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Best business ideas in India

Best business ideas in India If you are fed up with scrolling  new ideas to generate income then this post equally relates to you. you never know which idea will groom  you and change your life completely.

Nevertheless, the market is tough enough nowadays with huge competition, but that does not mean being an entrepreneur is not your cup of tea.

Here is a list of great innovative ideas with less investment  that might change your life. Follow them and hook with at least  two to three to thrive more.


It can be a good start if you know plenty about cooking . you can turn your passion into a profession.  

Set your food truck with lots of food stuff and take wherever you want. You don’t need to buy or rent a space.

In addition you can also try out a variety of things like drinks, fast food, south indian food or any signature dish.  

2. Affiliate marketing

These days affiliate marketing is an extremely profitable way to become an entrepreneur . Best business ideas in India Even though it does not require much investment. 

You just need to create an affiliate account and promote others products and start receiving commision.

3. Income tax advisor

There are still many people in India who don’t know how to fill a tax. Due to legal requirements it is always in demand.

You can become an income tax advisor if you are good enough in that.

With the extremely low investment you can also build a big business from this innovative idea.

Note- It is very important to have correct information related to income tax.

4. Coaching

Whenever the word coaching comes to mind, we feel that only the study part is there But no, absolutely not.

Best business ideas in India for learning , Coaching means the work which you can do very well by yourself . You can teach others too.

Some ideas are like yoga, dancing, music, cooking, learning a new language, gardening and many more.

One can start a  business and  earn a handsome amount by doing coaching only.

5. E learning

Again it is never too late to learn anything. With the involvement of time e learning is in boom. Set your online and offline modules as per your favourite interested niche and upload on youtube.

You can try your hand in e- learning platform. You will be surprised to see the result.

6. Online business

This business idea is gaining popularity day by day.

Online business means to start selling and promoting online. You can sell anything from a needle to apparel. All that matters here is your ability. 

You can expand your work as much as you want. because the ground is yours.

7. handicraft

The next idea in this list is handicraft. Small business ideas always grow fast into big business. you can start buying art and craft goods from rural areas and start selling into big urban markets ventures. Without much investment this business will flourish like a kite.

With the passage of time you can also set up a big showroom of your own.

8. Android app

Many companies require  technical experts for developing multiple apps. Best business ideas in India for engineers , In India there is a big scope of making new mobile android apps. All you need is  enough knowledge of technology and related concerns. In addition, always make sure of the services before launch.

9. Virtual assistant

How about becoming an online manager? Sounds interesting!

Best business ideas in India for talking ,Yes you can become a virtual assistant And the best part you don’t require any degree or skill.

Many entrepreneurs and bloggers need a virtual assistant to tackle their task easily.

It could be a profitable business idea without any investment.

10. Online classes

Nowadays online education is on boom.  Every parent wants superior education for their kids , no matter how it costs.

So you can be a professional tutor if you are well educated and qualified. You can also make your own modules and upload through an online platform.

11. Lab sample collection

Medical collection sample is top notch. It can be a good start with very low investment as this is an extremely lucrative idea. You can either set up your own  lab or can do it online.

You just need a little bit of knowledge to carry blood and urine samples, stool samples.

In addition You can also tie up with a reputable lab technician.    

12. TIFFIN Service

 Who does not want to have delicious food? Obviously everyone. And when you provide innovative, healthy and delicious kitchen dishes it is like a cream on the top.

The best part of this business is that you can start it anytime without much investment. All you need is a spacious kitchen and big utensils.

The rest depends upon your marketing skills and contacts. The more you put effort in, the more you earn.

13. Boutique

It is an oldest traditional business idea. To start up with this business you need an equitable amount of fashion sense and a good quality sewing machine.

You can  even sell your own apparels designs  online and offline.

In addition if you are eligible to customise their dresses then you will definitely please your customer satisfaction.

14. Resell domain name

Reselling domain names is a single short investment. There is a wave of opportunities for business ideas because of the advancement of the internet.

But this idea will not get you instant business. It takes time.  

15. Gardening

With time being and awareness of the environment, this business is highly in demand. More or less everyone needs plants to decorate. You can too jump in this industry as the investment is much less, prepare seeds, small plants to sell, packet of fertilizers and so on.

If you have a space then go with it, if you have much knowledge about plants then you may consider becoming an expert.

16. Making chocolates

This is yet another trendy  innovative idea to start a business. homemade chocolates are in huge demand.

