Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Survey

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Survey, Online surveys are trending for the past 2-decades globally. We have to thanks the internet technologies and user-friendly software applications available for conducting surveys online.

Thus, customers are king and they do help in your market research, consumer behavior, quality issues, and many more factors to identify.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Survey for Many fortune 500 companies that are successful now have conducted online surveys to improve their product, service, and overall quality.

Hence, conducting surveys within their audience and open market is part of their marketing strategy, research, and development strategy. Here, we have discussed online survey advantages and disadvantages for any business, service providers, and others in start-ups. 

Advantages of Online Survey

No Location Boundaries

When you wish to go online and conduct your market research survey, there are no geographic limitations. Here an online store with a global presence is getting many advantages by taking an online survey from its global customers. The online survey tools can be adjusted by marking region-specific. Hence, you have to control to select a region, a state, or a country to take an online survey. Thus, you get a response from the target region only. It will help in market research or consumer behavior of that region only. It will help in product development when such products are particular to that place. Hence, you can reach the target audience you are your customers and others or non-target audiences from that region. Thus, your survey campaign is at your hands or you can do this by selecting geographical location by turning it on and off.

Availability of Internet-enabled Devices

Today, people are having more than one internet-enabled device. Thus, they can take a survey on their smartphones, desktop, laptop, and tablet.

This connectivity convenience has made online surveys much popular among smart customers. Here, you have to develop online survey apps for desktop users and apps for Smartphone users. In the present scenario, most of the quick responses by conducting an online survey come from Smartphone users.

It is also easy to connect them as they are your consumers and they are using your app. Here, you can post surveys. It will help them to answer your survey questions, rate, and rank, and give suggestions or feedback instantly. 


Conducting online surveys is much affordable than the traditional ways to do it. They are budget-friendly as you do not pay a survey agent or you appoint staff to survey in real-time by meeting consumers.

Online survey tools can be integrated into your online store. You can also have them separately by availing from the top 10 survey websites online.

However, it is cheaper to do your online survey by designing and developing your survey tool. Thus, it is very cheaper than conducting surveys in your store, from the open market, and meeting the non-target customers. 


Once you collect data from an online survey, you can integrate it with your market research software, customer relationship management, or CRM and in research and development tools.

This kind of data integration helps in posting consumer feedback to the right action centers.

Thus, you can improve your services better by survey data integration to service or product-related ones.

Hence, you take less time to integrate survey answers into respective categories. Here, a company can integrate an online survey tool to their service, quality, deliverable, and quarries separately by not sorting out manually by reading the customer’s answers.

Such answers or feedback goes to the respective action center. Here, they can take it for improvement and give better services for the customers. 


Online surveys are user-friendly for customers and business owners. Here, a company can use the best out of user designs and develop survey questions by drag and drop option. Thus, you have control of your online survey tool.

You can frame a survey or launch a survey within a few minutes by giving offers, discounts, and prices to taking their survey online by customers. Moreover, the survey takers do find your survey app tool as user-friendly.

Here, the user designs matters. Thus, your online survey campaign will be successful as many targeted and non-targeted consumers give feedback to your survey questioner instantly.

Online Survey Service Providers

Many survey websites take surveys on behalf of you. It will help you in a short campaign or you need feedback from non-target audiences only.

This type of online survey service provider is helpful for startup companies to do market research. Here, you have to pay a small fee only.

You can avail their online survey tool for a short and long period. They serve globally by having language selection as an option or serve in that location language. You can check the feedback by login into the survey tool.

Thus, you have to control the questioners and feedback data. You can sort them and take them for your market research purpose or product development purposes. Thus, online survey service providers are the best for any short survey campaign.


Conducting a physical survey is time-consuming, as you have to organize a team and carry out a survey. However, the online survey is instant as it can reach the target and floating customers via SMS, e-mail, apps, and your e-com website. Here, a customer can take a survey instantly and send his or her feedback by clicking the submit button.

Hence, a customer reads each question and answers them quicker than a person inquires and takes feedback in real-time with a customer. Thus, you get millions of feedback from global customers instantly. Thus, you save time by doing it in a traditional manner. 

Survey Sweepstake

Conducting many, types of surveys is necessary for all businesses. Hence, you can open a survey sweepstake on your behalf and reward the feedback givers or online survey takers.

Giving those prizes, offers, and discounts will make them participate in all of your survey campaigns. Thus, it will help to improve your business better from the existing customer’s feedback. Here, you will also get feedback from non-target customers.

