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Alchemer Reviews ,We would have done more than one online survey since we shop online or from retail shops. Here, we are giving real-time feedback on our customer experiences. It will help companies to improve a product, deliveries, customer service, and many more to meet customer expectations.

Thus, customer survey, feedback survey, and customer experience survey is an ongoing part of your company’s overall performance. Here, Alchemer is the market leader in providing application-programming interfaces to conduct such surveys online. They serve desktop and mobile customers via the app. Here, we have taken feedback from Alchemer reviews online and discussed the new features and pricing in 2021.

About Alchemer – Alchemer Reviews

Alchemer is a renowned software development company in Colorado. They are in the ITES business since 2006. Previously, it was previously known as SurveyGizmo.

Today, they come under the top 10-software application developer for conducting surveys online. Based on our Alchemer Reviews ,The enterprises that were successful after availing integrated feedback management platform are FedEx, Abode, Verizon, salesforce, SONOS, Dish, and Urban Outfitters. Today, they are number one in developing survey software. Their head office is in Louisville, Kentucky. They serve the global companies by

Alchemer Survey Software Features

Custom Scripting

It will be a daunting task to manage your online survey to a third-party agent. At, you have control over scripting. You can prepare and keep the questioners and put them down in a customs manner. Thus, the company is in charge of what to ask and when to ask such questions with its customers through a feedback survey. Here, there is no need to depend on your agent.


Alchemer online survey software is automated. You can send receive an e-mail notification to your end customers and unsolicited customers, which are not from your CRM database. Thus, you can send and receive a seamless notification without any additional charges. It can be for customer experience, feedback, or retention. It allows you to track such e-mails and use them in CRM to convert them into sales.

CRM Integration

Customer relationship management or CRM is essential to serve better your customers those who are internal and external. Here, Alchemer can do integration with your CRM software and perform well than before it was. Here, you can get feedback from internal and external customers and satisfy their needs by retaining them; fulfilling their needs, and service, them better by taking feedback from your existing CRM.

Marketing Integration

Marketing will be a part of your business strategy. Thus, you can integrate them online and seek better answers from taking market surveys. This will help the market research team and marketing team to identify new markets within the region and out of your geographical limits. You can market them online through an e-com channel. Thus, better marketing will be your business to convert such feedback into sales. 

Embedded Surveys

Today customers take an online survey on desktop and their smartphones. Thus, Alchemer offers an online survey site and online survey apps. Here, you seek the right report. Hence, you can embed the desktop version and app version to see the actual online survey result. Hence, embedding is enabled and the company can do it from their end without taking professional help from the developer. 

Evaluations and Scoring

Alchemer offers real-time evaluations and scoring of online surveys. Thus, you get instant feedback and evaluate them for your business purposes. Thus, you can score them and segregate them for further evaluations with your feedback data.

User-friendly online survey site and apps are user-friendly. It seems from the number of people using this facility to give feedback seamlessly. Based on our Alchemer Reviews You can see this by the customer rating and ranking of Alchemer. It is why you get proper feedback from real-time customers. 

User Experience Design

People ignore most online surveys, as they are not user-friendly and attractive. bypasses such ignorance by customers as its designs are in such a way that user experience is achieved as they stay and check or read further to take an online survey. 

Report Generation

End of the day, your market research team, retention team, and sales head will seek reports on an online survey. gives you such reports in more than one format. Here, you can download them in SPSS, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF formats. You can also convert them to your desired formats later. You can use this data for further market research and analysis. Thus, survey reports are crucial for enterprises. 

Survey Diagnostics

You will get instant feedback after a customer has taken an online survey. Hence, you can see this by generating a test responses report. It will show how customers are interested to take a survey or not. Here, you can alter few questions if customers are not staying or find it difficult to answer. Thus, you can diagnose by removing such questions, which might not be relevant for customers. It is because customers are king and you need to obey them to retain and have a better business by serving them as per their needs and wishes.   

Drag and Drop Facility

This feature enables you to select or frame an online survey by selecting multiple questions, as you need. Thus, you can independently frame such questions from the existing library by using drag and drop features. Here, you can use image and text questions by choosing the options with answers from the survey takers. 

Custom Branding

As said before, you are the owner of your online survey site and app. Thus, you can change and later your brand color, image, and looks such that it can be more attractive and you derive user experience. Thus, you need not depend on the developer for such branding images on-site and apps. 


Czech WelshIrishJapaneseMongolianRussianTeluguMaltese
GermanHebrewCentral KhmerNepaliSlovenianTurkishSamoan

Alchemer is aiming to add 100 plus global languages. Thus, it will help global e-com companies, corporate companies, market researchers, and others having a global presence to conduct an instant survey online. Thus, you will get the customer insight on the same day and take the necessary action to improve your business growth.   

Alchemer is downloadable from major app stores. Thus, it uses location-specific features such that you will get them in your countries language. Here, there is no need to select your language and change them. However, Alchemer uses English as the default language. 

Customer Service

Alchemer answers all of your quarries 24/7. It is why it is preferred all over this world by individuals, businesses, and others. They will resolve your quarries instantly.

that there are not pending quarries on their dashboard. They do this by serving chat bots, customer service executives, e-mail support, and chat support. Based on our Alchemer Reviews It is why today every enterprise prefers Alchemer online survey software. 

Alchemer Pricing

Based on our Alchemer Reviews , It is advisable to try their free trial if you are not confident on However, your user experience and customer’s user experience will be great such that you will wish to go for a paid version. Alchemer has various packages to serve individuals, enterprises, corporate companies, and other industries.

For Individuals

Alchemer basic plans start from $ 19 a month.

Alchemer premier plans start from $ 49 a month.

For Business

Alchemer business from $ 149 a month.

enterprise’s plans start from $ 449 a month.

Elite plan has many more features than the above-mentioned plans. However, you have to contact them to know about its pricing. 

NPS plans $ 249 a month.

It is advisable to use the online price calculator on to know what the exact package you might need. It is an added advantage for anyone who is confused to select a plan. You might have to buy additional features by paying charges. It is to add some features when you find excellent results after taking online surveys. It will be priced from 10 $ and above.

Thus, you must know the exact pricing before buying a plan. However, there is no hidden cost here. You might need to jump to hire plans as and when you see better customer application ad feedback from your online survey. 

It is advisable to check all technical and non-technical features. If you have any doubt, you can consult online via chat. 

The best part is to try their 14-day free trial. It will help you to know the overall features. You can also learn how to drag and drop questioners, use libraries and control features. 


Based on our Alchemer Reviews , is the market leader in developing online survey software according to internet-enabled technologies and advancement in software. Thus, enterprises are advised to take a survey from their customers and non-customers to know how they feel about your brand.


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