Best AI Chatbots Software 2021

Best AI Chatbots Software ,A chatbot is programmed customer assistance that helps in instant response to any queries of the customer. It works on the basis of keywords/phrases.

Chatbot software not only helps in easy conversation but it also has many other advantages. It provides automated conversations, generation of leads, it maximizes the customer experience and optimizes company’s time. It can also help in providing more sales out of very little expense. 

Best AI Chatbots Software


On top of our chart we have by which you can easily make chatbots with the help of their drag and drop chatbot builder feature. The best part of this is that no extra coding skill or technical knowledge is needed to operate it.

It also has some pre-built templates which allows you to start your chatbot very quickly at its very initial stage. There is a huge variety of templates option available.

Best AI Chatbots Software , Templates including the theme of selling, fundraising, customer care, bookings and many more.

This chatbot allows you to use several other apps which you can use to boost your business more. As it is integrally involved with your website it can be used alongside other live chat software.

ChatBot excellently works on Facebook messenger. Facebook is also powered by the same AI driven software as ChatBot. This software helps to wisely target Facebook users by collecting data of the user’s choices and spending money to show them ads of their preferences.

This software is economically better also since it comes with a free 14-day trial so that you can try out Chatbot and gain a vivid idea of what you are choosing and even if it is worth your investment or not.

Budget: Chatbot is quite economical as it starts from $50 per month. It provides 1 active chatbot which can support 1000 chats per month.

2. ManyChat

Here we go to our 2nd software in the list which is ManyChat. This chatbot is a Facebook messenger chatbot builder which uses the 1.3 billion user strength of Facebook as its customer. It gives a huge and powerful retargeting option on the platform. Basically it helps to boost your website, place more orders and collect leads by using Facebook Messenger.

It has a very easy drag and drop feature by which you can easily set your chatbot for your Facebook page. This chatbot will automatically welcome newcomers, point them out your products, it will also schedule messages and much more.

Budget: ManyChat comes with a free plan through which you can initially get started. It gives you free basic quick-start templates, two drip sequences and around ten tags for audience segmentation. You can also buy the premium plan which gives unlimited drips sequences and tags. Best AI Chatbots Software ,The premium plan also has split testing, buy buttons and many more.

3. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is on number three in our list. It is a powerful chatbot which is designed for Messenger, Facebook and Instagram. It is very simple and easy to use, no coding knowledge or experience is needed to use it.

Chatfuel is one of the famous software used by different companies like LEGO, Adidas, TechCrunch and many more. It helps to boost your sales, form leads and answer frequently asked questions by the customers. It also saves a lot of time for the customer service agents as well as the time of the customers.

Budget: Chatfuel is quite cheap. It is affordable by the small growing businesses also. It starts from $15 per month. It also has no user limit. It also comes with a free plan with fully-featured bot which gives access to up to 50 users.

4. Freshchat

Fourth in our list we have Freshchat. It is designed to build chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat and Web. Freshchat is powered by Freddy, an artificial intelligence algorithm. It not only intends to save time of the live chat agents but also detects the intention of the customers and tries to engage with them. It tries to find what the customer wants and acts accordingly. By using its learning technology, Freshchat can come up with a list of customers and their most asked questions. You can easily review them and prepare better answers for those precise questions.

Budget: Freshchat is comparatively pricey. You have to buy a ‘Forest’ plan so that your enterprise can use their chatbots. It costs $69 per user per month.

5. Drift

On number five we have Drift. It allows you to combine live chat and automated chatbot. It also coordinates with famous CRMs and email marketing services.

It is designed in such a way that it proactively converses with the customers who are already on your website and are dealing with your products or services.

It helps to convert conversation into potential sales. It is designed to boost your normal sales. It also offers collaboration with many other third-party tools such as Intercom, Zendesk and many more.

This software is recommended for potential large businesses because of its pricing. If your business is small and you have just started to earn online then this bot is not for such businesses.

Budget: Drift’s costing starts from $400/month annually. This software comes with 5 users. A free plan is also available but the chatbot feature is not included in that plan.

Why are chatbots needed?


It is not always possible for a human being to be available all the time.  The reason is mainly the time difference and this is something which we cannot deny.

This is the biggest reason for which we lose customers because when they don’t find an answer to their query they decide to leave. Chatbots make sure that questions are not left unanswered. It is 24×7 available to answer customer queries. It will always make sure the customers are assisted properly. It never fails to attend to the customers, even if a question drops at an odd hour it is going to answer it then and there. 

Multilingual support

Different customers access a website from different corners of the world. They always want to communicate through their preferred languages. If they can’t properly express their questions they prefer to leave the site.