When you have a sweepstake, it is trusted as you follow the rules and do the best practices in conducting an online survey. Thus, you will have trust from all people who are going to participate in your surveys. 

Disadvantages of Online Surveys

Non-availability of Internet-enabled Devices

The online survey cannot be taken if a customer is not having any of the internet-enabled devices like a Smartphone, desktop, laptop, and tablet.

In such a case, your instant survey campaign will be a flop as you can miss 30% of your real-time customers. Thus, you miss their feedback and suggestions. Another disadvantage is a customer might be with a Smartphone and they might not be having access to the internet. 

Fake Customers

When you conduct a survey through your sweepstakes, there will be millions of people participating to get free prices, discounts, and offers provided by you for participation in such a survey campaign. Here, they might not know about your product or services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Survey Here, their answers to the questioners will be irrelevant. Such data will not help in product development or overall business efficiency.

Moreover, when you launch a survey online, a participant might not know what your business is and they might simply participate. 

Negative Feedbacks

The competitors of you might give negative feedbacks to take down your business or services. It is because; you take the feedback and try to improve your business by taking the voice of customers.

You will get such negative feedback, which you cannot identify as a true customer or a fake one. Sometimes, a person can give feedback simply her received your survey questioner online. 

Registration or Login

Most of your existing and other customers might not be willing to give their details to take your online survey. It happens, as they have to give their name, phone number, address, and e-mail id as part of registration.

They ignore such login credentials, as they are not willing to give their details, which go online. Thus, you will not get true feedback from real-time customers and those who can avail of your business or services at some point in time.

Such, customers will be interested to participate in a physical survey. However, you will be able to do this in-store or by approaching the floating customers.

Technical Issues

The online surveys will not be successful if they are not designed to use by internet-enabled devices with the least technical features. Your online survey will be a failure if a customer gets a 404-error page.

He or she will skip your survey if they get such an error page more than one time. A person cannot complete your survey if there is fluctuation in their internet connections. Here, some parts of the answers might not be saved and they might find it difficult to complete the survey, as they will not find your survey is completed successfully page or acknowledgment. Login or registration issues might happen if a customer uses a fake ID or details.

Sometimes, a customer might not able to authenticate via e-mail or SMS as there is a technical issue in your online survey tool. A customer will skip your survey if he or she finds them not a user-friendly survey tool. Your online survey must be available 24/7 if you serve global customers.

It is because; the online survey takers participate in a survey at their convenient time. Here, your survey site must open when they are willing to take part in your online survey.

Falls Feedback

A survey participant might give falls answers as they find your questioner lengthy and they wish to complete your survey for namesake. Sometimes, they might not able to read and understand a questioner and blindly tick an option in the answer section. You might get many wrong answers when an online survey participant does not know about your product or service. You will get falls feedback when a customer’s family member completes the survey for namesake. Thus, any indirect survey participant online can give wrong feedback or wrong answers.

Unsolicited Online Survey Participants

There are many unsolicited online survey participants in real-time, which you might not know initially. They just take part as a hobby or for time pass.

Most of such survey participants come under the survey sweepstakes survey campaign. Here, they simply attempt your survey to get some price discounts, offer or to win a free prize, coupons and free meals or a product.

Here, you cannot find them unless you have tracking of such participants multiple times. Such feedbacks from them are no of any use to you. Here, your non-target audiences will be more than your real-time customers will. 


Authentication of your survey participants is less accurate. It will happen when your store receipt is shared to transfer to a friend of your customer.

He or she might participate in your online survey to get some prizes. When you levy age restrictions, you cannot authenticate them unless they provide any proof of age.

Moreover, your survey might be answered by any of the family members who are minors. Moreover, survey participants or survey freaks usually have more than one user ID to take part in online surveys for the sake of winning freebies and prices.

Online Survey Scams

Today, there are many online survey scam sites. They just take your data by giving you false information on survey sweepstake prices. Thus, anyone participating in such a survey campaign is at online risk of losing his or her credentials, bank details, and identity.   


Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Survey , As internet technology advances, online survey tools and apps are also developing to get accurate feedback from the target customers. Today, the online survey apps and service providers are doing their best to identify the issues and rectify them technically.

Thus, the disadvantages can be maximized by increasing the rules and regulations in conducting online surveys.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Survey , In the present world, internet users are true as their online history is traceable. Thus, the online survey participants do not try to hack and participate in the same survey in multiple IDs or registration.

In this way, online survey campaigns are helping businesses to achieve success by taking customer feedback and providing them with such facilitation and services within a short time. 


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