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Best Money Making Apps 2021


Technology is advancing so much every passing day; that it makes us completely hooked on our devices.

From Smart TV to Smart Phones and what not, but have you ever had any idea that you can earn money from your smartphone that too every month? Yeah you heard it right; you can actually earn money with your smartphone just by sitting at your home.

From young people to adults everybody wants to earn extra income; and smart phones are playing a big role acting as a helping hand in increasing your extra income. 

Many software companies introduced various applications for mobile phones where you can earn that extra income; where you just need internet to run these apps. 

Here in this article we are going to discuss about the best money making apps that will pay you.

Best Money making apps that pay you TO TAKE SURVEYS

Well there are tons of ways earn that extra cash by just sharing your opinions and these apps are none other than survey apps, where market research companies wants the opinions of users online and after receiving the answers the users are paid online. Apps that pay you to take surveys are-


Survey Junkie is an online survey research company where surveys are provided to the registered users and most of the surveys of Survey Junkie are for various types of consumer goods but you can also choose several of other survey topics that are provided by them. The payments can be cash out via PayPal.


Launched in February 2008, this UK based website lets you earn Swagbucks points which you can convert it into gift cards or cash via PayPal for doing different activities such as taking surveys, playing games, surfing the internet and watching videos. 


Founded in 2000, InboxDollars is also an online survey website where registered users get paid in exchange for filling out surveys and completing online tasks such as playing games and watching videos. Simply by signing up, new users can earn $5 instantly but to cash out you need at least $30 in your InboxDollars account.


It is an online survey site where signing up is free and you get paid for completing surveys. You get rewards such as Amazon vouchers, iTunes gift cards, retail gift cards and many more. Also you can cash out your earnings via PayPal.


Launched in 2000, to create an account in Toluna you will have to answer nine questions survey about yourself, after completing it you will be ready to earn money through this app. You can choose the survey topics according to your wish and start earning after completing each survey. Once earned enough points you can convert your earnings into a wide range of rewards also you can cash out your earnings via PayPal.


Launched in 2007, with easy to use interface. Complete the surveys and cash out your earnings at $5 only via PayPal.


My Points was Established in 1996. 

Payments Offered– Cash paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Airline Miles, Retail e- vouchers.

REDEEMING REWARDSRequired minimum 700 points or $5 for rewards redemption.


Owned and operated by market research company Nielsen, headquartered in New York.

PAYMENTS OFFEREDCash paid via Bank Transfer, Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, Home Deposit Gift Cards, Merchandise, Prepaid Debit or Credit Cards, Movie Vouchers.

REDEEMING REWARDS- Rewards are delivered within a few business days or sometimes immediately after completing a survey. Your first 300 points which is equal to $3 will be sent to your address.


This survey website was founded in 2011.

PAYMENTS OFFERED- Cash Paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, Prepaid Debit or Credit cards.

REDEEMING REWARDS- Minimum account balance required 25,000 points which is equal to $25 to redeem the rewards.

10. I-SAY

Founded in 1975, this site is owned and managed by research professionals.

PAYMENTS OFFERED- Cash paid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, I-tunes Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, Target Gift Cards, Home Deposit Gift Cards, Restaurant Gift Cards, Merchandise, Sweepstakes Entries, Retail E-Vouchers, Google Play Credits, Movie Vouchers, Donations To Charity.

REDEEMING REWARDS- To redeem your rewards you need at least 500 i-say points. The rewards include Amazon Gift cards, Visa Prepaid Cards and many more.

These are the apps that will pay you to take surveys.

Best Money making apps THAT PAY YOU TO PLAY GAMES

Not only surveys but now you can earn money playing online games. As unemployment is increasing day by day, people are finding ways to earn income with the help of technologies.

Listing here some of the gaming apps that will pay you for playing.


Solitaire cube is a gaming app which works only on ios phone designed by Tether Studios. It is a regular solitaire game except you have to compete against others for cash prize.

This gaming app hosts tournament from $1 to all the way up $1000 per entry.

Someone won $380,934 by playing this game. Also new players, who don’t know how to play this game, can choose free games to practice and develop their skill.


Formerly known as Blackout Blitz this is a bingo style game developed by Big Run Studios Inc. and powered by skillz Platform that promises you cash prizes to play this game.

This app runs on Android, iPhone and iPad. Also there are daily rewards for playing which helps you earn extra z tokens or Ticketz. Doesn’t matter you win or lose these ticketz can be redeemed for bonus cash or prizes.