If you are an expert in making chocolates then no one can compete with you in this business. Use varities of fragrance and flavours for more branding and appreciation.

The rest is up to your potential of marketing strategies to become an entrepreneur.

17. Day care centre

Working couples always need a good day care centre.

The most important factor where you hit your client is  Cleanliness and hygiene.

Preparing different activities for a toddler will definitely be appreciated by the parents.

You can stand a big business through this small idea.

18.                     Network marketing

You can simply become a network marketer by promoting  several products and brands.

The Internet is full of these searches. You just need to follow some  best product that directly knocks the market and of course your contacts too affect to reach out set goals. 

Well this business needs a little patience along with your effort.

19. Learning a drive

Very few people can think that this too can be a business idea.

There are still many people who don’t know about a single letter of driving but are willing to learn. You can even start it part time also as per your convenience.

 If you have good driving skills then definitely try your luck and after expanding this business according to the responses.

21. Jams and pickles

We Indians love variation in our food. Everyone loves jams, pickles and sauces and if you are capable of providing them homemade, then surely your business will rise with no time.

Now customers are more attractive towards organic and homemade food.

First start your business with local grounds and after jump high to Earn thrively.

22. Baking a cake

Baking  a cake is an expanding  lucrative business  idea as cakes are always in demand. No matter what the occasion. 

You can start it at your home space  or open a small bakery shop in your locality.

The best part is you don’t require a high amount.

Along with cake you can also sell other bakery items like bread, cookies, pastries and many more.

23. Organic farming

Again another simple and innovative idea to start up.

Nowadays, in this chemical filled era , if you do organic farming then you can create the most successful business.

Organic farming requires a piece of land and organic waste to produce organic grains.

For more orders to take place initially start doing door to door service after succeeding start your own brand market venture. This unique business idea will change your life

24.                  Chat bot services

If you can create an intelligent chatbot then what could be better than this. In the future each and every commercial field needs a chatbot to perform their task.

For this you need to acquire sufficient knowledge to develop a chatbot. You can grow your business with little hard work

25. Masala powder packets

One can also hook up with this idea as it does not require any skill.

Every home maker uses packed spice powder for their food. What if you do the same for them?

All you need is a heavy voltage of grinder and raw spices. You can also provide them onion paste, ginger garlic paste and what not.

First start in your locality after getting a popular jump into a big market industry. You can’t imagine it working like a wonder.

26. Pet and food care

This is another big business where you can explore your ideas.  Around 30% of the population in India have a  pet. These pets need special affection and care when their owner is away from them.

If you are well known, proficient and can handle pets then you must jump into this business.

In addition you can also sell pet food and their accessories to earn extra. 

27. Event manager

If you are willing to manage multiple things at one time then you may consider this beautiful idea to start your own business.

Many people hire event managers for their parties and occasions along with so many festivals and rituals.

you just need to display your managing skills on social media to knock more clients.

It will be loved and Liked by gathering if you try harder to satisfy them.

28. Commercial items and gifts

There is an ancient tradition and culture to exchange gifts and presents throughout the year in the corporate world.

You too jump into this business with limited sample stuff to display.

Probably these samples are like  printed diaries, mugs, bags, calendars, pens, key chains and lots more.

You need samples and contacts to start. If you have up to the mark samples then you can set up a successful business very soon.

29. Local tourist guide

That sounds old and weird but still local tourist guides are always in demand. If you are familiar and have adequate knowledge about your city, you can become an expert tourist guide. People love to have a reliable and honest tourist guide.

For more orders you can tie up with multiple tourist agencies and hotels.    

30. Packaging services

Many online stores need several people to pack their ordered items. You can join these companies for orders to place.

To open up with this business all you need is proper and good quality packing accessories. 

The rest depends upon your contacts and potential.

31. Cab driver

This is yet another fast growing and evergreen business to try if you are good enough at driving. 

Best business ideas in India for driving Many people prefer private transport to travel for security and comfort reasons. Cab drivers paid by every single ride as per their choice.

You may also tie up with online driving apps to earn more like uber, ola and in drive.

32. Bloggers

If you are good at writing then you must try blogging.

There are many Indian bloggers who earn upto 1 lakh per month. Basically bloggers do writing for informational purposes and generate income via google adsense and affiliate marketing.

You too start your own business with blogging, it amidst little investment.

