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Best Indian Female Youtubers

Best Indian female youtubers, when it comes to being a successful youtuber, it is not that easy.

Top Indian Female Youtubers

Youtubers are seen to be working on their channels for years, investing their time and money without having any guarantee of success.

Every person/woman making successful content on YouTube, should be counted in the best Indian female youtubers for their hard work. 

As YouTube has millions of channels, I cannot mention details of every youtuber/every female youtuber. Due to the same, I have mentioned the top 32 youtubers below, with having millions of subscribers on their channels.

Prajakta Koli

Best Indian female youtubers, one of the top-notch names, Prajakta Koli, is one of the best Indian female youtubers known for her channel Mostlysane having 6.56 million subscribers. Prajakta is a well-known actress and YouTuber known for making comedy videos that are relatable and observational comedy relating to daily life situations.

Other than this, when it comes to personal life Prajakta is 28 years old (born on 27 June 1993). Prajakta is the daughter of Archana Koli and Manish Koli and has a sibling named Nishant Koli. With this, Prajakta has completed her education from V.G. Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce (Autonomous), Vasant Vihar High School and Jr. College and University of Mumbai.

Anisha Dixit

Anisha Dixit, one of the best Indian Youtuber, is a great Indian comedian, content creator and most famous for her pseudo character Rickshawali. Anisha was born in Germany but relocated to Mumbai, India, after growing up in Germany. All around, Anisha has 3+ million followers combined over YouTube and Facebook. With this, she is also among India’s most popular social media personalities.

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is a well-known Indian chef, YouTube personality and also a restaurant consultant. Nisha works on recipes with various cuisines but specializes in Indian cuisine. With YouTube videos, Nisha also has food columns on various websites, magazines and newspapers such as Indian Express, Amar Ujala, Times of India and Dainik Bhaskar.

Nisha Madhulika has a total of 12.1 Million subscribers and 2.40 Billion on YouTube. Nisha is 62 years old (born on 25 August 1959), born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh and is married to M.S Gupta.

Shruti Arjun Anand

Shruti Anand is a popular and one of the best Indian Youtuber and is well-known for being a YouTube fashion blogger. Shruti is known for being the entertainment and Beauty Ka Cocktail. Shruti Anand’s channel is well-known for being overflowing with family comedy, lifestyle and fashion. Shruti and her family runs a total of eight YouTube channels that are owned and managed by the ShrutiArjunAnand Digital Private Limited production. Shruti aims to make happy hours more entertaining with her 400 YouTube videos and 9,780,000 subscribers.

Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal is a well-known youtuber, Indian stand-up comedian, actress and a writer. Aditi Mittal is one of the top notch women in India to do stand-up comedy. Aditi has also been rated amongst India’s top 10 stand-up comedians by The Times of India. Aditi Mittal has a total of 242,000 subscribers on her channel, making $1.21 for 1000 views on her YouTube videos.

Vidya Iyer

Vidya Iyer, well-known by her stage name Vidya Vox, is one of the best YouTuber and singers. Vidya was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, but immigrated with her family to the United States of America at the age of eight. Vidya Iyer is known for her music, being a mix of Classical rappers, electronic dance music and Indian classical music. 

Today, Vidya is 31 years old (born on 26 September 1990), has a total of 7.48 million in her YouTube channel and has a sibling named Vandana Iyer.

Kabita Singh

Kabita Singh is a youtuber, well-known for her channel Kabita’s kitchen, where she posts recipe videos for food lovers. With being one of the best Indian female youtubers, Kabita Singh is also one of the most popular female cooks in India. Kabita Singh’s channel is one of the YouTube channels with the most number of subscribers. When it comes to cuisines, Kabita’s kitchens, most of the videos are of Indian cuisine.

Sonali Bhaduriya

Sonali Bhaduriya is a well-known Indian female youtuber known for her dance videos. Sonali is known as a popular  Indian dancer, choreographer and youtuber. 

With this, when it comes to personal information, Sonali Bhaduriya is 33 years old (born on 12 December 1989). Sonali has completed her education from the Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India

and is known to leave her job at the well-known company, Infosys to continue her dancing career. 