Launched in 2017, this mobile app provides its users a platform to play video games. Here gamers earn rewards in the form of points which later can be redeemed for prizes. This app is free and the longer you play the more points you get to earn. But this app is only runs on Android phones.

After completing a particular game the app will ask you about your opinion and experience while playing this game. For offering valuable feedback to the gaming company you get a reward. Per month you can make upto $50 worth of rewards.

Best Money making apps THAT PAY YOU TO EXERCISE

Another great way to earn extra income is by exercising. Yes, you can actually earn money by exercising .The quote “Health Is Wealth” perfectly fits in this topic. 

Listing below some of the exercising apps; that will help you to earn some extra income; while removing some extra fats.


Healthywage is a great way to lose weight and earn extra income. 

How does it work?

  1. Calculate your prize
  2. Set your weight loss goal
  3. Make your bet
  4. Verify your weight before you start exercising
  5. Lose your weight
  6. Compare your before exercising and after exercising results
  7. And win your hard earn money

Your weight loss goal should be at least 10% of your body weight. The cash rewards in Healthywage motivate the users to exercise so that they can earn more.

This app works on ios as well as android. Also to earn that extra income at first you need to invest it and if you reach your goal you will gain more then you invested. It definitely increases the effectiveness of the weight loss programs because users don’t want to lose their invested money.


Another app that pays you to exercise is the achievement app. It is a free app and has over two million users.

This app will pay you to walk, exercise and take health related surveys; be it at home or in the gym, it doesn’t matter wherever you exercise the only thing that matter is that you need to sync your fitness apps and wearable devices with achievement and start earning points.

For each activity you earn reward points and every 10,000 points is equal to $10 cash reward.

The rewards can be cash out via PayPal or direct bank transfers or gift cards. 

This app works both on android and ios. To join this app you need to be at least 18 years old.


  • Motivational
  • Free to use
  • Earning opportunity


  • Only for users who are at 18 years old
  • Longer payout time


The third app that will pay you to exercise is called sweatcoin. This app will pay you for walking. It is an easy to use app. You just need to download it and start walking. 

To track your walks you need to let the app run in the background. Everytime you take a walk sweatcoin will register the number of steps you take and reward you .95 sweatcoins for every 1000 steps and exchange them for different rewards provided by the app.

Three ways to earn sweatcoins

  • Invite friend rewards
  • Earn daily rewards
  • Make money for walking

These are the three apps that will pay while exercising.


Listing below some more miscellaneous apps that will help you to earn some extra income.


A panel app is an app that works in the background of your phone. Just use your phone like you normally do and the app collect the data according to your location.

The data collected provides valuable insight to the third parties. Your phone should be connected to the internet and the GPS must be on so that the app can work in the background. The app will work both on ios and android. However it will only work if you stay in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Panel App rewards you with points that can be redeemed in cash in return for sharing your data.

Also points can be earned by completing surveys provided by this app or referring this app to your friends.


Nielsen mobile app measures the activity of users on tablets and phones to get a better understanding of how these devices are used by the users. This mobile app is designed for mobile industries to understand how consumers use their phones, content and services. 

The app gathers the information by working in the background of your phone. 

Although this app works in the background but it doesn’t harm your privacy. It will not release your personal information to the third parties.

Signing up in this app is pretty simple. At first you need to complete a questionnaire and after that install the app from the Nielsen Mobile App website (this app cannot be installed from the app store).

This Mobile App runs on android, ios and kindle and works perfectly in the background without affecting your battery life or speed of the phone.

Just by installing this background app on your phone you can earn upto $50 points a year and later these points can be redeemed for some amazing rewards from their website.


Another app that will help you in earning extra income is the Wow App. It is a platform launched in 2015 where you can earn, share and do good as the tag says. The founder created this app so that people can earn money by what they are already doing. 

It provides you lots of opportunities to earn money. To get started you need to register yourself in this application first. And you are ready to complete the tasks and earn money. 

The amount earned can be transferred via PayPal or direct bank account also you can donate your earnings to the charity.

These are the miscellaneous apps that will help you in earning extra income.


Best Money Making Apps , This modern era is providing various ways to make money.

People who are not able to find jobs, with these modern apps they can at least earn some amount of income without investing any money.

From this we can conclude that modern technologies are benefitting us in a great way.

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