Chatbots provides a wide range of language access. It can resolve problems in multiple languages. If a customer raises a query in French, your chatbot will also reply to him or her in French. This feature ensures that all the types of customers are attended and assisted properly.


 You can deal with any questions on many platforms like WhatsApp, your website, over calls and other virtual assistant AI-technologies. Best AI Chatbots Software , This increases the customer satisfaction. Even if the customer has no access to one platform you can be available on other platforms to reach out to the customers.

Improves lead conversion rate-

Chatbots assists the  customers over chat or call. It helps in filling up forms easily, it also reduces drop outs.

Chatbots help to gather valuable data of the customers like their preferred brand, their problems, what they usually use, their budget preferences and more. This data builds a stable database about the customers. Which you can sort out and find common preferences and trending products. It also helps to make your website a bit advanced where you can make sure that information is readily available. Once you find customers’ problems, you can very easily resolve them. By this the customer will stick to your website which prevents dropouts.

Personalize Communication –

When leads are formed it helps to build a personal database of the customers by which the website is able to give personalized suggestions and information to the customers. By seeing customers’ purchase history, their recent searches the chatbot recommends products to the customer. This also helps in greater sales as these recommendations evoke the want to buy the products in customers mind.


It is very important to have a constant touch with the customers so that they are well aware of the offers, events, new features and new products of the company. This helps to attract customers and it also increases sales.

A chatbot provides active follow-ups to the customers so that they are always informed about the upcoming events, updates and facilities. It also comes with a reminder facility where it sends reminders to the customers on various platforms like WhatsApp. This acts as a reminder plus advertisement of the new products.

Automate FAQ

Lack of common business related information which are essential like delivery charge, delivery date, return options, etc on an online business platform becomes a reason for the customers to not visit the site any further.

This problem however has a solution which is a FAQ chatbot, a bot that will already have few basic and common questions with an answer button just beside the questions. This will ease the work of the customer, they will no longer have to search for their queries as the answers of their questions will be ready in front of them. This helps the support team to handle more complicated and confusing inquiries and common questions are handled by the chatbot. This makes the work easier.

Make Websites Easy to Navigate-

When a customer opens a site it is obvious that he or she wants to get familiarized with the brand. It is the first thing which determines whether the customer will stay or leave the site. If they find it difficult to navigate in the site due to complicated layout and lack of assistance then they will leave the site and shift to another. It is when chatbots eases the customers navigating experience in the website by guiding them.

It will prevent the customers from leaving the sites without making a purchase.

Budget friendly

Chat Bot softwares is easily available and is a one time investment in the business. It is a cost effective and pocket friendly investment. It is an affordable model. It does not require a huge advance payment. It also doesn’t require licensing. It is a pay-as-you-go asset.

Disadvantages of using AI Chatbots Software

Difficult to create

It is very difficult to build chatbot software from the beginning. In order to create an efficient and effective chatbot you need good coding experience and knowledge to create a chatbot To create software from scratch you have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Lack of Emotions

A chatbot is the software that lacks emotion. When a human being personally has a conversation with a customer he or she is able to understand their situation, emotion and feelings.

Although these softwares are pretty good to keep a conversation on the right path, when it comes to coordinating with the customer based on their emotions a human being can respond more efficiently and effectively.

Bots are a pre-set mechanism. Which work according to the pre-given instruction and information. They are not effective when the conversation is out of their way. Then they fail to fulfil customer requests. Even if a bot is fully commanded with best of the instructions still as it lacks emotions, it becomes difficult for the chatbots to fulfil the customer requests. These cases are rare but are non manageable by chatbots. 

Now AI-powered chatbots are available in the market which has a hint of pre-loaded empathy in them. You can also build the personality of your bots by your choice.

Require Maintenance

Chabot require constant maintenance and review. This is needed so that there is a constant track of how the bot is handling the customer queries. You need to update it with the latest data and content so that it can respond to customer requests easily. The bot should be able fulfil and solve  maximum customer demands with latest and relevant information about the website and its products.

These chatbots can be maintained by analysing several conversations between the customer and the bot. Which will create an idea about the most asked questions of the customers. But keeping a track on each and every conversation of the bot is very difficult and time taking.


Best AI Chatbots Software , In this article we have tried to uplift several advantages and disadvantages of a Chatbot. Where we find that with establishment of new technologies and software solutions, the advantages are clearly more than the disadvantages of a chatbot software.

By choosing the right Best AI Chatbots Software i.e Chatbot software you can save a lot of time, energy, money and resources. You can take your sales to another level while satisfying your customers with exactly what they need.


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