Sambhavna Sheth

Sambhavna Sheth is a well-known youtuber, dancer and choreographer. Sambhavna’s YouTube channel is famous for her dance videos, having 30.1 lakh subscribers, as of now. 

Sambhavna Sheth is 41 years old (born on 12 December 1980), in Mumbai, is the daughter of Sushma Seth and S.K Seth and has been married to Avinash Dwivedi.

Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia is one of the best Indian youtubers, singer and actress who was born in Daman, India and brought up in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Shirley is 26 years old (born on 2 July 1995), has been educated from the The University of Auckland and the New York Film Academy | New York. Shirley Setia is known for her YouTube channel having 326 million views and being referred as “Bollywood’s Next Big Singing Sensation”.

Mallika Motiramani

Mallika Motirmani is one of the youngest and best female youtubers. Mallika is in 12th grade and is known for her YouTube channel “Mallika Vlogs” having 130k+ subscribers. 

Mallika is one of the most popular and rare Vloggers in India having Two Silver Play buttons. Mallika is not known for subscribers but is known for making interesting and quality content. At the very young age of 16, Mallika is an ideal personality for many youngsters.

Shanice Shrestha

Shanice Shrestha is a well-known actress and YouTuber. Shanice is known for her YouTube channel ShaniceShresthaVlogs and her fashion and lifestyle blogging. 

Shanice is 27 years old (born on 31 July 1995), born and brought up in Mumbai and has been recently married to Nikhil Sharma.

Saba Ibrahim

Saba Ibrahim is a well-known blogger, model, and YouTuber. Saba is known for her simple and sober nature to express things and show them has made her famous. Being the sister of the famous TV actor Shoaib Ibrahim and sister-in-law of Dipika Kakar, Saba has gained huge fame in very less time. 

Saba easily started getting millions of views on her YouTube videos, from her fans, and the fans of her brother and sister in law following her channel.

Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is of the well-known and the best Indian female youtubers and a fashion blogger, having a net worth of Rs. 30 crores.

Komal is 28 years old (born on June 18, 1994), in New Delhi. She completed her schooling from Delhi and has bachelor’s degree in commerce from Shahid Bhagat Singh College. As of today, Komal Pandey is also dating a well-known personality Siddarth Batra.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a well-known Canadian comedian, actress, former talk show host, and YouTuber. Lilly has formerly appeared under the pseudonym Superwoman (stylized IISuperwomanII), which is also her long-time YouTube (started in 2010).

Lilly is 44 years old (born on 26 September 1988) and has been raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Singh began making YouTube videos in 2010.

As of today, Lilly has around 15 million subscribers and has approximately 4 billion views on her videos.

Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila is one of the best Indian youtubers, a popular internet sensation and a well-known actress.

Kusha is 33 years old (born on September 19, 1989) in Delhi. Other than this, Kusha has completed her schooling from South Delhi, completed her graduation in English Literature from Indraprastha College and also has a bachelor’s degree in fashion technology.

With all her work, as of today, Kusha is having a net-worth of $1 Million.

Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh is one of the best Indian youtubers, fashion bloggers, content creator, and social media influencers. Dolly is known as a popular content developer at iDiva, is best known for playing the character ‘Raju Ki Mummy’ and stereotypical ‘South Delhi Girl’ on her YouTube channel. 

Dolly’s videos are famous for the comedy family content created by her.

Tanya Khanijow

Tanya Khanijow is a well-known Indian youtuber, travel blogger, and also a photographer. Tanya has a total of 8.13 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel. Tanya is mostly known for her solo travel videos. 

Other than this, Tanya belongs to a nuclear family, with her father Pramod Khanijow (who is a retired army officer), her mother Poonam Khanijow (a homemaker) and her sister Twesha Khanijow (a yoga instructor).

Dhanashree Verma

Dhanashree Verma is one of the best Indian female youtubers, dancer, choreographer and also a well-known dentist. Dhanashree has a net worth of $2 Million and is known to make various dance videos in collaboration of various famous actors. After her marriage, Dhanashree had a growth in her popularity, and is known for being the wife of an Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. 

Dhanashree is 25 years old (born on 27 September 1996), born in Dubai and brought up in Mumbai. Other than this, Dhanashree has completed her education from the DY Patil University and Mithibai College, Vile Parle.

