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Amazon FBA Business in 2021

Amazon FBA simply means for fulfillment by Amazon. It is one of the most famous methods or ways to earn money or cash.

Till now, there are more than 2 million people who sell on Amazon globally.

Anyone can choose an item to sell on Amazon, whether it’s something made by you, something purchased by you,

or an item you don’t want or need anymore.

Amazon FBA means If you want to be a part of the FBA program,

then you can mechanize order by taking advantage of the advanced shipping of Amazon and fulfill the services,

and earn more sales or money from Amazon’s popular prime customers or buyers.

How Amazon FBA does works

First, you need to send your products or item to Amazon. Amazon company has more than 100 warehouses across the whole world.

After you let them know about what product you are sending, then they will notify you that where to send the product.

After you send your product, they will sort the products and will store the products in their inventory and then a warehouse.

And if by mistakenly anything gets damaged or destroyed in the warehouse, Amazon will repay you.

Customer Orders

Then if any customer orders to buy one of those products of yours,

Amazon will pick up the product, pack it nicely, ship the order and then tract the order for you.

In simple words, Amazon will take of every transaction, after getting the payment they will automatically update your inventory.

Amazon takes good care of customer service as they take care of little details like customer satisfaction, shipping on time, and alike.

They also respond to the return and refund questions.

And then, at last, you’ll get paid directly into your bank in every 2 weeks distance as

Amazon updates your sales and transfer money every 2 weeks.

This whole process is not fully free;

 But it is worth spending some money as Amazon is allowing you to reach a great mass of customers via Amazon.

What you are responsible for while using Amazon FBA

Selecting or choosing which product to sell- You can choose any product and put them for sell but to avoid storage fees, choose such products which will be sold in a quicker time.

It is very vital to keep your inventory in stock- You have to go through your inventory levels regularly to ensure the availability of your products in stock.

Marketing and promoting or advertising your product is very vital-

If you are selling products of well-known brands, then this step is not so necessary for you but if you are selling your custom goods, you need to promote or advertise your product properly so that people can find your product on Amazon.

Advantages of using Amazon FBA

This program of fulfillment by Amazon is one of the effective and successful ways to grow your business and get your products in front of the mass.

So some of the advantages of being part of the Amazon FBA are as follows-

Effortless logistics and shipping- Managing your fulfillment can be quite tiring and time taking.

Higher sales simply mean spending a lot more time in packing, shipping.

But many of them are there who hire a team or a professional to handle or take care of this whole process but it also expensive to hire. So Fulfillment by Amazon allows you to take advantage of their services and enjoy tension free life

Discounted shipping charges Amazon has many contracts with numerous shipping companies or

carriers who give a discount to the company and those discounts also reach the sellers and benefit them.

These discounts allow the sellers to pay fewer shipping charges while sending the products to the warehouses. Customers also get benefitted as many products are there which offer free shipping.

Customer Service and Refunds using Amazon FBA

Handing of returns and refunds- The whole process of returns is great pain, so you can get rid of this pain by Amazon FBA as they manage the whole process of refunds and returns. Yes, Amazon surely charges return processing fees but it’s worth it.

Handing or managing customers 24/7- Amazon manages and take care of all queries, problems, complain from customers and tries to solve those in the minimalistic time.

Providing unlimited storing space- Storing products take a lot of space but while using Amazon FBA, no need to worry about the size or space of the warehouse.

You only have to send the product to Amazon and they will store it properly in their warehouses.

Super quick delivery- Amazon FBA has more than 100 fulfillment centers all over the world so it doesn’t matter the customer or buyer is from,

they will get their ordered products safely and within the given time.

Fulfillment of orders by customers from other channels or platforms- MCF (Multi-channel Fulfillment service permits you to sell your custom products on other renowned channels like BigCommerce and alike.

But the whole tracking and all other updates related to the product will be tracked by Amazon

send that information to your customers from your BigCommerce store.

Points to be considered for a successful seller

  • You have to do thorough research about your competitors to find out the profitable products you can sell.
  • It is very important to choose the correct product to sell on Amazon FBA.
  • You should always go for high-ranking products as they will be sold easily and in a quicker time.
  • Always go for bundling products like for example, you can combine a well-known board game with an extra or additional dice bag.
  • This will help to build a unique and different listing from other sellers.
  • Try to create your brand at the top so that people buy your products more.
  • Always use effective and smart SEO practices.


There are lot of ways on How to make money on Amazon . Amazon FBA is one of the ways .

Overall, Amazon FBA is a great way to earn money and build your business at the top .

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