33. Graphic designing

India is upgrading day by day with the emergence of digitalisation. You too can become a graphic designer if you have an appropriate knowledge in graphics. Graphic designers need social media marketing strategies to flourish their business.

The best part of this business idea was that it did not require much investment.

You need a good quality of laptop and a high speed of internet connection.

34. Fitness trainer

Who does not want a fit and healthy physique, obviously it’s a dream of everyone. What if you make it as a business?

Best business ideas in India for fitness , Fitness training is a lucrative business idea trending these days. People started awaring about fitness and wellness.

To jump and look effective in this industry firstly you need to be fit enough.

Many companies hire fitness experts for their wellness programme. You can open your own gym in your locality according to your expertise.

35. Digital marketing

For business , digital marketing idea can be a good start as it attain frequent positive responses among enterpernure. Being a digital marketer there are lots of stuff to do like blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO expert and so on.

 There is a huge scope of success in digital marketing. Many Indians right now are doing this business and earning a decent amount.

36. Ayurvedic natural face pack

In this polluted life, the ayurvedic face pack has made a different identity for itself and India is the treasure of ayurveda.

People spend lakhs of money to make themselves look beautiful. If you make and sell ayurvedic face masks , then you will get a lot of profit.

you will not even have to work hard and you will also stand an extremely successful business.  

37. Share market

Share market is known to all of you as gambling, but if you learn it very well then you have no time to become a millionaire. If you too want success in this you need a lot of patience and risk ability and a good amount of knowledge in the economic industry.

For this business you need a demat and trading account. If you are willing to take risks then go ahead with this idea.

38. sell apparels

Selling apparels is an all time favourite and evergreen business. You can begin it in your home grounds also.

We Indians love to wear ethnic and traditional dresses. And if you set it signature with trendy apparels then you will get your feet in this business. you can sell it online and offline mode as per your choice and comfort zone.

Nevertheless it is a fast growing business in india. you will make money overnight in this business.

39. Making buttons

It sounds weird but button making is too good for a business to start. you can operate this at your home space also as it is a comparatively uncomplexed one.

All you need to buy is a button making machine and that’s it. Prepare some design samples and take them to the local market. You can also display your design online to gather more orders. Do try this out, who knows luck will knock this time.

40. Beauty salon

This is again an effective business to start with less investment. Both men and women pay equal attention to their beauty.

Opening a beauty salon is a modest and effective way to earn quick. You may also add therapies at your beauty salon to attract more clients.

In addition beauty products and cosmetics can also be sold at your salon. This business idea will never fail.

41. From scrap to top

Smart people are investing in scrap businesses nowadays. Usually at an earlier time nobody wants to do scrap business as it is considered backward. But with time being from scrap you can become a millionaire.

you can start trading with discard material through recycling. However this business needs a proper space to store discard material. 

Many entrepreneurs are investing in this idea to become successful.    

42. Catering business

The catering business initially did not need much investment. Nevertheless it is one of the most non competitive business ideas followed by many indians. 

Catering business growing with adverse speed due to occasions and festivals going through a year.

Only you need a conventional space to store equipment and utensils. Initially start it with a single hand and after getting orders expand with dedicated staff.  

43. Electronic repair

If you are eligible to handle electronic gadgets then go for it. Electronic things wear out over time. 

You can also become an online mechanic for electronic repair items.  Start providing your services at doorsteps, to gather more popularity. 

44. Making ice cream cones

Ice cream is an all time favorite dessert. Best business ideas in India for food No matter what the occasion, licking an ice cream is always a pleasure and satisfaction.

Henceforth if you want to start a business then why not with the ice cream cones. 

This idea is amazingly lucrative with less investment. First operate with small and after get larger with huge response.

45. Disposable utensils

Disposable utensils  is a never ending business. They are highly in demand due to events and festivals going on everytime.

As they are affordable and convenient their demand is endless.

For environment friendly you can start making paper disposable utensils to thrive your business.     


With the adverse effects of time, natural stuff is highly in demand like natural beauty products, supplements, healthy food, natural soap and many more. 

In case if you are inclined to make natural organic soaps, then you should surely start with this business.

You need little investment to start, some easily available raw materials like glycerin,essential oil, fragrance and a good quality microwave to prepare soaps.

 Allow this business to thrive in the market. This will surely change your life.


Best business ideas in India Practising multiple tasks will help to explore ideas. But before making a decision about any business, you must be sure about the pros and cons.

 And of course their legal and licence procedure to be followed to avoid trouble.

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