Natasha Noel

Natasha Noel is one of the best Indian female youtubers having 7+ million subscribers. Natasha is a well-known yoga instructor, dancer and media personality, known for her dance and fitness videos on her channel. Natasha Noel is 24 years old ( born on 14 September 1997) and also is named in the BBC 100 Women in 2019.

Pooja Luthra

Pooja Luthra is a well-known youtuber and beauty consultant. Pooja is known for sharing various beauty and home remedies on her channel. As of now, Pooja has a net worth of $1.29 million, having 7,210,000 subscribers, 4629 videos and 836.6 Million overall views on her videos.

Niharicka Singh

Niharicka Singh, well-known as on online Nick (or just Nick), is an Indian comedian YouTuber. Niharicka’s mostly known for her characters are herself (called Nick) and her mother whom she calls Mataji. Niharicka started her YouTube channel in 2010, has uploaded 316+ videos and has 22.3 lakh subscribers on her channel.

Jessika Kaur

Jessika Kaur is a top notch Indian social media personality. Jessika is known for millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel and millions of followers (303.725k + followers) on her tik tok account. 

Other than this, there is no relevant information available about Jessika’s personal life.

Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is one of the best Indian female youtubers and video bloggers. Sejal started her YouTube channel in February 2014, and has around 1.35 Million subscribers and 199+ Million views as of February 2021. Other than this, Sejal has recently released her first original song, named as Aisi Hun in the project Creators for Change. 

Other than this, in more information, Sejal Kumar is 27 years old (born on 1 January 1995), is the daughter of Anjali Kumar and Anil Kumar, has completed her education from The Mother’s International School and has a brother named Rohan Kumar.

Rekha Aduge

Rekha Aduge is a well-known Indian youtuber, known for her knowledge regarding food and recipes. She is known to work with different cuisines and upload recipe videos. Currently, Rekha has a total of 1,900,000 subscribers, 1153 videos and an overall views of 381.4 million on her channel.

Neha Kakkar

Neha Kakkar is a well-known singer who also runs her own YouTube channel. Neha is counted as one of the best Indian female youtubers, having 11.8 million subscribers. Neha uploads her singing videos, short songs and behind the scene stories on her channel.  

Neha is the sister of Tony Kakkar and is married to Rohan Preet Singh (they both are also well-known Indian singers).

Himanshi Tekwani

Himanshi Tekwani, famous as That Glam Girl, is one the best and famous Indian female youtubers and social media personalities. Himanshi is known to have millions of subscribers, followers and fans on various social media applications such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Himanshi is known for her beauty and makeup knowledge videos on YouTube. 

Sherry Shroff

Sherry Shroff is a well-known YouTube blogger having a total of 3.27 million subscribers. Sherry started her channel when YouTube was that known. She is known for her blogs and videos, related to beauty, her daily life and lifestyle. 

With no relevant information about Sherry’s personal life, Sherry has a net worth of $70.5k.

Dr. Shalini

Currently, Dr Shalini is world’s leading Naturopath in the field of Health, Beauty, Wellness and Weight loss Consultancy. Dr. Shalini is known as one of the best Indian female youtubers, who has transformed the lives of millions with her lifestyle and health videos. 

With being a health and wellness expert Dr.Shalini is also a specialist in Gems and Crystal Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Bach Flower Remedy and Color Therapy.

Priya Malik

Priya Malik is a well-known youtuber having broad knowledge about beauty and wellness. With her beauty and wellness tips and solutions videos on YouTube, Priya Malik has become one of the best Indian female youtubers with millions of subscribers. 

Priya Malik’s YouTube channel was founded in 2011, with 2.93 million subscribers and $308.2 thousand of net worth as of now.

Komal Godan

Komal Gudan is one of the best Indian female youtubers and fashion Influencers. Komal Godan is known for her YouTube channel Super Style Tips. With the beauty and lifestyle videos on her channel Komal has changed the lives of many people and gained great success on social media. 

Komal has 3+ Million subscribers and 341+ Million views on her channel and earns more than 1 lakh rupees a month.

Furthermore, there are around 120 youtuber in India having more than one million subscribers, the top names of those youtubers are mentioned above.

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