since you are doing classes at your pace you actually have an option to set a schedule for yourself .

work from home Jobs


Online tutoring is not  just sitting in a virtual  room with your students its more than the limitations of a traditional classrooms.

Here you get array of possibilities to teach your students in an interactive ways using all the resources present online ,through pictorial representations, through videos etc.

Make your own video resources , take regular assessments ,give innovative projects to build .

Benefits as an online tutor

Think about waking up early only to find yourself getting ready for the same old job which you probably hate .

Now think it the other way getting up  early  in the morning to find yourself passionately waiting to do  something that you really like.

  • Online tutoring is like the latter part.
  • since distance is not a barrier here you can actually have a flexible working hours,
  • schedule your classes accordingly and guess what no need to travel.
  • You get a chance to interact with students all over the place. You can actually develop strong communication and leadership skills.
  • Think about some extra money you are making. It is an easy way to make money
  • You are actually doing some good job by helping other ,by sharing your knowledge.
  • This in return is also helping you in improving your knowledge
  • You are becoming more and more experienced.
  • Online tutoring is a kind of safe since you don’t have to interact physically with anybody

If you are someone who’s really passionate about teaching then this might be the right job for you.

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